The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

Statistics and Overview

Enhancer outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: 1.9% - 15/16 - Approx. US M:2.5% - F:0.5

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - INTJ - The Mastermind Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Mastermind. iPERSONIC - Independent Thinker. Other - Strategist, Ranger. OXOR™ - Enhancer.

Career: Scientific researcher, design engineer, environmental planner, genetics, medicine, college and university level educator, lawyer, business analyst, detective, strategic planner, an artist, inventor, or designer. Any position that requires intensity.

Key like: A good book providing it is about some sort of improvement.

Key hate: Insanity; Those of weak mind who are easily swayed.

Key factors: Sulks.

Key propensity: To appear arrogant and aloof.

Smarts: Extremely smart. Self smart.

Missing in their lives: Time.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 7/16. How dominant ranking: 5/16. How submissive ranking: 12/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - Daunting mastermind.

Augmentation: Exudes an intellectual insight and profound knowledge that is deeply intriguing. Sees things in the boolean logic of: if this, then that or if not that, then this. Absolutely the expert in strategic planning.
Narcissistic know-it-all who thinks that everyone else is intellectually inferior to them. Very difficult to know. Is at odds with the rest of the world and subsequently is frustrated at almost everything and everyone. Is the most self-sufficient and autonomous.
The Enhancer sees ways that everything can be drastically improved and the people who stand to benefit the most are those who prevent this from happening, mainly because of irrational behaviour. e.g. "We've always done it this way, we have to follow the (defunct) rules." "I want what I want now and everyone else be damned."

Point of Characta™ - Improvements.

Pos Traits:

1. Able to absorb extremely complicated theoretical material.
2. Supreme strategists who are logical, rational and future oriented.
3. Strong insights and introverted intuition; can easily see the big picture.
The high intuition is also like a 6th sense for identifying bad people. Can pin point manipulators, liars, scammers, those with a hidden agenda a mile away but cannot really explain why they "don’t like this person" and the outcome is that they are usually correct.
4. Energetic and extremely logical and values knowledge and efficiency.
5. Very high standards for performance which they apply to themselves most strongly.
6. Reserved and detached from others but values close friendships.
7. Likes being appreciated.
8. Strategic.
9. Not threatened at all by conflict or criticism.
10. Usually self-confident.
11. Take their relationships and commitments seriously.
12. Generally extremely intelligent and capable.
13. Able to leave a relationship which should be ended, although they may dwell on it in their minds for a while afterwards.
14. Interested in "optimizing" their relationships.
15. Good listeners.
16. Appreciates those scarce moments of connectedness, not just to people but to everything in existence.
17. Likes to find lost information that makes sense.
18. Likes to make some kind of mental breakthrough.
19. Likes to find a friend that understands the way they are without explanation.
20. Likes the satisfaction of achievement.
21. Likes feeling impenetrable and capable.
22. Likes to overcome obstacles.
23. Likes to successfully complete challenging tasks.
24. Likes being in nature and away from all human-made things.
25. Likes the creation of an inner world and philosophy in which everything has its place and makes sense.
26. Likes feeling comfortable in their own skin.
27. Likes defeating anxieties and being able to think clearly.
28. Likes being generous to those who truly deserve it and seeing them happy.
29. Likes finding a peaceful place to live and work.
30. Unsurpassed when it comes to seeing and reading patterns. Examples include whether your behaviour is consistent. Whether history or human nature is consistent. Whether an argument is consistent. Whether the weather is consistent. Whether the Enhancer is being consistent enough to produce results.

Pos Traits Description: The Enhancer is skilled in the art of foreseeing future outcomes and realities. These forward-thinking individuals are always looking ahead to try to envision how things will play out and what the overall "dance of the universe" really is. This ability combined with their rational, analytical mindset makes them highly strategic, insightful and a great planner. These are the people you want on you team if you have an end-goal in mind but you are not sure how to get there. They are good at putting together a "road map" to achieve a future outcome.

Neg Traits:

1. Too apathetic.
2. Sulker.
3. Arrogance overshadows positive points. Does not accept other people’s opinions, especially those coming from someone whom they believe to be intellectually inferior. Because they have an aversion to social conventions, their direct honesty often make them brutally insensitive and out of tune with other people’s feelings.
4. Judgmental and over analytical. Looks down on others. In situations where logic does not rule, being an Enhancer can be a disadvantage.
5. Does not conform to a highly structured environment. Cannot stand stupid rules and authority figures, being given stringent policies or told what to do is distasteful to them. Hates those who prefers the status quo and who would exchange self-determination for stability and safety. This can cause conflict, but things can get even worse as the aversion to structure applies equally to the law of the land and other social conventions.
6. Incapable of having a good relationship.
7. High levels of mental energy can feed anxiety, depression, addiction and extreme views that add petrol to a fire.
8. Zero interest in shallow things, celebrities, the hottest dance song or any type of emotional only response factors.
9. Does not give a damn what people think.
10. Not naturally in tune with others feelings; may be insensitive at times.
11. May tend to respond to conflict with logic and reason, rather than the desired emotional support.
12. Not naturally good at expressing feelings and affection.
13. Tendency to believe that they are always right.
14. Tendency to be unwilling or unable to accept blame, especially if it was not their fault.
15. The constant quest to improve everything may be taxing on relationships.
16. Tend to hold back part of themselves.
17. Bored with mundane routine tasks, small talk and surface level thinking. To emphasise, HATE small talk, conversations without a purpose, constant and intrusive prodding, (generally) gossip, etc. There is a reason why they have so few friends. It is okay to them, they generally do not believe they are missing anything, in light of the way most people communicate.
18. You are bothering the Enhancer when they continually look at their phone or for a clock.
19. You are bothering the Enhancer when they remain expressionless.
20. You are bothering the Enhancer when they stare (also known as the “stare of death”).
21. You are bothering the Enhancer when they "remember” they have something to do and leave quickly.
22. You are bothering the Enhancer when they start small talk (this is desperation for them) and then use that as a great way to transition out of the conversation entirely.
23. You are bothering the Enhancer when they say things that sound like they are not keeping up with the conversation. If they are interested, they do not miss much. They simply politely end the conversation quickly and, if they feel it is necessary, they will even say why. “This is not my kind of conversation…” Some can be even aggressive about it.
24. You are bothering the Enhancer when they will literally just walk away, saying nothing.
25. You are bothering the Enhancer when they roll their eyes, not at all subtly.
26. You are bothering the Enhancer when they will just interrupt and say something like “we’re done” and do a vanishing act.
Thanks to Oxor™; you know the Enhancer now.

What the Enhancer needs to stop doing: Being so judgmental.

Nicknames: Mr. Self-sufficient. Owl. Irish Coffee. Architect. Crackpot. Afghan Hound. Also Mr. Snob, Mr. Aloof, Mr. Ice Princess.

