The Counselor is a Poodle

Statistics and Overview

Counselor outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: - 8.3% - 6/16 - Approx. US M:8.0% - F:14.0%.

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - ESFP - The Performer. Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (= Craftsman) - Performer. iPERSONIC - Laid-back Doer. Other - Entertainer, Duelist. OXOR™ - Party Animal.

Career: Performer, promoter, musician, PR specialist, a fund-raiser or a labor relations mediator.

Key like: A good party.

Key hate: Loss of freedom; Those who force themselves to be codependent on them.

Key factors: Always late.

Key propensity: To appear sensitive.

Smarts: Surprisingly smart. Body smart.

Missing in their lives: Objectivity.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 12/16. How dominant ranking: 11/16. How submissive ranking: 6/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - Melodramatic spotlighter.

Augmentation: A warm, enthusiastic and adventurous nature is magnetic to others. Shallow, one-dimensional party animals who are only interested in having a good time.

Point of Characta™ - Spontaneity.

Pos Traits:

1. String interpersonal skills; enjoys being the centre of attention.
2. Warm, generous, sympathetic and concerned for others.
3. Lives in the here and now and loves excitement.
4. Natural ability to understand the facts and realities of the world.
5. Talent for entertaining those around them.
6. Practical aptitude for common sense.
7. Has a detailed approach to life and appreciation of the world around them.
8. Entertaining.

Pos Traits Description: The Counselor has a unique gift for finding quick, practical solutions to problems in the real world. These types are enthusiastically and intensely in touch with reality. Their optimism and attentiveness makes them good at finding a bright side to any negative situation. They are extremely observant of what’s going on around them and this gives them an eye for resources and innovative ways to use them to get something done or fix a problem. These gifts combined with their authenticity, enthusiasm and empathy make them indispensable friends and allies.

Neg Traits:

1. Too arrogant.
2. Always late.
3. Over sensitive.
4. Selfish.
5. Contact averse.
6. Easily bored.
7. Poor long term planners.
8. Make financial choices irresponsibly.
9. Poor focus.
10. Have difficulties in accepting criticism.
11. Impatient.

What you need to stop doing: Being an overly emotional hot mess.

Nicknames: Mr. Entertainer. Mr. Generous. Mr. Tolerant. Budgerigar. Punch. Entertainer. Clown. Poodle.

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Passion - Leverage high energy to fire up person or team to achieve specific goal. With Prestige as Secondary, The Talent - Expressive, Stylish, Emotionally intelligent. Risk: Unstable or moody.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! What they will do for attention will always catch you out. Without the limelight, life is nothing.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Epitome of style and fashion, impossibly cool, at every party and loved by everyone.
R: Physically cannot stop making noises and fidgeting, all storage on their phone is taken up by hundreds of selfies in various poses. Are highly capable of long term plans but simply believe in having fun at the moment.

As a leader - Approachable

Augmentation: When making decisions or forming opinions, considers personal emotions, beliefs and sensibilities. Feels others may not like decisions. Does not like analytical decision making.

Dogma - Blind Faith: Where's the party?

Focus: Friendship and happiness.

As a negotiator:

Style - Tend to Collaborate.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side wins.

Outcome - Rewarding.

Examples: BARNABAS. Jamie Oliver. Steve Irwin. Marilyn Monroe. Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace with virtually no corporate culture where employees do not interact with one another and the day-to-day tasks rarely change.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High I with High D: Work: 6. Social: 3.

High I with High I: Work: 7. Social: 1.

High I with High S: Work: 1. Social: 5.

High I with High C: Work: 3. Social: 7.

At the job souk: Sales; Lifeguard / Gym Attendant; Child Care Worker; Sales Representative; Travel Agent; Receptionist / Secretary; Promoter / Fund Raiser; Respiratory Therapist; Film Producer; Waiter; HR Manager.

Jobs and tasks: Making others happy. Providing practical services for others; Helping people with information; Planning social events; Being patient with others; Taking care of others; Getting answers for people now; Finding resources for people; Following written procedures; Making others feel comfortable and at ease; Serving; Focusing on what people need.

