The Developer is a German Shepherd

Statistics and Overview

Developer outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: - 1.9 - 11/16 - Approx. US M:5.5% - F:2.5%.

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - ESTP - The Doer. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (=Craftsman) - Promoter. iPERSONIC - Energetic Doer. Other - Persuader, Gladiator. OXOR™ - Bully.

Career: Top executive, senior manager, head of sales and marketing, project managers, investment brokers, financial planners, labor relations leaders, business consulting, management consulting, stockbroker, economic analyst, judge.

Key like: Making good independent decisions.

Key hate: Losing control; Those who are bullies who are a threat to their bullying.

Key factors: Bully.

Key propensity: To appear intolerant.

Smarts: Extremely smart. Word smart.

Missing in their lives: Trust.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 5/16. How dominant ranking: 1/16. How submissive ranking: 16/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - World Denominator

Augmentation: A take-charge, commanding personality exudes confidence and appeal. Alpha personality who will squash or betray whomever it takes in order to get to the top.

Point of Characta™ - Ambition.

Pos Traits:

1. Natural born leader who likes being in charge.
2. Lives in a world of possibilities.
3. Project oriented and focusses on the task at hand.
4. Logical and thoughtful before taking action.
5. Can be a bit of a perfectionist.
6. Well developed communication skills.
7. Self confident, charismatic achiever who is sure of themselves and their abilities.
8. Determined.
9. Efficient and Energetic Motivator.
10. Hard-working, never-resting workaholic.
11. No ‘low energy’ complaints.
12. Strategic Thinker.
13. Dominant Visionary.
14. Knowledge Seeker.

Pos Traits Description: The Developer has a gift for organising ideas, objects and information to create workable plans. They are good at leading groups towards logical decisions and are eager to make big changes in the world. When a lot of conflicting information is out there, they can organise it all in a sequential, organised framework. They are firm believers in equal treatment and justice and are unlikely to play favourites or make decisions based on emotional whims. They gain a tremendous amount of energy by achieving end-goals, but they also have a philosophical side. Many Developers derive great joy from analysing complex theories and abstract concepts.

Neg Traits:

1. Too controlling.
2. Bully.
3. Dominant and stubborn.
4. Arrogant.
5. Intolerant and impatient.
6. Cold and ruthless.
7. Bossy.
8. As hard as nails.
9. Emotionally inexpressive, even in relationships.

What you need to stop doing: Being intolerant and impatient.

Nicknames: Mr. Commanding. Mr. Exploder. Eagle. Vintage wine. Commander. Tyrant. German Shepherd.

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Innovation - Encourage others to explore alternative ideas and new techniques. With Power as Secondary, The Maverick Leader - Pioneering, Irreverent, Entrepreneurial, Big Picture. Risk: Get stuck in brainstorming loop.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! Whenever you think a Developer might just have done something selfless or out of empathy for another person - they always surprise you with how they actually did it to prove a point or get their way.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Dominant, efficient, strategic, ideal leader.
R: One of the few types to physically frown and do not understand that they are scary. They care. They act all business-like and awesome because they are scared about people hurting them.

As a leader - Innovative

Augmentation: Does not often weigh the consequences or possibilities of other options when making decisions.

Dogma - Blind Faith: I knew I was right.

Focus: Independent work focussed on logic.

As a negotiator:

Style - Tend to Compete.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side loses.

Outcome - Somewhat short sighted.

Examples: SOLOMON. John McEnroe. Gordon Ramsay. Nancy Pelosi. Julia Gillard. Tony Abbott.

Margaret Thatcher.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace that completely lacks long-term vision and requires strict adherence to the decisions of an incompetent management team.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

With High D: Work: 5. Social: 3.5.

With High I: Work: 6. Social: 3.

With High S: Work: 1. Social: 6.

With High C: Work: 6. Social: 8.

At the job souk: Executive / CEO; Investment Broker; Business Consultant; Barrister / Judge; Sales manager; Credit Investigator; Marketing Personnel; Computer Professional; Franchise Owner.

Jobs and tasks: Hands on Approach. Very adaptable, active and realistic. Likes contact with the world which often draws them to careers in trades, business and sales and some of the technically oriented professions. Relys on firsthand experience and curiosity. Good in handling interpersonal conflict, decision making and negotiating. Focusing on getting things done.