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Prestige - Defines newer standards. With Prestige as Secondary, The Diplomat - Levelheaded, Subtle, Capable.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! They always surprise you with the extremes of gentle nudging they do to ensure things eventually work out the way they plan - no detail is too small if you are a truly professional control freak.
The Enhancer is a walking paradox but not because they change their mind all the time. It is because they are extremely consistent. This is abit different from the Perfectionist where what you see is what you get. They will even tell you this.
If you dig deeper into the Enhancer you will find a person who is both cynical and idealistic, a leader and a recluse, quiet yet confident, insightful yet unobservant, logical yet intuitive, passionate yet restrained, alone and isolated yet loving and kind, cold with a burning core, who values honesty but knows how to play the game of life.
Some Enhancers can be great actor or comedian when they use their Extraverted Sensing. Yet they are also seen as intellectuals and nerds; another great paradox.
Initially, the Enhancer is not very likable. Their ability to perceive things within a larger context of interrelated systems and our intensive tendency to enlarge perspective to the point of the abstract radiates aloofness, arrogance coupled with our Introversion makes us almost unapproachable. However, the quality that melts and softens this is a good sense of humour. Good humou reaches out to people. It stimulates endorphins, promotes congeniality and negates any perception of being an arrogant prick. Particularly if it extends that the Enhancer can laugh at themselves.
Without a sense of humour, the Enhancer is essentially fcuked. They should plan on masturbation as their primary form of sex and be grateful for their natural tendency to like to work and to have sex alone.
The Enhancer will tell you that they always see both sides of the coin, they are not blind to the bad just because they choose to be good. They seem to exist on both sides simultaneously.
This is the Enhancer. And this is why it is so hard for others to pin them down.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Evil mastermind, smarter than you, are the superior beings.
R: Misplaces anything that is not physically attached. No longer able to realise when they are being either sarcastic or serious.
They hate the world because people cannot plan.
They cannot stand general incompetence as the Enhancer has a high standard for how things can be done in the most efficient and professional way, at the dismay of their own feelings. They expect others to be 100% devoted to doing things properly at a reasonable time. Anything less than doing something properly is incompetent. They never say it but feel it - e.g.: A person who is constantly late to meetings, with the same excuse.
They cannot stand ignorance as nothing worse than an uninformed and biased opinion.
They cannot stand fakeness such as over-the-top displays of positiveness, or the feigning of friendliness.

As a leader - Progressive

Augmentation: Well-known for doing careful research and being able to present logical rationales for every decision. Requires proof at all times. When they are interested and invested in someone or something their approach is the same, they will study the heck out of their subject and form a framework of patterns in their mind about that person or subject. This is in order to make accurate predictions and assist in any way to achieve better results.

Dogma - Blind Faith: Seeks first to understand.

Focus: Unique accomplishments through change.

Improvement method: Learn to lean on others. The Enhancer is is smart enough to discern what sort of asset a person can bring to the table. Everyone has invaluable skills to contribute and the more people that can be enlisted in ventures, the stronger and more successful the Enhancer will become. No room to hold grudges here: The Director, OT, Appraiser and Practitioner may be short-sighted but visionary logisticians. The Results, Achiever, Counselor and Specialist are natural wingmen for the Enhancer. Their tactical intelligence is a perfect compliment to the Enhancer’s strategic acumen. The Persuader, Investigator, Promoter and Agent are probably the most important supporting players because they are the ones who encourage and inspire them, if they suspend their social justice warrior tendencies, when the Enhancer is going through their dark nights of despair.

As a negotiator:

Style - Tend to Accommodate - eventually.

Result - Tend to be they lose and they do not mind losing.

Outcome - Very costly.

Examples: ELIJAH. Elizabeth Hunter™ - Oxor's nom de plume! Colin Powell. Elon Musk.

Vladimir Putin. Isaac Newton.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace where everyone is micromanaged and must account for what they are doing at absolutely every minute of every day.

The Enhancer does not respect unearned titles, mediocrity or morons. If an Enhancer was meant to submit to the behaviour of morons, they would not have been gifted a mind of their own. If something is truly mediocre, inefficient or wrong, the Enhancer will not necessarily play along. Tip: A wise manager will set a task for the Enhancer and simply let them loose. The Enhancer views their role as long range patrol. They work well alone, are mega self-sufficient, not super judgmental, are spatially vast and do not stop until the job is done well.

The Enhancer will listen and listen and listen. Only then will they tell you what they know with plenty of evidence and source information, usually showing an incredible understanding of what you said while they listened. Never bulltish to an Enhancer!

If you are a co-worker (not a close friend), the Enhancer will barely say a thing to you. They will acknowledge that you exist but does not do much unless they need your help, which is pretty rare unless you know a lot about the topic. The Enhancer is extremely cool on the outside, sometimes even laid back. You would think that they are not doing any work and not stressed at all. You will be incorrect. They are loners and do not have many emotions on the outside.

If you are learning a skill with an Enhancer, you will notice that they constantly blame or criticise themselves, usually in a way that is unfair or unnecessary, gaining information and observing things. They will not say much at all. They may not seem like they are studying, but they somehow pass all the tests, often excelling.

The Enhancer can handle things others cannot and cannot handle things that others can. They can be okay handling things how they are without lots of validation from their peers or at all.
They can be okay with the cold, hard truth in a way most people are not. Many patterns thinks facts matter a huge deal to them when they do not. What matters to some (e.g. The SJW's - Persuader, Investigator, Promoter and Agent) is the story they tell themselves in their head. The Enhancer can get over this insane prejudice and figure out the facts.
They cannot handle include crowds, ignorance, inefficiency, stupidity and irrelevant interference. e.g. "You cannot go out wearing that!". Also, dumb little noises people make when they eat something they like. While items may be scattered, the Enhancer knows where everything is and upsetting the system would upset the Enhancer, regardless of how "messy" things are beacuse it is not chaos.
To a bystander, the Enhancer will seem to be the in possession of characteristics that are usually not true. These include 'An evil supervillain', 'Totally incapable of forming or keeping relationships', 'Has no social skills', 'Has no feelings', 'Must be a robot because they do not spend all their time entertaining me with emotional cues like everyone else does', 'An antisocial nerd', 'A hateful genius', 'A people-obsessed weirdo with no social skills'. But they add value to society.

The Enhancer can make a good politician but on the basis that they do not really play much of the role as "the most powerful person in the room", but more being the person to whom the "most powerful person" would turn to and ask "What’s your opinion?" They are the Curia Regis or King’s Court.
Here are some Enhancer politicians: Thomas Jefferson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D Eisenhower, Colin Powell, Michael Dukakis, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Rumsfeld, Calvin Coolidge, Michelle Obama.

The Enhancer is often underestimated in a work setting. When things are ticking along smoothly, people just go about their days without giving it a second thought. This is because the Enhancer tends to be very good at anticipating problems and heading them off before they happen plus most people have no idea how their contributions have helped them.
The 'heroes' tend to be the ones who step in when the spit hits the fan to save the day. The Enhancer tends to prevent the day from even needing saving - but it is not so easy to recognise this skill. Especially as the Enhancer does not tend to go around announcing that they have solved potential problems. Even if that was done, at best the insincere "Oh… Okay… Thanks" is given before they are dismissed and their efforts are immediately forgotten. The Enhancer is the classic back room operator.
When the Enhancer is absent (e.g. vacation, illness, resignation) their efforts are appreciated when things go pear shaped as they have not been there keeping things on track or the replacement struggles to fulfil the role. This is because the Enhancer always tends to vastly expand the role they were originally hired for. That is to keep boredom at bay.

These 10 situations will drive the Enhancer crazy at work, with the utmost justification.

