1. Director - ESTJ

Countree™ China.
Why? World superpower - sheer force of influence. Trades with neighbours unless conflict. Massive military. Law is well-developed, systems, roads and infrastructure sturdy and efficient.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being hardworking and diligent but somewhat stuck in their ways.
Negative: Less cultural or creative output in comparison to the others.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: The Director is great at getting things done, managing and will do everything they can to keep their Countree™ organised and efficient. The only thing they are reluctant to get into is the emotional aspect of everything. The Director still needs emotional support, but other Directors are not particularly fond of giving it. As a result, many people are highly irritable and feel constantly stressed.

by Honest Chairman Mao

2. Developer - ENTJ

Countree™ Russia.
Why? Intimidating from the outside but well-organised and governed from within.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being to-the-point, competent and patriotic.
Negative: Abrasive during world conferences but otherwise an expert negotiator.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Similarly to the United Kingdom, the Developer's Countree™ develops fairly well. There are some power struggles, but most Developers have their sights set on similar things and they all just want everything to work together. Their trouble is finding people who will do those dismal, seemingly meaningless tasks that only serve the purpose of providing basic needs. It is a Countree™ full of leaders, but the much-needed followers are absent.

by Boris the red nose Yeltsin

3. Results - ESTP

Countree™ Australia.
Why? Well-known for its tourism. Sport plays a large role in entertainment and the party culture is alive and kicking.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being easygoing, enthusiastic and energetic but more than a little reckless.
Negative: Disorderly government but the infrastructure manages to hold itself together.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Things get done, for sure. This Countree™ of Results is excited to dive into this new and fantastic problem- at first. Soon, though, they get tired of seeing similar types of people constantly. Not only this, but everyone wants to do things their way, but everyone’s ways are vastly different. As a result, their Countree™ starts off fast-paced and productive, but slowly evolves into chaos.

by The Philanderer Bob Hawke

4. Inspirational - ENTP

Countree™ Israel.
Why? Medium-sized country, part lax, part hard working bordered by one or two other nations with which they regularly trade.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being opinionated, resilient, strong-willed, conflict-prone and argumentative.
Negative: Has a number of allies but only really trusts a few.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: It starts out great, but people just are not moving forward. Politically, a lot of time is wasted on pointless debating. The people are well connected, but they have a hard time actually getting anything done, partly because they spend so much time just having fun. It is an exciting Countree™ to live in, but nevertheless it rapidly fails.

by The continuous Benjamin Netanyahu

5. Persuader - ENFJ

Countree™ India.
Why? When something goes wrong within the nation, all sixteen other countries feel the seismic shift of something terrible about to happen.
Fit with pattern: Citizens mostly live in harmony with one another and are generally positive people.
Negative: Welcoming to outsiders but inhabitants tend to meddle with each other within.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: It is a definite power struggle. Everyone has a specific way they think they should do things. Soon, many passive-aggressively quit, leaving a bit of stability but a lot of resentment. Later, after they cannot handle the way things are run, other Persuaders rise up. This cycles around and around. They all have good intentions, but many have different ideals.

by The mega ex batter Sachin Tendulkar

6. Appraiser - ESFJ

Countree™ USA.
Why? Massive sphere of influence and plenty of trading partners. Often offers humanitarian aid abroad. Trendsetter for popular culture.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being heads down, outgoing and friendly but also obnoxiously loud.
Negative: Sends disproportionate time interfering in the affairs of other countries.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: These people are doers and their Countree™ is likely to be highly successful. They are willing to step in to do pretty much anything. They can be leaders and followers, nearly always willing to work together to achieve the common goal of peace and survival. Their community is highly connected, but there is one problem: they do not want to take the step to tell each other the hard thing. When something is not working, they are inclined to just ignore it and not deal with it rather than hurt someone’s feelings. Because of this, some important things may be left behind. How much knowledge they have about whatever role they have could be the difference between success and failure in this Countree™.

by Tricky Dicky Richard Nixon

7. Promoter - ENFP

Countree™ Italy.
Why? High output of fun, art and culture but is also a beautiful country in debt that generates a fair amount of its wealth from tourism.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being lively and talkative but volatile and temperamental.
Negative: Wields a decent amount of power but its government is more than a little impractical and disorganised.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: At the start, in their eagerness to help and their neglect of taking leadership positions, nothing ever gets done. The lack of logic to ground them makes everything constantly hectic. Somehow, though, every position manages to be filled and in their own chaotic way the Promoters create a sort of peace. It is not a great system, but it sort of works in its own interesting way.

by The legendary Enzo Ferrari

8. Counselor - ESFP

Countree™ Mexico.
Why? A fantastic tourist and entertainment country with lots of festivals and holidays and doubtful economy.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being optimistic and energetic but somewhat on the lazy side.
Negative: Systems tend to be inefficient or inconsistent.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Their Countree™ collapses pretty quickly. All anyone wants is to have fun and in their stress they decide to just do what they want and hope everything falls together. In their defence, they do have fun.

