When someone is Debating
it can make it easy for you to pick their pattern

Is the other person just 
							massdebating™ today or every day?
Observing people, the masses, engage in debate can be handy when picking someone's pattern prior to imposing correctly.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how.

Here are all sixteen patterns - all the masses debating. This and when there are more than two people debating is termed Oxor Massdebating™.

You will be here, too!

Conducted and composed by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update August 10, 2021


1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Director definitely does not mind a good debate, but it can often turn into an argument.

They can become frustrated by ignorant people and will find themselves sucked into a frustrating spiral.

The Director dislikes seeing people who are clearly misinformed and will want to find a way to make this obvious to that person.

When things began to go too far, the Director is surprisingly excellent at shutting down the conversation and will not be afraid to be a bit aggressive about it if that is what is required.


2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Developer definitely does not mind a good debate, especially if they feel they have the free time for it.

If they debate someone who is uneducated, the Developer will quickly shut them down and make them feel stupid. This is the bullyboy surfacing. They do not want to waste time on someone who is not going to actually learn or bring something to the table, especially since there are more important things to be done.

The Developer is definitely great at getting in the last word, especially when it comes to information they know a lot about.

They enjoy being able to inform people who are willing to learn and especially enjoy learning from someone who is intelligent.

To win, they would beat opponents with their reputation rather than their writing skills. They rarely challenge the boss and when they do it is because the Developer is looking for advice on how to proceed.


3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Results definitely enjoys debate, especially if they feel like they can help someone else learn.

They hate seeing ignorance around them and will have a hard time holding back. If they feel they can teach someone about something important and helpful, the Results will jump in and try to assist.

They can sometimes be a little aggressive with their debating tactics, but it definitely comes from a good place. The Results can appear a bit argumentative at times, especially when it comes to information they fully know.


4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Inspirational absolutely loves debating. It is one of their favourite hobbies and so easy to observe.

They enjoy being able to push the boundaries and discover new things about themselves and others. Debating is often a great way for the Inspirational to learn and understand a subject even further.

They do enjoy researching and will spend plenty of time devouring the information they find. They then also enjoy being able to implement this information and approach it from many different angles.

Debating a topic can truly help the Inspirational see an issue from different viewpoints and understand it on a much deeper level.

To win, they are born to argue and win plus they do not lose if the debate is about something they do not know much about. They will question their opponent and utilise all the new information to quickly and seamlessly construct their alternate view or steer the debate into known waters and fight on their home turf. If the opponent of an Inspirational becomes drained and the Inspirational is enjoying the debate, they would actually give their opponents new counter-arguments they thought of themselves just to keep the debate going.


5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Persuader dislikes causing too much trouble, especially with those close. They will often avoid intense debates, especially if they feel like it is going to upset someone.

They do enjoy being able to debate certain subjects though, especially if they feel like they can help improve someone else’s knowledge. They are definitely not afraid of a little debate and are often great at holding their own.

Sometimes there are times where they would prefer to keep the peace and they know when to stop pushing someone. As they are excellent at reading people, this can cause them to back off with debating.

To win, they inspire others, instead of debating in the traditional sense. They assimilate the ideas of others and then add them to their list of associates.


6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Appraiser is definitely not a fan of debating most of the time and prefer to keep the peace.

This is especially the case with those close where they want to make sure to maintain a happy relationship and do not want to stir things up too much.

The Appraiser may go through stages in their life where they are feeling a bit more logical. They might find themselves interested in learning, as well as informing others about information they understand fully. This can cause them to enjoy a nice debate, especially if it is calm and not hostile.


7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Promoter often enjoys pushing the boundaries, especially if they are feeling bored. They do not often enjoy arguing with those close, especially if it seems to cause a rift.

True arguments, especially when confronted by facts or being held to account, will make the Promoter uncomfortable, while playful debates are quite enjoyable.

They do not mind picking a subject to debate, simply to see how it goes and what they can gain from it. Sometimes the Promoter will debate something even if they do not actually believe in the side they are taking. This can cause annoyance to others, especially the Enhancer.

The Promoter enjoys trying to new things and loves being able to push the boundaries and explore themselves and others. This can waste the time of the other person.

To win, it's probably better to share ideas rather than debate.