1. Because "they say so" people. Who are they??? This type follows a process without asking questions, even when things do not make sense. The only question they ask is “why do you want to change this when it has been like this for years?". This is likely to be a Specialist or Practitioner.
2. Confused souls. I have a problem. My problem errrm, errrr, so errr errrr… Your problem is you do not even know your problem. These souls always say “I don’t know”. At the end of a discussion, there will be one confused soul who ask a question which makes everybody wonder - where have you been for the past 60 minutes? Worse, we need to wait for this confused soul to be less confused before we can end the discussion. This is a Promoter at work.
3. Suspected Alzheimers patients. Did we discuss this? Did you reply to me? When did you tell me? Did you send me email? Can you forward me the email you send to me? A Promoter or Agent.
4. Innovative questioning styles. Same individual wants to ask the same question in 5 different ways. If this person could solve the same problem in 5 different ways, I would be more impressed. Director, Developer, Results, Inspirational.
5. Sitting on problems people. I thought we discussed about this 3 weeks ago? Well, yes, nothing gets done for the past 3 weeks now we need to talk about the problem again as though it is brand new. Every time an Enhancer gets this, they want to throw the Practitioner and Perfectionist down from 23rd floor.
6. “Artificial Intelligence”. Somebody tried to be smart. Somebody developed his/her “better” solution, i.e. shortcuts. Then this somebody created a big mess. And everybody have to spend 2 times the time to clear the mess. Perfectionist.
7. The soccer player. They will use words such as “please advise”, “please assist”, “FYA (For Your Action)” so the “ball” is with the Enhancer now and they can just sit and wait to score. Sense of ownership people - Developer, Enhancer.
8. The professional texter. It is Thanks not TX. TX is for Texas. When you are writing an email, write an email, not a text message sent via email. Promoter behaviour.
9. The time traveler. I supposed some people lost the concept of time likely because they have a time machine. Meeting is set at 9am. At 9am, nobody turns up in the call. At 9:05am, meeting got moved to 9am next day. Persuaders, Appraisers, Promoters and Counselors do this.
10. The do not read emails people. The Enhancer is not sure how people can end up with 5K, 10K unread work emails. It is your inbox, the Enhancer does not care. But when you are asking everybody about everything which has already been communicated to you via emails simply because you did not read, then you are pissing everyone off, particularly the Enhancer. Investigator, Achiever, OT.

Here are four patterns with which the Enhancer will go well with.

1. Developer — Have same cognitive functions, just flip-flopped. The Developer is an extravert and so more out there in the world, but when an Enhancer is working with one, they find they are on the same page almost all of the time. The Developer also gets the Enhancer's sense of humour. Both have the same disdain for tradition and doing things in old ways when better ones are obviously available.

2. Investigator — Both have Introverted Intuition as the leading function, hence a shared tendency to observe patterns and attempt to figure out where they are going. Both thus need plenty of alone time, tend to enjoy reading and being reserved.

3. Objective Thinker — Both have secondary Extraverted Thinking, the need to get things done in the tool slot so once a project is started they can work together well. Both also have Extraverted Feeling in the Point of Least Resistance slot. This means both tend to be not so good at reading and communicating emotions.

4. Inspirational — The Enhancer is Intoverted Intuition and Extraverted Thinking while the Inspirational is Extraverted Intuition and Intoverted Thinking. The reverses of leading functions are functions that both are strong in as well. The Enhancer does not prefer those functions and they are a bit more difficult a groove to get into. So these two patterns are shadows of one another.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High C with High D: Work: 6. Social: 8.

High C with High I: Work: 3. Social: 7.

High C with High S: Work: 2. Social: 1.5.

High C with High C: Work: 3. Social: 1.

At the job souk: Computer Programmer; Professor; Chemical Engineer; Lawyer / Judge; Architect; Scientist; Management Consultant; Strategic Planner; Investment Banker.

Jobs and tasks: Designing Systems. Analysing information in a detached and subjective way; Collecting and keeping track of data; Managing projects; Doing budgets and overseeing them; Instructing; Finding more efficient ways of doing things; Controlling information; Applying principles consistently; Doing cost-benefit analyses; Improving; Focusing on what needs to be done now.

Promptness: Early. Hate the feeling of being late especially for something deemed important. Will force themselves to be a few minutes early to ensure 'on time' and do not like being the 'late person' or disrespectful. If a prior time set, then they will respect that prior decision. If no clear time set, they might become frustrated and show up late on purpose. If an event is not worth turning up for, the Enhancer might be late intentionally. The Enhancer cannot tolerate latecomers at any price and might just move on. Around 15 minutes is generally the window before total frustration sets in - you have arrived, late, but the Enhancer has already left.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Enhancer often / always dislikes people who do not follow through with their commitments and tries very hard not to be that way themselves. They do not always commit to things easily though and will spend a long time considering all of their options. The Enhancer does not want to back out once they have committed to something and, because of this, they will do plenty of research before moving forward. The Enhancer does not commit easily, but once they do they take it extremely seriously. Have a very hard time backing out once they have made a commitment, and will only do so if they know they have exhausted every other option.

In a Meeting: Shy.

Under Pressure: Enhancers can certainly handle feeling the pressure on them and respond well. They are intelligent people who spend a lot of time researching and absorbing knowledge. The Enhancer is the master of planning and preparing themselves for most situations and this assists when the pressure is on. They prefer to focus on the situation at hand and will work to find the best solution possible. The Enhancer can struggle when they are put under pressure from those close to please them in different ways. The Enhancer does not want to be responsible for someone else’s feelings and can become stressed by this when it is someone they care for.

As a performance appraiser:

Style - High C's conduct performance evaluations in very much a "matter of fact" style.

Result - Reviews are well-documented, detailed and critical. They will be objective.

Outcome - Appraisee is likely to have the whole story but not sure anything that requires remediation will change.

As a customer service representative: Style - High C's need to understand everything about everything. Will believe failure to read directions is the root cause of most problems.

Result - The specific issue will be fixed and any apology will have conditions and contingencies.

Outcome - Customer is likely to accept that the company has the whole story but not sure anything will really change.

Tension Warner:

CD - C with D - Pace. Indirect, Slower-Paced v. Direct, Fast-Paced.

CI - C with I - Pace & Priority. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

CS - C with S - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

CC - C with C - Possible Threat.

In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Incompetency Judgeology™. Just cannot tolerate inauthentic, incompetent and stupid people. Wages an unrelenting war on mediocrity. Will always judge on intelligence and are not sycophantic or friendly simply because of someone’s status. Cannot stand those who constantly make mistakes in their jobs especially if they can identify someone who is way better equipped for the duties at hand. Can easily see how things should be done with a natural ability to be the solution provider. Consequently, may (will) become frustrated with incompetent people and consider them lazy and inept. Will understand one off mistakes and that others will make them. Will be angry at repeated and stupid mistakes. Tend to keep many of the judgments to themselves and avoid openly offending others but might assassinate their character privately. People fail to understand the Enhancer on an emotional basis - often perceived as soulless, stoic and robotic. Therefore, people overlook feelings quite easily. Only gives subtle hints about emotions to those close and they are usually kind enough to understand. The Enhancer will never learn to express their feelings publicly, thus it becomes a challenge for others to cope with this. Therefore, the Enhancer is most misunderstood.