Promptness: On time. Often great at time management when they believe that it is important such as work events or gatherings with people that they truly care about. They might even consider it embarrassing to be late to certain events or gatherings. With a perfectionist streak often struggles when it comes to failure. The Developer will likely become frustrated by people who do not respect them by showing up late and are likely to give them some sort of serve.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Developer definitely takes their commitments seriously and dislike being seen as flighty. They become extremely frustrated with people who cannot seem to follow through with their decisions. The Developer is loyal and upfront and will definitely take their relationship commitments very seriously. They do not just jump into things without weighing all of their options and analysing their choices. Once the Developer knows they are sure about their decisions, they will follow through with their commitment without hesitation.

In a Meeting: Speedy Gonzales.

Under Pressure: The Developer can certainly handle having the pressure on them, which is why they are often the boss. They prepare themselves for most situations and work hard to always be ready for challenges that they might face. The Developer is always likely to have a plan ready. The Developer is not so good when stressed from the pressure coming from those close as they do not want to disappoint them. Poor at handling their own emotions and the emotions of others, and can become stressed by this sort of pressure.

As a performance appraiser: Style - Prefers to evaluate others by how well they meet the standards and challenges set forth by the Developer; Result - I's , S's and C's are likely to get the feeling that the reception is cold and not at all empathetic; Outcome - Appraisee is likely to be relieved it's all over while the Developer can get on with things.

As a customer service representative: Style - Developers put relationship building as secondary to fixing the problem. Never put a Developer across the counter from the customer who wants to vent; Result - Perfect when customer service means getting to the point, fixing the problem and moving on to the next customer. For all other situations there will be problems; Outcome - Maybe two-thirds of the population will hear an abrupt “tell me what you want me to do to the fix your problem” as cold and unempathetic. Developers are really not suited to these roles.

Tension Warner:

DD - D with D - Competition, Threat.

DI - D with I - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

DS - D with S - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Guarded v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

DC - D with C - Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Ignorant Judgeology™. Very competitive, feel judgmental towards people who are too over the top or continue to seek attention. They dislike people who are ignorant and who will not accept the new knowledge provided. Willing to teach people but become frustrated when people turn them down. They often try not to be judgmental but it does come out more often than they would like.

Cause of anxiety: When the Developer has to hand over the reigns to someone else.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 11/16

When ill: The Developer rests for about 30 minutes, decides that is enough self-care and then gets back to work.

At the shopping mall: Looking for a random item that they swear Neimann Marcus sells. In reality, only the one in Tokyo has ever stocked it.

As the gift buyer: The Developer signs their loved ones up for workshops or events that will help them advance professionally or personally. Hopes their inner circle understands that they are trying to love them, not network with them.

What they want as a gift: Workshops or events that will help them advance professionally or personally.

What sort of holiday: Organising a group ski trip while enjoy socializing with friends and family members, although they will quickly tire if the conversation revolves around small talk or day-to-day routines on this holiday.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Whether they dress up or dress down, always look like somebody who knows what they’re doing. Their style of attire is likely to be unpretentious but clean and orderly. If they wear a black tee, they will likely make sure that it is crisp and does not have any lint on it. They are probably not a fan of overly formal dress codes and they prefer to express some of their personality through their clothes. They are creative and may put interesting twists on otherwise traditional outfits.

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: Think themselves as born leaders, well read and well informed. They detect illogical operations and turn them around to set long-term goals that can develop into a comprehensive problem-solving system. A classic trench coat is a must to establish their sense of self.

As a house guest: As Host: Stay here; let me remove the mess. As Guest: I'll take over. I'll overstay.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
“Wait, I have a bedroom?”

In a relationship / dating:
Respect and Intellectual Stimulation. Red Flag if you hear this - "I hate commitment. I can't imagine going steady with anyone. I cheated on my last spouse." Not negotiable with the partner - Disloyalty. Biggest Strength - Anything that involves being dominant and taking charge. Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves adventure. Paint ball, outdoor adventures, rock climbing. Will be seeking - Casual sex. Target area priority - LOVABLE - 5%; ROMANTIC 20%; SEXUAL 75%. Soulmate - Agent.

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Contemplates feeling of own intoxication.