by The Conquistador Hernán Cortés

9. Specialist - ISFP

Countree™ Iceland.
Why? Gorgeous country with breathtaking geographical landmarks and is made up of small businesses and industries.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being humble, quiet, calm and creative but a little sheltered.
Negative: Accepts few imports, develops their own goods or services locally.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: In the here and now, the Specialists are pretty successful. When a job needs doing, they will do it. A lot of complaining happens though, because they are bored easily and no one is super willing to do the mundane, everyday jobs. Also, because they are highly focused on the present, plans for the future are not really made and they might overlook things that cost many lives. Most likely, their Countree™ tragically fails.

by President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

10. Investigator - INFJ

Countree™ Norway.
Why? Lesser known, safe and peaceful, natural beauty, welcoming to tourists. Channels the majority of its energy into an off-the-charts human rights record.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being quiet and observant but private and hard to get to know.
Negative: High quality of life that is expensive to maintain. Few allies, but good reputation.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: It starts out great. Many Investogators finally feel like they can relate to others. However, everyone seems so willing to listen but no one is willing to talk. As a result, people feel frustrated and stifled, bored to no end because everyone is just so private and much too similar. Some things get done, but other important necessities get neglected, causing the whole system to basically fall apart. People start to get restless, their different value systems clash and everything collapses socially as well.

by Viking Erik the Red

11. Agent - INFP

Countree™ Finland.
Why? Lots of nature, a high degree of cultural and creative output, including art, literature and music. Loved by visitors.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being protective, sincere and individualistic but also a little moody and self-deprecating.
Negative: None. Peaceful, tolerant, low crime rate.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Initially, communities will be intensely strong and depression rates will decrease markedly because everyone just has this innate emotional understanding of each other and no one is afraid to just cry together. However, without the other patterns around to pull the Agents out of their shells, soon they will all withdraw and keep to themselves, causing little advancement other than vast amounts of various art production.

by Ageless driver Kimi Räikkönen

12. Achiever - ISTP

Countree™ South Korea.
Why? Highly cosmopolitan modern infrastructure and dwellings. High industry, technology some traditions. Hands-on education style.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being savvy and quick-thinking, but a little gruff and impatient.
Negative: None. Hip, scrappy attitude as influencer of pop culture. Has bad near neighbour.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: The Achievers are highly capable of running a Countree™ by themselves, but they do not necessarily want to. Everyone sort of does what they want, no one understands each other too well and it never evolves from a rebellious anarchy.

by Anyone named Mr. Kim

13. Practitioner - ISFJ

Countree™ Canada.
Why? Welcomes tourists. Has a great quality of life, of resources, friendly and accepting. Large agricultural output. Offers vast amounts of humanitarian aid and keeping world peace.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being exceedingly kind and polite, but unassertive and somewhat pushovers.
Negative: None. Harmonious.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: The Practitioners Countree™ would be successful if some people were inclined to take leadership. Nobody really feels comfortable telling each other what to do, so they try their best to make it work on their own. It works decently, but everyone is pretty separated and they are not much of a community.

by Swinging Pierre Trudeau

14. Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Countree™ Germany.
Why? Extremely efficient, clean, predictable and organised.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being hardworking, practical and dutiful but overly serious and sometimes humourless.
Negative: Only a few close neighbours.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: The Objective Thinkers are great at getting things done, but only when they have a set criteria of what they are supposed to do. This is where they will run into some trouble. No one is there to think of the ideas or lead people where they are supposed to go, so the Objective Thinkers get frustrated. The Objective Thinkers Countree™ collapses almost immediately.

by Daimler Benz

15. Perfectionist - INTP

Countree™ Switzerland.
Why? Significant contributions to science and technological advancement as well as education.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being independent and objective but standoffish and hesitant to open up.
Negative: In conflict, undecided, neutral with tiny military.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Hardly anything really gets done. Some people will try and their desperation will provide motivation for their basic needs, but that is pretty much it. This causes a lot of people to die. Some pretty amazing discoveries are made though. I mean, they are pretty useless all the time, but super cool. Socially, the Countree™ is pretty peaceful.

by William Tell

16.Enhancer - INTJ

Countree™ United Kingdom.
Why? Modern and technologically advanced. Trading partners keep the economy thriving. Could be very self-sufficient if need be.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being stoic, perseverant, logical, pessimistic and cynical.
If there were only this pattern in the Countree™: Society actually works fairly well with this pattern. They know how to get things done, take leadership and think up ideas to better their community. For the basic living aspect, everything works pretty well. However, everyone is pretty emotionally distant from each other, causing many people to feel somewhat lonely.

by The gaff prone the Late Prince Phillip

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