What you should avoid when interacting with the Enhancer AT ALL COSTS. You saw it here!:

1. Terrible systems. Poorly built systems with zero consideration of efficiency in mind including billing systems, customer service systems, bureaucracy processes, apps and websites which are absolutely user unfriendly, etc. etc.. These really get to the Enhancer at all times.
2. Selfish stupidity. Classic example is on the road; a few impatient drivers decide to overtake all other cars to get to the front of line. Eventually, the series of overtaking actions slow down the rest of the 100 over cars behind the queue. Just because some drivers want to be stupid and selfish, others became the victims. This is unfair, but the impatient driver reached the red light first, a source of great satisfaction to the Enhancer.
3. Others offering to help when not required. e.g. Opening a bottle of water for you; carry bags to the car; feel like you need protection. No thanks. The Enhancer is the most self sufficient.
4. Following Trend. Everyone wants to wear the same thing, eat the same food, behave in the same way because this is the latest trend on social media. It is patently absurd. To the Enhancer it looks like you need a therapist or psychiatrist, not Facebook or Instagram.
5. Verbal diarrhoea. The Enhancer cannot understand how a human can keep talking for hours. There was one Enhancer who had the pleasure to listen to the entire conversation for close to 5 hours because this person was just sitting right behind them in a bus. Temporary deafness was desired. The person is likely to have been Persuader, Appraiser, Promoter or Counselor.

Cause of anxiety: When things are not going according to plan.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 2/16

When ill: The Enhancer gets into some medicine, ignores the sickness and grows steadily more annoyed each time someone asks them how they are feeling.

At the shopping mall: At the kitchenware shop, pricing $5,000 Japanese pairing knives. Went to the mall to buy a pair of Old Navy thongs.

As the gift buyer: Prepares a spreadsheet that cross-references the people they are planning to buy for with their budget for each person, several potential gift ideas and a link to purchase each one. Deletes one item each day until they have narrowed it down to the ideal gift for everyone they love.

What they want as a gift: Cash, Gift cards, Gadgets, Hand made gifts, Book about their interest, Wine and chocolate, Quality school or office supplies.

What sort of holiday: A reading weekend. Tend to have mixed feelings about the holidays. Some enjoy a few hours of socializing with friends and family, while others hate the tradition and routine of the holiday season.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Dress well when they want to. Neat, simple and functional with a preference for darker colours and incorporate a lot of black in their wardrobe. Style is striking, smart and mature. May also take great care in regards to their grooming and hygiene as part of their vanity and their desire to be taken seriously, be respected and be desirable.

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: Fiercely independent. As goal-oriented individuals, have high standards of competence and performance for themselves as well as others. Not only are they committed to what they do but also value quality. Fine leather mules with easy slip on design certainly meet their expectations.

As a house guest: As Host: I will be very select in offering. I will cringe if territory encroached. As Guest: I'd prefer to stay at an hotel and an Air BNB, living with total strangers, simply would not happen.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
Neatly organised papers in many binders full of their mastermind plans.

In a relationship / dating:

Relationship needs – Common sense and Curiosity.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I don't know what I want from my future. I never really thought about it."

Biggest Strength - Self-confidence.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything strategy. Video games, trivia.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 40%; ROMANTIC 35%; SEXUAL 25%.

Soulmate - Promoter says the research. (But not in Oxor's view).

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Remains the most rational person.

Taking Charge Bedroomer. When it comes to sex you see it as another opportunity to be excellent at something. Although you can be in your own head when it comes to your daily life, sex is entirely different. This is your opportunity to stop over thinking and be in the moment. You are sometimes aggressive and very capable of taking charge in the bedroom. You are capable of having a very high sex drive in the right circumstances but it all depends on the person and situation. You are focussed on making sure both you and your partner are satisfied in the bedroom. You are not necessarily easy to please, but you are more than willing to take action to rectify that.

Dalliance or not? May be narcissistic enough to think they can get away with clandestine relations outside of their main relationship. They may even feel it justified if it is done out of retaliation for something the partner did or if they engage in a sexual encounter with someone that is just sex without emotional attachment or feelings. e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
They tend to be monogamous. If not, for the Enhancer, more sex is taking away from their free personal and thinking time. Sex is something that is satisfying in the moment, but free personal and thinking time are a lot more satisfying a lot more often for the average Enhancer. They are not all that high on "more" relationships/connections/intimacy and sharing more of such things, or even on "sharing" in a general sense.
When someone was dating an Enhancer the Enhancer became pissed off. The someone asked the Enhancer for a glass of water. The Enhancer returned with a glass of ice with the instruction "Wait".

How they deal with clutter: Masked Clutter. Your house appears to be in a consistent state of cleanliness, with bench tops wiped and sink clear, but inside every drawer and wardrobe there is likely to be a jumble of objects. A cleanup therefore is likely to involve making sure all the doors are closed and the place will look immaculate.
While introverted, many Enhancers are also skilled collaborators when it comes to getting something done. Collaboration hubs allow this type to implement their big ideas by assigning everyone tasks, creating calendars and putting in notification reminders so they can know what is happening all of the time.

What sort of kitchen: The Rustic Industrial Kitchen. You are analytical, intellectual and a perfectionist. You like the weight and history of iron and reclaimed wood and prefer a kitchen with deep colors and antique details — a good place for brooding.

What religion: 37.02% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 10/16.
Likely religion: Athiest.

Problems with faith / religion: This pattern finds faith often rather difficult as they rely on facts and proof before believing in absolutely anything. They realize that there are things out there that have not yet been discovered, but they do not want to rely on faith to believe in them. And many place no faith in faith. They would much rather reserve their judgement until they have the facts and data. It is one of the biggest challenges in life and something they do not like relying on to make decisions about what they believe in. Oxor™ states that the blind acceptance of faith is at odds with being a Thinker.

What they like at a music festival:Only because it's free to attend the festival. Was given tickets by a client who is sponsoring part of the festival. They probably act disapproving toward the whole spectacle but they secretly get really excited when that band from the Spotify playlist they are ashamed of listening to starts playing.

What they like as their musical instrument: The conductor. Why? The Enhancer is a natural leader and very independent. While a bit of a pessimist, can be charismatic and definitely a great conceptual thinker. The charisma and quiet confidence would make the Enhancer a great conductor.

What sort of friend: Up front, insightful. The friend who is a bit snobbish about their unbelievably intellectual mind. They also have a way of giving you solid advice that opens your mind to things you were not previously aware of. If you need someone to tell it like it is and provide perspective, they are the perfect friend to go to. At around 1.5% of the population, the Enhancer's method of thinking is mostly misunderstood. The Enhancer will feel misunderstood and frustrated when they give logical advice to their friends and, instead of that advice being taken or at least kindly ignored, it ends up offending the person they are giving it to. These people get dropped from the Christmas card list. Never lonely. Thrives in solitude and enjoys peace and quiet to immerse themselves in their ideas, books, and projects. Usually desire at least one or two close, trusted friends who they know they can count on no matter what. These 'soulmates' are preferred far more than casual friendships.