In the bedroom: Greedy Bedroomer. Developers probably have an extremely high sex drive and find it very hard to be satisfied completely. You enjoy the physical aspect of sex and are very willing to explore new things. You are eager and athletic during sex more than willing to put forth a lot of the work. You do not always need an emotional connection to experience good sex, but you are willing to explore that aspect of it as well. You can be very giving towards your lover, but are also very greedy as well.

Dalliance or not? May be at risk of being unfaithful especially when they are in positions of power. Because Developers are among the top earning Disc types, it is likely they may experience the temptations that often come along with power. Power is a potent aphrodisiac and many people will likely be drawn to them due to this which can present them with opportunities that they may struggle to ignore. e.g. David Letterman.

How they deal with clutter: Demolish Clutter. The Developer will get on with it. Will fly around the house, jump shooting laundry into the basket and dropping dishes in the sink. Will take the chance that the overfilled dryer will be able to handle that many towels without giving up. If another party is of the Perfectionist pattern, their ten minutes staring at the leaking garbage bag is the time the Developer will take to finish the whole task. Super logical and orderly, an old-school organisation tool like color coding can help the Developer keep everything in order at all times.

What sort of kitchen: The Happy Modern Kitchen. The Developer is energetic, playful and social. A social butterfly! Loves fun and the kitchen is just like that: happy, playful, colourful and maybe even a little silly or whimsical.

What religion: 41.48% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 9/16. Likely religion: Evangelical / Protestant. Religion has its uses. Money, power and easy access to willing sex partners.

Problems with faith / religion: This pattern definitely struggle and have a hard time when it comes to their faith and prefer to rely on facts and proof. They do not just believe in things because it feels right; mostly because they do not rely on their emotions. Things need to be proven with evidence before they will rely on them or believe in them in order to trust in something or someone. They want to see the facts and have a clear idea of what they are getting themselves into and so faith is not something that comes naturally. Oxor™ states that the blind acceptance of faith is at odds with being a Thinker.

What they like at a music festival: Set for the festival. Is overly prepared, probably has a backpack with everything the Developer thought could possibly need from sunscreen to a map of the grounds. Somehow obtained a set list for every band playing.

What they like as their musical instrument: Harmonica. Why? The Developer would want an instrument that requires quick thinking and gives open and honest expression. The harmonica represents the simple things in life, gets straight to the point and appeals to the Developer being somewhat frugal.

What sort of friend: Controlling, loyal. The sometimes controlling, but always entertaining friend. When the Developer is not in work mode is fun to be around and will always give you a good laugh. The Developer somehow always makes you feel like you should be doing more with your life. Will feel lonely if they do not have anyone to share their plans, ideas and prospects with.

Weird feature: Ultra competitive. Winning is no fun unless people know they have won. Rank: 3/10.

In the classroom: Ask: "How can we make money from this?"

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: Risk taker and poor saver. Makes good money being a day trader or similar, spends most of it on risky leisure pursuits such as buying a Harley. A Planner also. Lives too much in the future that misses opportunities in the here-and-now, maybe due to analysis paralysis. Need two accounts - one directed towards long-term savings, about which they have no interest, plus another specifically for “mad money” to use for indulgences today. As a risk taker. Developers together with Investigators, Enhancers and Persuaders are more calculated at risk taking and not as spontaneous as the high risk takers. The Developer needs to have an internal vision of where they are going before they pursue a possibility. They need time to analyse, prioritise and process information. At times they might get a vision about a future possibility quickly and, during these times, they can seem quite impulsive. Other times the process will take longer and they can seem more cautious and deliberating. By taking extra time to prepare they are usually very strategic and have contingency plans in place. They also are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities so this can lead them down innovative or transformational pathways. However, can become so sure of a specific vision or path that they close their minds to precautions and details that might get in the way of its realisation. They tend to be analytical when deciding on a pursuit, but because they focus more on the big picture than the details, those details can eventually trip them up. Accordingly, it can help to get some advice and input from a trusted source.

Spending money: High Spender. Spending will be very high for 'fun' events (typically with many friends) including traveling and dining out. May encounter choppy seas if the 'high life' or adventurous pursuits exceed the income required. Investments in themselves may pay off big time in proportion to the high risk.