Promptness: Late. Can sometimes struggle to show up to things on time especially if they find something else they believe is more important. Will try very hard to be on time to certain events though, especially events for people they love. Becomes distracted by other things in their environment and sometimes struggles to manage their time properly yet dislike feeling as if they let anyone down.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Counselor can sometimes back out of their commitments, especially if they do not feel like it will hurt someone else. They sometimes jump in and out of different hobbies and will find themselves losing interest quickly. When the Counselor feels like they are done with a career or hobby, they will not be afraid of breaking their commitment. The Counselor can also be seen as flighty when it comes to relationships, but this is simply because they do not commit until they are completely ready. When the Counselor finds someone they truly love, they will be more than capable of making a solid commitment to them.

In a Meeting: Woolly thinker / optimist.

Under Pressure: Counselors handle pressure fairly well since they respond to things in the moment. They go better under pressure because it forces them to get things done. They need no time to process what they are thinking or feeling and often already know the choice they are going to make. These decisions can sometimes seem a bit hasty but this is the Counselors way. They are naturally skilled at thinking on their feet and do not become anxious when they have to make a quick decision.

As a performance appraiser:

Style - I's tend to evaluate others by how well they verbalize feelings; Result - I's see performance reviews more as a time to look talk about doing better than a time to confront under performance; Outcome - Any under performance of the appraisee is likely to continue.

As a customer service representative: Style - High I's trade on creating relationships, sharing personal information as a routine part of customer service; Result - Customer may have to restate the problem. “I have had so much fun talking; I forgot to write it down”; Outcome - It’s next to impossible for a customer, who is lucky to get a word in edgewise, to vent. Assurances are offered often not knowing if the promises can be fulfilled.

Tension Warner:

ID - I with D - Priority. Open, People-Oriented v. Guarded, Task-Oriented.

II - I with I - Competition. Open, People-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

IS - I with S - Pace & Priority. Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

IC - I with C - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented.

In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Avoider Judgeology™. Has conscious awareness of people and realise where they should and should not judge. They tend to prefer having fun and expressing forgiveness more than they do judgments. Sometimes Counselors judge others who they feel are attacking them or their loved ones. If they fear this person intends to harm them, they will become judgmental before they even get a chance to do harm.

Cause of anxiety: When you are not able to extract what you need from your environment - affection, attention, a job opportunity or a physical need.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 15/16

When ill: Texts all their friends that they are dying and asks who wants to come over for a movie night.

At the shopping mall: Is getting their nails done for the second time this week, because they suddenly realised the old colour clashed with the dress they’re wearing to that party tonight (or male equivalent).

As the gift buyer: The Counselor creates an elaborate scavenger hunt their loved ones must complete in order to find their gift. Ensures that years later everyone will remember the fun they had completing the hunt, even if they forget all about their presents.

What they want as a gift: An experience, Games, Gift card to favourite clothing store, Tasty food, Physical affection, Spa voucher, Practical item.

What sort of holiday: Rio carnival loving the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the holiday season.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Likely to really go for it when it comes to making a statement with their clothes. They are not afraid to wear something bold or provocative if they are so inclined because, generally speaking, they enjoy the attention. They have a unique self image and they want to showoff their individuality and beauty in a way that is authentic to them. Probably more likely than other types to show a lot of skin and accentuate their physical assets with their clothing.

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: Enjoy social interactions and tend to bring out the fun in many situations. They usually do well in new environments and meeting new people is an opportunity they will not pass up. Similar to their exuberance, bright yellow slip-on sandals are a match made in heaven.

As a house guest: As Host: Welcoming. As Guest: I'll use all the soap and towels, eat all the eggs and just vanish.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
A complete and utter mess.