The Enhancer has six social layers, represented by a building. The ghost writers on this site are Enhancers, as obviously is the real author. This should not be a surprise if you know any of us.
Most people are ephemeral in the grand scheme of an Enhancer's interactions.
They cheerfully admit that if you are not in their inner circle, they do not really care about you.
The Enhancer tends to prize authenticity, so is not generally inclined to be “fake” with people. However, they also tend to prize their privacy, so there are definitely limits on how much will be exposed to different people. Essentially, the more an Enhancer trusts and respects you, the higher the levels they will allow you to see.
1. Ground Floor Foyer - Level 0 The STRANGERS. In the foyer, or even outside the building, are the strangers about whom the Enhancer really could not care about at all. Plus, it is where the people gather who have fcuked the Enhancer over or let them down or are plain oxygen thieves. The building is made of carbon fibre with a one metre granite wall backup. The Enhancer can therefore be thought of as being clad in a suit of armour and surrounded by tall walls. Those in the foyer, or outside the building, are prevented from accessing ANY upper levels and that is where they will stay or, preferably, fcuk off.
2. First Floor - Level 1 Some of the STRANGERS and CASUAL ACQUAINTANCES. These will only ever be shown up to the first floor. While totally authentic, it only represents the surface level of the Enhancer; a very small part of who they are. The Enhancer feels or shows a lack of interest or concern; is indifferent and apathetic to the Level 1s. Level 1 does include the "necessary" people. An example may be the plumber who is mission critical for a short time regarding the installation of a hot water service. Interaction occurs at this level because the person is either useful and/or in the way of plans. These people are never truly cared about unless their worth is proved on the go. The Enhancer may feel pity about them on how easily they ruin their lives over obsessions and with cowardice.
3. Second Floor - Level 2 The CASUAL FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES. These might see the second floor depending on how well the Enhancer knows them but they are known better than those left on level 2. They will still seeing the authentic Enhancer but only to Level 2. An example may be work colleagues or those on a Committee.
4. Third Floor - Level 3 The INTRUDERS. This floor is essentially reserved for extended family members who are there by unfortunate circumstance. This is where the 'witch' or 'battleaxe' of a grandmother, the interfering aunt and the second cousin who claims 'the family is so close' will be. The Enhancer will proceed politely, but with as little interaction as possible and the sooner they have left the building, the better.
5. Fourth Floor - Level 4 The BEST FRIENDS, PARTNER and IMMEDIATE FAMILY. This is essentially the family home. Best friends, spouse and immediate family usually have access to this level and have their own pass. And the family Golden Retrievers. Generally this will be less than 10 people / pets.
6. Fifth Floor - Level 5 (ALL)THE INNER CIRCLE. When at the 5th floor, it means access to ALL levels although the Enhancer would definitely discourage the exploration of other levels. The Enhancer will apologise that those destined to Level 5 have had to endure the presence of the Strangers in the foyer. In this Inner Circle are the people the Enhancer really cares about. They are the ones who have stood the test of time, see all the subtleties and a side that most never see. This includes introverted feeling, one of the hardest cognitive functions to understand, explain and observe. The inner circle consists of chairs for less than 5 people - very appropriate for Level 5. Access MAY only ever be granted to up to 5 only. If at all. Most never make it even if they think they qualify. This is the deepest, inner-most part of the Enhancer that is fiercely protected. Membership is not permanent as the Enhancer gets disillusioned with friendships where they have to refrain from helping in the way that is most natural to them or when their efforts to help are rebuffed, ridiculed, misconstrued or they are not even asked to assist. In other words, Level 5 is not a secure area for its members. If a Level 5 ever betrays an Enhancer, they are thrown out of the window, no questions asked, never to be seen or heard of again. They are asked to appreciate the view as they pass Level 3. The betrayer sometimes jumps out of the window on a voluntary basis, sometimes very unexpectedly. The Enhancer will be extremely disappointed but will go to Bunnings, buy some timber, build a bridge and get over it in approximately five minutes.

Weird feature: Super Cynical. A permanent feature. Loner. Intelligent. Aloof. Brooding. Mysterious. Quirky. Odd. Magnificent. Not big on receiving compliments from people. Rank: 4/10.

In the classroom: Either quietly taking notes or asking nerdy questions about the subject.

Twenty pet peeves of the Enhancer:

1. After a very long, thorough logical explanation, — people do not get it and how is it possible not to? (The Enhancer forgets that not everyone has the mental capacity to follow.) Arguing with facts is the most idiotic, disturbing and intolerable behaviour that an Enhancer will simply not tolerate. It is very probable that this will cause the Enhancer to bite and hold the accuser to account. This may involve temporarily suspending Titanium Imposition™ but the Oxor™ prepared Enhancer will know the reaction. By facts, it is not meant to be statements generally accepted as truth. It means statements that are literal facts that cannot be changed. Statements with proof behind them. Such as, "1+1=2". The Enhancer can distinguish between what is truth and what is accepted. Many people, due to incorrect science that the media portrays, believe that facts can be changed. Which is simply not true. A fact, by definition, is a statement that is true in all cases. Forever. And for all eternity. But people are willing to ignore what is proved, what is true, what is known, just because it does not feel right, or they bring their emotions into it. It is very likely that these are Persuader (5), Promoter (7), Investigator (10) and Agent (11). You can find out more at Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ How can one argue and object to a fact?

2."You have a high Intelligent Quotient so therefore you must have a low Emotional Quotient." (Compensatory reasoning fallacy).

3. Emotional cries and outbursts with the Enhancer's natural reluctance to address the issue.

4. Being probed and attacked for being outwardly unemotional. (The typical Death Stare working).

5. When somebody fails to carry out their task (especially when the Enhancer has made it simple and concise enough to the point that it should be idiot-proof).

6. When somebody simply fails to follow instructions.

7. When people intentionally ignore and oppose you simply because they disagree with the Enhancer. Total ignorance and stupidity hits like a train.

8. People following crowds like sheep (and then require being pulled out of holes).

9. When someone says "You're smart, right?" *kicks back and relaxes* "It's okay everyone, we have a genius here that can solve all our problems." That is someone asking for the Enhancer to solve their problems on their own.

10. When people try to look for hints in their tone — especially when the Enhancer does not deal with indirect communication. The Enhancer says what they mean and mean exactly what they said.

11. When the Enhancer sees something being performed inefficiently (and they just want to pull their hair out). This is the 'war on mediocrity'.

12. "X says this and Y says that, and you say another — therefore, you must be wrong!" (The black-and-white fallacy).

13. When people Gish-gallop their way through an argument and people deem them the winners. (The Gish-gallop is a rhetorical technique which involves overwhelming your opponent with as many arguments as possible, with no regard for the relevance, validity, or accuracy of those arguments.

14. Having an opinion rejected by popular opinion (The bandwagon fallacy).

15. Dealing with irrational people.

16. Dealing with narcissistic people.

17. Still being pestered despite expressing an interest in being left alone.

18. Failing to achieve already impossibly high self-imposed standards despite all efforts and measures taken to do so.

19. If an immature Enhancer, having emotions sneak up.

20. Being uncertain and having situations fall out of control.

Why the Enhancer may play 'dumb':

1. To reserve energy because of a dopamine (=sensory) overload; OR Mental exhaustion / burnout; OR the need to reserve energy; OR to avoid meaningless interaction

2. To mask intelligence which also often masks their identity as an Enhancer. It is extremely exhausting to entertain others with due to intelligence because it comes with a lot of complications and stigmas.