Financial toxicity: Over Generous. Insists on paying for your dinners every time you go out. Tries to be the one who handles things, gives expensive gifts or just does more financially than necessary. But there's a trick. While it may appear to make them happy, the Developer is creating a circumstance that you have some sort of debt which may be in dollars, commitment, time, emotion, sexual favours etc. The Developer will be upset, but it is wise not to get into this debt spiral. Trustworthy Ranking: Middle. (Has trust issues because they are rather guarded individuals).

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want. The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Dictatorial, aggressive and controlling. Believe that they know what’s best for everyone, and that their way is the only way. They suppress their moral compass and disregard the feelings and values of other people in exchange for their own rigid views. They push forward to achieve their goals, but instead of taking time to reflect on their decisions, they steamroll over everyone in their path in order to accomplish tasks without considering alternate viewpoints or the moral implications of their actions. They may be loyal to a system (corrupt or otherwise) or authority and suppress anyone who stands against that authority or questions it. They trust their own personal experience and disregard other people’s experience. They scoff at the emotions and values of others while they allow themselves to have their own temper tantrums and emotional overreactions. Crimes: Cyber bullying. Assault.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Playing people to get what they want. Can talk their way in or out of anything and may take advantage of this. The Developer needs to remember that they are accountable for everything they say while the charm is turned on. If they make a promise in order to get something they want, they are still accountable for delivering on it and sometimes they will not deliver, causing bravado when it ends up in conflict.

When guilty: Avoids Guilt. Experiences guilt in their own way often attempting to avoid these feelings. Not strongly connected to their emotions, making it hard to take notice when feeling guilty about something or to process guilt. If the Developer has committed a wrong would prefer an open explanation of what that is. In this situation, is capable of working towards a way to fix the wrongdoing and learn from it for the future. It is a good tactic with Developers to be up front and explain things clearly instead of passive aggressively hiding hurt. Shame: Often feel ashamed when they feel like they have failed at a task or personal goal. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be successful and this can cause their expectations to be rather high. They will often be very good at overcoming these feelings. Best way to overcome shame is by accomplishing an even greater task. Often love a challenge and will be able to find something else to distract them from their negative feelings.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Confrontationalist - The replica of the devil, totalitarian R. Sole. An R. Sole inside and out. Forceful debate and arguing is seen as a sport to be played as often as possible. These people will eat you alive. Have the natural ability to tear people down if they see fit. Scruples (an uneasy feeling arising from conscience or principle that tends to hinder action) are alien to them. They have no compunctions about petty details like ruining someone else’s life and, if they can get away with it, they will gladly stab you with the knife themselves. Great on big picture, poor on small details. Many politicians are Developers as a Developer's path of personal development does not leave much room for creativity. The first 20 years (‘Phase 1’) the Developer does nothing that can be called pleasure, and only what can be called planning. Around the transition between Phase 1 and Phase 2 (the next 15 years), the Developer will marry. This marriage is nothing but a contract, of course, with the money and fame in place, or will be in place, exchanged for absolute compliance and a promise to not endanger any of the plans, even if this means repressing oneself. Phase 2 consists of building up a network of people that can usher them into positions of power and during Phase 3 they unleash all the pent-up stuff they’ve been hiding and eventually they get caught snorting coke off a prostitute or a male sex organ or equivalent disgraceful behaviour. Developers cannot be helped.

On R.Sole steroids - the soulless puppet master: These predators view people as opportunities. They genuinely enjoy almost nothing preferring to feign happiness in order to win over 'friends' who they bend to their hideous will. Incapable of joy, even in victory. The sight of their enemies' corpses will only evoke an unimpressed sigh. Developers enjoy masturbation more than sex. Most unlikely to ever admit defeat. The code for defeat is to tell the other person to "shut up" or stay silent when good points, supported by facts, are raised. When asked for advice it will be delivered in a very forceful manner. Classic "this is what you should do because I said so." That is not advice. That is trying to exert control. A female variant can be seen as 'that bitch', 'that witch' or 'that woman'.
Insulting tags: Incompetent. "You are not capable to do anything". "You have no power here."
Worst quality: Bossy.
Prof. Sole Sole nominates Joseph Stalin, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Satan.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: Your most evil, bully boy boss. Normal on the outside, weird on the inside.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%