• 1. Director

    High D - "The Boss"
    Art Style - Dutch Golden Age
    The Director thrives on order and tradition and has a strong sense of community. As does The Dutch Golden Age, with its emphasis on cultural pride and the realities of everyday life.
  • 2. Developer

    High D - "The Commander"
    Art Style - Futurism
    Progressive and distinguished by a celebratory attitude toward technology, Futurism is a great fit for the trailblazing Developer.
  • 3. Results

    High D - "The Negotiator"
    Art Style - Impressionism
    Values experiential living, making the direct sensations of Impressionism the perfect fit for the instinctual Results.
  • 4. Inspirational

    High D - "The Innovator"
    Art Style - High Renaissance
    Resourceful, bright, and ideas oriented, the Inspirational is a true Jack-of-All trades, just like the proverbial Renaissance Wo(man).
  • 5. Persuader

    High I - "The Muse"
    Art Style - Realism
    The Persuader radiates authenticity, just like the muckraking paintings of the Realist movement, which refused to conceal the occasional ugliness of everyday life.
  • 6. Appraiser

    High I - "The Guardian"
    Art Style - American Illustration
    The Appraiser is idealistic and sweet, thrives on harmony and human connection, much like the characters in Norman Rockwell’s iconic illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post.
  • 7. Promoter

    High I - "The Romantic"
    Art Style - Fauvism
    An art movement named after the French term for wild beasts will strike a chord with the free-spirited Promoter, whose social charm is offset by an all-encompassing craving for creativity and freedom.
  • 8. Counselor

    High I - "The Traveller"
    Art Style - Baroque
    Life is never boring with the the energetic Counselor. Ditto the Baroque movement, which relied on ornate details and a sense of the theatrical to keep viewers’ eyes moving.
  • 9. Specialist

    High S - "The Artist"
    Art Style - Expressionism
    Territorial and sensitive, the rule-breaking Specialist will identify with the alienated individuals wandering through early Expressionist paintings at the cusp of the modern era, with all its attendant anxieties.
  • 10. Investigator

    High S - "The Intense"
    Art Style - Symbolism
    Both a literary and artistic movement, Symbolism is definitely intimidating to casual observers, just like the Investigator. Look closer, though, and you will find warmth, romance and something slightly silly.
  • 11. Agent

    High S - "The Poet"
    Art Style - Post-Impressionism
    Loyal empaths, the Agent will find meaning in paintings that capture the inner picture of the soul through the interrelation of colour and shape.
  • 12. Achiever

    High S - "The Engineer"
    Art Style - Neoclassicism
    The Neoclassical movement functioned as a reaction against excess and superstition. Rational Achievers, who never met a fact they did not like, will appreciate the classic Greek virtues of symmetry and simplicity.
  • 13. Practitioner

    High C - "The Philanthropist"
    Art Style - Naturalism
    The Practitioner is a caring, detail-oriented individual, a perfect match for the intimacy of a finely rendered Naturalist painting.
  • 14. Objective Thinker

    High C - "The Enforcer"
    Art Style - Art Nouveau
    Traditional, craft-oriented, and utilitarian, the principles of Art Nouveau are emblematic of the quietly impactful Objective Thinker.
  • 15. Perfectionist

    High C - "The Professor"
    Art Style - Surrealism
    Heavily influenced by dreams and psychoanalysis, Surrealism will give imaginative Perfectionists plenty of wonderfully strange ideas to dissect.
  • 16. Enhancer

    High C - "The Iconoclast"
    Art Style - Cubism
    The fiercely independent and analytic Enhancer will find much to appreciate in the Cubists’ methodical dissection and reassemblage of space and even more to love in their views on the fluidity of time and consciousness.