In a relationship / dating:
Relationship needs – Adventure and Authenticity. Red Flag if you hear this - "I don't like the fact you spend so much time with other people." Not negotiable with the partner - Having limits placed on their socializing. Biggest Strength - Being the life of the party. Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves socialising. Club, bar, new restaurant. Will be seeking - Casual sex. Target area priority - LOVABLE - 20%; ROMANTIC 60%; SEXUAL 20%. Soulmate - Perfectionist, Practitioner.

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Wants to be the life of the party.

In the bedroom: Athletic Bedroomer. You are extremely observant and in the moment as a sexual partner. You are capable of experiencing sex without love and you do not generally feel remorse afterwards. Although you are capable of separating sex and love, you do enjoy feeling deeply connected to your partner. When you care about someone you can be extremely giving and enthusiastic. You are an athletic and exciting partner in the bedroom.

Dalliance or not? Fun and frisky and they crave attention and sensory stimulation. They are usually very friendly and open to everyone and many potentially romantic relationships form naturally from this. They like the idea of more love, more connections, more intimacy and more relationships along with the Persuader, Promoter and Appraiser. Sometimes the lines can get blurred for them and they may find themselves having crossed a line they did not intend to cross. e.g. Bill Clinton. Top 5 Rank = 4.

How they deal with clutter: Unfocussed Clutter. People are coming over in an hour, but the house is a mess. You'll take 20 minutes to select the perfect music to assist you with the vacuuming and it is mandatory to check all social media despite the clutter and the time ticking away. You then spend 60% of the remaining time dancing with your vacuum, 30% trying to get your roommate to dance too and 10% on actually doing the vacuuming. Counselors love everything about life and they have so many big ideas that sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. Needs a central hub to organize everything and communicate with their crew.

What sort of kitchen: The Classic Glam Kitchen. You are confident, charming, and enthusiastic about life. Not every person can pull off a crystal chandelier in the kitchen, but you cannot think of anything more glorious. You love metallics, ornaments and marble bench tops and dream of owning a French La Cornue stove at $47,000.

What religion: 44.78% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 5/16. Likely religion: Pentacostal.

Problems with faith / religion: Faith is a complex thing for this pattern since it is often something they search for and desire. They want to be capable of believing in things they cannot prove or see but, at the same time, they are drawn to the physical world around them. There is a part of themthat desires evidence and something more tangible than just an inner belief. This part often works against their inner emotions and morals which often keep them believing in things they cannot see. Oxor™ calls the problems with faith operating in an environment of suspension of facts. All this is consistent with being a Feeler.

What they like at a music festival: Freeloader at the festival. Most likely to be the "Free Bird" person. Always has a drink in their hand, but does not spend a cent for the entire duration of the festival.

What they like as their musical instrument: Lead Singer. Why? The Counselor wants to be the centre of attention and is very outgoing. Great taste in clothing and the finer things compliments being in the spotlight and being an excellent lead singer.

What sort of friend: Party animal, funny. The friend who is always a blast to hang out with and who is always down for something new. You can not go wrong partying with them and they always seem to know where the best parties are. Tends to get lonely when they have nobody to really connect with or talk to on a meaningful level and if 'friends' run away in tough times after taking advantage of the Counselor's good humour and jovial personality.

Weird feature: Pleasure Seeker. Playboy, bon vivant. Healthy eater. Rank: 3/10.

In the classroom: They need to go toilet NOW. Once the teacher lets them go, they do not come back until the last 5 minutes of the lesson.

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: Counselors, together with Results, Achievers and Specialists have a fondness for risk-taking, especially in the immediate context. However, they do like to have a certain amount of security when it comes to their home life and the people that are important to them. They like having a “home base” whether it’s an actual home, a long-term friendship, a relationship, etc.. that they can return to at the end of the day (or week, or month). Counselors (and Results) scan their environment for interesting and novel experiences they can jump into right away. For example, they might be walking along the beach and see an opportunity to go hang-gliding and instantly get in line for the experience. They tend to be adaptable and quick to respond to sudden changes and developments. They tend to be stimulated by challenges and enjoy having many options and alternatives to consider. Counselors are quick to think on their feet and they tend to keep a steady head during a crisis. They are also good at scanning their environment for resources and solutions. Unlike some other types who might panic over a challenge, find themselves stimulated and invigorated by it. Counselors are always looking around for new experiences and enjoyment and they can sometimes become scattered and move from project to project without completing anything. This tends to play out in them jumping from job to job or passion to passion without finding long-term contentment. If they fail to inwardly analyse the opportunities they embark on then they can make poor choices that fail in the long-term and figure out whether what they are doing is logical or has lasting value. Sometimes it means allowing themselves to be bored because it is the most reasonable thing to do or it is the thing most in line with their values.