3. To avoid undesired responsibilities and unrealistic expectations. e.g "You have a high IQ, so you must be a genius". The Enhancer hates this approach as it implies an expectation to carry everyone which causes misunderstanding of what can and cannot be done with an expectation that everything will be perfect. The Enhancer is perfectly capable of 'stuffing up' but it is fairly rare, but usually it is a monster one and it can be at menial and trivial tasks. too. The Enhancer is not flawless in every single aspect of their lives and they are always lambasted whenever they fail or disappoint. This is loathed so playing dumb is a good ploy.

4. To lower the bar. If others do not know about the level of intelligence, then their expectations are automatically at an all time low. This releases being burdened and scrutinised and others harping about shortcomings. With others expecting less, they will not expect the legendary reliability of the Enhancer so they will go undisturbed and free of any responsibility that was never supposed to be their's in the first place. This permits relaxation and avoids the build up of stress when others begin to unload their responsibilities and expectations and forces the Enhancer into a position to do things for others, while watching others kick back and relax. If you do that to an Enhancer, you are playing with fire. The Enhancer is often used in this aspect and the Enhancer expects others to be responsible for their own labour.

5. To not blend in. The Enhancer thrives on individualism and self sufficiency. Acting dumb is about survival and not about fitting in and being the centre of attention. Being labelled as the 'smartest person in the room' leads to meaningless interaction. Your Enhancer wants to be seen for what they are, not by what others see or hear. They do not appreciate being falsely credited or discredited. It can be an advantage when others do not know the Enhancer's pattern as they can be treated well - e.g. not accused of being a liar, a cheat and a psychopath or other negative descriptions that you will find on this site.

6. To not receive the correct kind of attention. Everyone likes attention, but patterns differ in the kind of attention they prefer. The Enhancer likes attention that is in the form of accolades for their work. It is preferable that they learn of these accolades in private. They would be super happy to get that Nobel Prize, but would not want to be recognized on the street. They would love to write best selling literature, but would not enjoy the book signing tour. They would love getting the Oscar, but we would hate the afterparty with all the fake people.
They also love being proven right. They also hate being proven right because it means people never listened to our advice. They would prefer a “thanks for the great advice, everything turned out well,” instead of silently watching the slow moving train wreck that did not need to happen. Especially after the Enhancer gave the warning.
Oxor™'s advice is to find a smart Enhancer (they all are), ask for advice and follow it. Ask for all the possible outcomes that could potentially occur and likelihood of all of them.

7. To get an unobstructed vantage point. The Enhancer can never spend too much time on reconnaissance and observing behaviour. Look at the composers of this site. This works well when out of the social spotlight which enables observations to be made from a premium and unobtrusive observation point. Then, reasonable action can be taken if anything goes wrong, the bigger picture having been seen in a social setting, as the Enhancer can expect what is coming and how to deal with the situation. The Enhancer never uses a machine gun; only ever a rifle. That is because the sniper watches from the shadows - able to spot others without being spotted. This is why the Enhancer is renowned for being covertly lethal in any situation. The Enhancer, together with the Investigator is a master of 'doorslamming'. Lowering the suspicion of what is going on in a social setting is done best by acting dumb, moving from barely noticeable to incognito.

8. To keep personality and behaviour closed to the public. This avoids the Enhancer tripping over many complications when others are aware of who they really are. It is also preferable because they work best when undisturbed and free from distractions. Burdening an Enhancer with meaningless dribble and unnecessary disturbances, just because people expect or stereotype them, is not constructive. The Enhancer wages a 24/7 war on mediocrity and inefficiency.

9. To turn up. The Enhancer knows that hiding does not work and that not showing up also arises suspicion. Despite being an introvert, the Enhancer will generally turn up, even when you least expect it.

10. To cover up. A little cover up does the trick and convinces. 'Still waters run deep' for the Enhancer - someone who is quiet may have very strong feelings, or a lot of knowledge or both.

11. To avoid "common misconceptions". Due to many factors, the Enhancer is a reportedly heartless, unkind, Machiavellian, selfish robot that cannot ever love or feel love. As some struggle with autism/ASD, the stereotypes sometimes fit too well, thus cementing their image as the "Evil Disney villain". Others have two choices: embrace that not everyone has to fit their own behaviour's stereotype OR deem it impossible that an Enhancer can be without a stereotypical evil-robot aspect. Choice number 2 is wildly more popular. The Enhancer is interested in behaviour patterns and either embraces the stereotypes, thus empowering the stereotypes more, or tries to state why they are incorrect. Given that the stereotypes, by and large, were created by other types, the other types will resent this and label the Enhancer as "difficult" or "stereotypically evil" together with the Developer, Inspirational and Perfectionist. The Enhancer also has generally poor or not as socially fluent communication skills (thanks to extroverted thinking and introverted feeling), so they cannot / do not communicate how or why the stereotypes are incorrect in a way that strong extroverted thinking and introverted feeling types will want to understand. Given their introverted intuition the Enhancer has a tendency to think "if I can see it, everybody else can too!" Which means nothing gets said. This is not to say that introverted intuition is bad for doing so, far from it; it actually is doing what introverted intuition loves to do: synthesise information and design a theory that ties it all together.

The Enhancer is impressed by:

1. High self-confidence. The Enhancer is confident by nature. They get turned off by insecure and fake people. Also happen to be expert at spotting fake people pretending to be confident.

2. Logic and rational approach. Together with the Perfectionist, the Enhancer is one of the two most logical types. The Enhancer tends to despise those who make decisions based on their feelings rather than logic, facts and data.

3. Truth. The Enhancer is one of the best types at detecting lies, deceit, betrayal and fact free assertions. Therefore, the brutal truth will always be more golden than the tiniest white lie. Never, ever, lie to an Enhancer! It is bad to lie to the Enhancer as they will completely distrust you, forever less one day. They are the ‘Mastermind’, they solve problems. A lie is a huge problem and the only way to fix it is to know it. The Enhancer will tell their, colleagues, friends and family straight up: "Do not try lying to me because I will know". Never think the Enhancer will run out of time for a lie to be revealed. If it is 10 years, fine. They will have a feeling of accomplishment rather than considering the time. They understand things take time and so is incredibly patient. Ponder this: "Why does it takes an Enhancer three times as long to go shopping and pick something out than a normal person?" Another aspect is the Enhancer is extremely unlikely to forgive but will never forget.

4. Demonstration of leadership qualities. The Enhancer is a natural leader, despite being the most introverted type. Therefore they look up to those who can positively influence others and be a role model for society.

5. Authenticity. The Enhancer loves authentic people over those who always try to look good in front of others for the sake of popularity and detests those who cannot take responsibility for their lives.

6. Visionary thinking. The Enhancer wants to change the world or in a smaller dimension improve everything. If someone has a master plan at making the world a better place, the Enhancer will want to work with them.

7. Quick thinking. Nothing will impress the Enhancer more on an intellectual level than someone who has quick wits and instantly connects the dots.

8. Open-mindedness. The Enhancer tends avoid people who blindly follow rules and social norms. That shows that they cannot think for themselves and lack creativity.

9. Calm in a stressful situation. The Enhancer is an A type personality. They are naturally wired to remain calm in the most catastrophic scenarios. If you have a level head in a stressful situation you have their respect.

10. Intelligence. The Enhancer tends to be sapiosexual (attracted to high-IQ partners).

How to win an Enhancer as a friend (degree of difficulty = 10; but can make wonderful friends):

1. Loyalty. The Enhancer is fiercely loyal once they care about another person. Once trust is earned and you are in their Inner Circle, you can bet the Enhancer will want the same kind of in return. If you betray or abandon an Enhancer, you will be cut. While the Investigator is excellent at 'doorslams', the Enhancer can be just as bad, or even worse. If the Enhancer 'doorslams' you, you might just as well not exist anymore.