8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Counselor definitely dislike debates and rarely sees any point in them. They would rather have calm discussions and will change the subject when things become too negative.

If people are disagreeing the Counselor would much rather just talk about something entirely different. They do not want to make things more negative and prefer to enjoy life.

The Counselor lives very much in the present moment and dislikes feeling like they have to debate with someone over an issue.


9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Specialist is definitely not a fan of debate, especially when it comes to the people close. They prefer to enjoy life and like to spend time around more positive people.

They can often become uneasy when people are arguing and do not want to participate in the argument. They understand that debates are intended to help people reach an understanding, but they would rather not risk it.

Most of the time, debates can turn into intense arguments and the Specialist does not want to witness this.


10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Investigator dislikes getting into arguments with people close and can become rather skilled at avoiding them.

They do, however, enjoy debating different topics as a way to find out more about others and themselves. They can confuse beliefs with facts.

The Investigator does not want these debates to turn into anything nasty and will often concede if they feel like it will strain their relationship with someone they care for.

The Investigator does not mind debating with strangers. They might even have a harsher side to them when it comes to debating with people who are being rude or ignorant.

To win, they would argue with passion and sincere beliefs instead of facts and numbers. They win debates with the Moral High Ground rather than skill.


11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Agent is not the argumentative type and can become uneasy with intense debates. They prefer to let people believe what they want and do their own research about information.

They do not feel a desire to prove people wrong and especially hate when people try to do this to them.

They often avoid debate especially if they feel like it will only lead to stress and anxiety.

The Agent will, however, engage in debate about something that they believe is morally wrong. They want to make a difference in the world and will be willing to try and convince someone of the right moral choices.

To win, it's not "winning" the debate in the eyes of others as long as they get their ideas out there and their opponent understands what they are trying to say. Then it's a win for the Agent.


12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Achiever does not mind a healthy debate especially if they feel like they can help inform someone.

They are well-read people who love to do plenty of research in order to keep themselves aware. They are often happier by themselves and do not want to feel their space invaded too much by others. They might prefer to be on their own most of the time, but that does not mean they do not mind a little debate here and there.

They especially enjoy being able to learn more about themselves and others through a good debate.


13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Practitioner is definitely not a fan of debating and will often avoid it at all costs. They are natural peace keepers and prefer to keep things civil and nice.

They will often try to diffuse a debate for fear that it will turn into an unpleasant argument and they are totally allergic to conflict.

They want everyone around them to get along and live in harmony. They often take responsibility for ensuring that there is peace in their environment and, because of this, they dislike participating in debates.


14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The OT is very practical but they do enjoy absorbing new information.

They hate walking into anything unprepared and, because of this, they prefer to take any opportunity to learn.

They often do not mind a healthy debate, especially if they feel like something can be gained from it.

They do not like when the debate becomes a stressful argument though and they will quickly shut it down.

The OT enjoys being able to keep their own peace of mind and will not entertain something that stresses them out for no useful reason.


15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Perfectionist is focussed on research and reaching an internal understanding of things.

They are very introverted and enjoy spending most of their time alone.

They definitely do not mind a good debate though and will participate in one if it seems helpful or enjoyable to them.

The Perfectionist is rarely convinced by someone else’s information, simply because they spend so much time researching themselves beforehand.

If another person presents them with logical reasoning, the Perfectionist will definitely be eager to hear what they have to say. They enjoy being able to expand their minds and often see debates as a way to learn even more.

To win, they would not argue at all but listen to their opponent and question them the whole time until in the end they either agree with the person or the person starts doubting what they thought was fact and change their own mind. Regardless, if you do not play you cannot lose.


16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

Conducting debate - Oxor Massdebating™:

The Enhancer definitely does not mind a good debate and enjoys being able to help people become less ignorant.

They usually will not enter into a debate without knowing the information they are discussing. The Enhancer likely knows the ins and outs of what they are debating, which makes them extremely well informed.

They will definitely be open to what the other person is saying, but only if they are capable of giving them facts and logical explanations.

The Enhancer enjoys being able to learn from others, but most of the time they find themselves becoming the teacher.

To win, they would start the debate and would construct their argument in such a way that they will always have the upper hand and not give anyone the chance to argue authentically.