Spending money: Random. Emotional Spender. Sometimes resourceful but sometimes inefficient. May make emotional / impulsive purchases despite knowing it's a poor decision. Tend to spend often but in small bursts of activity. Optimistic about risks and can be handy in the role of entrepreneur.

Financial toxicity: Player - Extractor. Pretends to reach for the wallet but always comes up short, so the other party pays. Or gets up to go to the bathroom when they see the waiter coming to the table with the bill. Trustworthy Ranking: Middle. Do not have trouble trusting people. Takes everything on a case by case basis).

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want.The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Seeks attention and sensation at all costs. Impulsive, vain and self-absorbed. They dislike anything or anyone that might upstage them and they will be passive-aggressive to anyone who they feel might steal their spotlight. Their subjective emotions rule their lives, and logical arguments or constructive criticism are dramatically shunned. One minute they will be madly in love, the next minute they will ditch their partners or cheat on them because they feel trapped. They jump from one exciting thrill to another without concern for the people they affect along the way. Crimes: Lots such as theft and drink driving. Lie to avoid punishment. Drunk and disorderly.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Spotlight chaser, at all costs. Not stick to plans, drop commitments. Can even fail to be there for friends in times of need (=neglect) if they perceive a greater opportunity for them to be the centre of attention. Needs to get the notion that attention is short term and fleeting whereas long lasting relationships are not.

When guilty: Atone For Guilt. Preferring to enjoy life rather than focus on negativity. Dislike harming others, but may struggle with facing own mistakes. May attempt to convince the people that they hurt that they never intended to do so as do not want people to believe they are a bad person, that is a strong concern. Care about the people around them and truly do not want to harm anyone. Although unintended, the lifestyle of living in the moment can cause upset to others. When feeling like have done something wrong will definitely try to atone for this. Shame: Will feel ashamed if their sometimes flighty actions have harmed other people. May be better at hiding their shame than others, but that does not mean they do not experience shame. Will respond to forgiveness by letting a Counselor know that you are okay with their mistakes and that everyone makes them from time to time. Sometimes it helps to let them know of a time you messed up as well.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Lounge Lizard or Floozy - The Attention Whore R. Sole. Cuddly inside and out. Stimulation seeker. Boisterous and annoying. Can be considered dumb. They get drunk on one beer and proceed to feel that all their actions are totally excused. Even if not, totally insensitive. The more alcohol, the more outrageous. e.g. Dead baby jokes around abortion clinics and jokes at your mother's funeral. They will not stay at the funeral for very long, but they will steal one of the bottles of funeral wine and proceed to get into it. Leave traces of trouble - e.g. boot full of urine, vomit on the ceiling. Relationships can be tricky, but they might work out. Provided you are not into communication or honesty or something. It’s hard to be honest when you cannot remember what happened last week.

On R.Sole steroids - The Wishy Washy Rockstar: Will do anything to keep all eyes on themselves. This can be as simple as performing a triple keg stand but, if conventional methods fail, will go as far as genocide to remain in the limelight. Unhappy if any one else's talent is acknowledged especially if the other person's talent is orders of magnitude higher. This is always the case.
Insulting tags: Boring. "You are absolutely useless". "You are no fun to hang around."
Worst quality: Impatient.
Prof. Sole nominates Bill Clinton, Katy Perry, Kayne West and Idi Amin.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: The loud, foolish and stupid person. Insane on the outside, normal on the inside.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%