2. Freedom and Alone Time. Many Enhancers want friends but they are also perfectly capable of being happy on their own, 'thank you very much!'. Smothering them with attention is not the way to prove that you are worthy of being in their Inner Circle. You need to give space or they will not trust you enough to share their time with you. While some people see the Enhancer as a 'miracle of creation', the Enhancer sees it as 'self-created by choice', just another person learning their way to the top. Never, ever, try to control an Enhancer. That never ends well.

3. Straight-Forward Honesty. As unlikely as it may appear, the Enhancer does have feelings. Your unkind words can hurt them deeply but you can also hurt them with insincerity. They would much rather have you "tell it like it is" than talk in circles trying to protect their feelings. If they cannot trust you to be honest, they will not trust you at all. Just be sure you treat them with respect while you are being honest. It is folly to 'sugar coat' issues and passive-aggressive behaviour is your invitation to be an outsider. They do not like being termed weired even though they are odd and secluded. They can be intimidating because they are often quiet, usually smart and tend to enjoy being intimidating. They have very neutral faces and tend to not show emotions as discussed in item 7 below. Their eyes are intense extraverted thinking eyes that dare you to make a mistake. And you will. At that point, it is best to be magnanimous in defeat.

4. Intellectual Engagement. The Enhancer uses Extroverted Thinking to interact with the outer world and they lead with Introverted Intuition, that is very difficult to fathom. The Enhancer is not going to be interested in close friendships with people who cannot engage these sides of their personality. They want friends who can and will participate in debates about interesting topics and dive deeply into abstract theories. The exact conversation topic will vary depending on each Enhancer, but they need friends who can engage them intellectually. Generally, the Enhancer is quite smart but not 'naturally' intelligent. This is the part that confuses many non Enhancers. The Enhancer has the drive to learn more than the average person giving them their intelligence that is earned. It is written that because of people's misunderstanding about how knowledge is gained leads to 'hype' about the Enhancer. Who would you be more interested in? The person who was born smart, or the person who went to school to become smart?
The Enhancer does not enjoy ridicule, pranks, practical jokes and jokes that contain abstract double meanings. Also statements that an author may see as funny but the Enhancer sees as totally the opposite. e.g. There is an elaborate dance around when you discuss things with me. The Enhancer often seems to be faced with ridicule a hell of a lot. Ridicule of the things they wear, what they are interested in, the way they act, the things they say or how they say them together with hobbies and passions. The Enhancer is utterly sick and tired of facing the same issues almost every day. The most effective plan of defence is to ignore and just let the issue pass, even though it causes a horrible build up of tension and (hidden) emotion. All these circumstances can cause the Enhancer to feel frustrated with people. This is a major danger area that could lead to you to be doorslammed if the joke unfunny enough or your ridicule is just that one ridicule too much. You have been warned.
The Enhancer tends not to talk most of the time. You will sometimes have to "pull teeth" to get a response and that includes when the Enhancer does not know the answer, indicates "I do not know", then expects that to be respected. Also, if the Enhancer tells the truth and that is discounted as meaningless they will clam up, finding the other person and their continuing chatter equally meaningless. They will not be able to answer further. You will be cut if you engage in repetitive 'small talk'. You have been warned.
The Enhancer will never stop talking under two conditions:
1. When given a thought-provoking conversation - they will never stop asking questions and sharing ideas.
and / or 2. Give them a nice strong drink or drinks - they will never shut up.
Being talkative depends who they are with. They usually listen more than talk with people who are not known well or at all. Then they can see their behaviour patterns and also determine if what they say matches what they do. When they are with trusted established friends, people with whom they can have meaningful conversations, then of course they talk more. Usually they talk when they have something to say, never, ever to just make small talk or gossip.

5. Patience. The Enhancer is not quick to trust people. Realistically, you are untrustworthy until you prove otherwise. The Enhancer needs people who are going to stick around and who will not get offended with argument and debate as long as facts are involved. They like others who plan get-togethers that will give the opportunities to get to know this person. Most people stay at the Acquaintances level for quite a while before the Enhancer trusts them enough to consider them a friend. You will need lots of patience and a commitment to sticking around if you want to be friends with an Enhancer. Do not be misled into thinking an Enhancer is deceptive or manipulative. As they value skills and knowledge, they are on the honest side but they are strongly goal oriented and their multi dimensional and forward thinking habits often make them not understood by others. There is nothing more fulfilling for an Enhancer than to be understood by someone else. (Sadly, this does not happen so often).

6. Inclusion. If you are a friend with an Enhancer, do not just assume they do not want to be included in something. Always invite them and give them the option whether or not to hang out. They might turn you down, but do not make them feel guilty if that happens. Just keep asking. They need to know you want to spend time with them and if you keep offering to include them they will appreciate it. They will make sure they spend time with their friends and may surprise you by how often they accept your invitations.

7. Understanding and Emotion. The Enhancer often has difficulty processing emotions and/or connecting with others. They need friends who will be okay with the fact that the Enhancer can not always empathise with them, although they will listen. They also need friends who will try to see things from their perspective. Someone who is really willing to listen, tries to understand and asks relevant questions to clarify their perspective is invaluable to an Enhancer. This needs to be continuous. Misunderstandings can easily happen if anyone and their Enhancer friend do not work on communication and understanding. This is due to a definite trait of the Enhancer regarding how emotions are handled. Although feelings are pretty much the same as any other type, they process even the irrational the same way as anything else; i.e. in a totally rational manner. That involves focussing on a problem wit the goal of creating a feasible and efficient solution. Empathy and having an ear act only as a gateway, but they are never considered as a way to fully deal with emotion. The Enhancer will turn away from someone who is more focussed on ranting, letting off steam or becoming emotional over an issue that is deemed not rational if they do not provide the information that is required to solve the problem or if they refuse to cooperate in creating a solution, as all these behaviours are irrational and counterproductive. The Enhancer does care but has totally no patience to deal with the emotional side. The Enhancer needs depth, or step-type kind of thinking. If the conversation can only ever go one or two steps in a different direction, plus the outcomes of the situation are all too obvious, boredom sets in and then the nearest exit is found.
The Enhancer is willing to work at a relationship; obvious to them but not to the people around them.
The Enhancer will often appear cold and distant at first. When you get to know them, they come across as intelligent and logical, having a proper decision and place for every situation. They are strategic, long-range thinkers who prefer to make plans for everything in their lives.
Relationships, though, are a little more spontaneous, not to mention they require a sense of affection from both parties involved to be worthwhile.
Though many people accept this as natural, embracing relationships as they come and leaving them when there is no more affection to be had, the Enhancer is more loyal to the few people that they let into their lives, thinking about what this other person means to them over the long-term. Elizabeth Hunter™ is living proof of this.
When other people might say “oh, this relationship just isn’t working out,” the Enhancer will put in effort to improve themselves and the relationship overall, refusing to settle for mediocrity or fate. They will become the greatest wife, the best husband or the kindest friend; not only because they know that they are capable of it, but also because under their logical exteriors they want to be loved like everyone else.
Elizabeth Hunter™ realises that there are people who want to claim that title of Enhancer but they actually do not have it; but considers being an Enhancer to be totally awesome. The Enhancer is a logical thinker, liking to see what sets things apart and prefers to analyse and dissect things. Seeing something that so accurately portrays their personality is exciting. Most Enhancers have troubled lives growing up (e.g. the answer is 'no', now what was your question), which forms their nature, so to have something that sets them uniquely apart and sought after is a diamond in the rough. From their perspective, it is not about having all the best things everyone looks for, rather an explanation that is easy for them to give to others that would not understand.
The Enhancer has an amazing ability to be completely emotionally detached. To most people, it is absurd that if your parents passed away that someone would not be hurt by it, but the Enhancer can do that. They know that life has a cycle - birth, life, death - and it happens to everyone. Put another way, there are 6 phases based on home. Parental home, own home, matrimonial home, retirement home, nursing home and funeral home. To them, there is no escaping that fact and they have already dissected why it happened and understand that it is life.

If someone has the need to turn to that one person who is quirky, odd and magnificent but is always there to provide answers, while that person is the last choice to hang out or have fun with, it is likely that person is an Enhancer.

8. Problem Solving and Knowledge. One way that the Enhancer shows they care about someone is by assisting with solving their problems. They want you to accomplish goals, fulfill your dreams and work through that thing you have been complaining to them about. The Enhancer will often be pretty blunt in how they communicate their views about what you need to do and they need you to know that they are being hard on you because they care. They also love it when friends want to strategise with them and solve problems together. The Enhancer will insist that the issue always stays with the other person and the onus is on the other person to be both accountable and responsible. The Enhancer is constantly on the lookout to learn new things and gather knowledge. They only want to move forward in a game and not go back seven levels because that would be boring as the earlier level is too simple while others are content walking around forever in the same level, in the same world. A loner, totally satisfied in a different part of the game.

9. Encouragement. The Enhancer may give the impression that they have tough skin but they can be deeply affected by criticism or discouraging situations. They do not appreciate empty platitudes such as: "Don’t worry; it will all be okay in the end." But they do need people in their lives who can provide concrete encouragement. They do not like not loving or not living. The Enhancer will tire of a task or responsibility is they consider that no progress is being made and any ideas are continually thwarted to maintain the status quo. If an Enhancer fails, they will pull through but not when betrayed or abandoned. They need friends who will remind them that they are not stupid, they are not failures and that they are valuable (preferably with evidence). The Enhancer fears being seen as stupid or mediocre. A good friend will be able to help them realise that a set-back or mistake does not have to define their lives and encourage them to keep going.

10. Respect. The Enhancer places a high value on respect. They absolutely cannot stand it when people undervalue their opinions, cut them off in conversations, dispute unambiguous facts or dismiss them as unimportant. Also, you should never share private matters, belittle, mock, reject or criticise an Enhancer in front of other people. While they are not usually seen as a "social" type, they care deeply about how they are viewed in their social circles. They want to earn respect, and if you can not see that or honour those requirements, you are not going to make it into the Inner Circle or you run the risk of being removed. No amount of love and understanding can make up for a consistent lack of respect.
It is clear that the Enhancer is not typically the warmest pattern as they can be very blunt and honest which may cause some offence, mostly not intentionally but sometimes deliberately. However, when the Enhancer is kind to you, they appreciate you. Although, if they do not receive the same respect back (or if you break their trust), you will be removed. (See the theme!) Here are some things that the Enhancer may do when being kind:
- Attempt to comfort you when you are feeling sad although they usually hate exploring this side of themselves and young Enhancers will find this quite hard. If they are trying to comfort you it shows that they are prepared to show their weakness just to make you happy. Warning: This generally backfires as it may come across that they do not care or are making the situation worse but they are trying to help.
- If you ask for a favour, they will do it. This may not be directly linked to kindness but if they include you in their future plans you must be very special to them. This means that they will be very loyal to you and will try to help you with anything you need (which is linked to the previous point).
- The Enhancer takes time out of their day to do something especially for you. e.g. if artistic, do a drawing. The Enhancer will not take time out for people that they cannot be bothered with so if they are doing a favour, you will know they are being genuinely kind to you.

11. General. The Enhancer is perfectly reasonable and a friend to all. Titles do not impress them but knowing your stuff does. Everyone deserves respect. They will not lie to flatter you. If you ask a question, they will tell you the truth. It is what they do, so they are not criticizing you, they are answering your question.
They are curious and soak up information, especially if it is interesting to them. Details matter, mistakes are ok, fixing is good and their goal is for their solution to work. They can have a good sense of humour and imagination, with recharge time alone.

If you are a close friend, you will be asked lots of personal questions asking for advice on things. You will be asked how everything is done and will gather lots of information. They may even rant to you and may talk about emotions. If they are gaming with you, they will usually keep quiet. You might hear stupid things happen, or you might randomly die in the game. You might see them get 5 headshots in a row and they will just shrug it off.

TWENTY-TWO things you should never say to an Enhancer and why:

1. “Tell me about your past”. They have a very dark past which is no one else's business.

2. “Why are you always serious?” Their face is serious 95% of the time and that is their natural expression.

3. “Do you ever speak to people?” They do speak a lot with those people that are close to and feel comfortable with. If it is small talk, they just walk away.

4. “How can you remember everything?” They love to do a lot of research and that is why their memories are strong enough to remember almost everything. Sometimes they hate details, especially if not interested in the subject matter. However, they can be extremely detailed if they are interested. e.g. building this website with no outside assistance.

5. “Tell me about your romantic life”. They are very private about this area and will not discuss it with anyone until the person asking is very close - in the inner circle Level 5 (see above).

6.“Why are you secretive and mysterious?” They are secretive and mysterious because they develop lots and lots of strategies before entering into a particular situation.

7. “How does your brain work?” Although they can explain it at times, at other times even they do not know how it works.

8. “Why are you mostly alone?” This is because they prefer solitude. It is not because they are lonely; they are self-sufficient.

9. “What are your sensitive areas”? The Enhancer will never reveal this except to the inner circle Level 5 (see above).

10. “How do you recharge your battery?” They recharge the battery in private places such as their homes or personal offices. You would never see an Enhancer relaxing in a public place.

11. "Why are you staring like that?" It is their natural expression as they are serious 95% of the time.

12. "You do not know what you’re talking about." If the Enhancer has taken the time to make a statement, chances are that they have thought it through pretty carefully first. As the pattern with dominant introverted intuition, they tend to process and analyze things thoroughly before speaking up. It is better to ask for clarification if someone is confused, or agree to disagree, instead of accusing them that they just “don’t know” what they are saying. That person will be smashed with proof.

13. "You Think Too Much". They are very thought-intensive people. Analyzing recharges them and allows them to get some of their great innovative ideas. Telling them to stop doing that would be tantamount to telling an artist that "You draw too much!"

14. "You need to lighten up!" This will piss the Enhancer off. You learned this here which is just as well. They tend to be on the serious side, but that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is doubtful that others gave Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla a hard time for being serious (or stupidly maybe they did, who knows? Easy to spit the idiot.) Although 1 - 4% of the population, plenty have a sense of humour, but they do not appreciat being forced into phony cheerfulness or small talk. That invokes the 'death stare'.

15. "You cannot do that." Being stuck, limited or controlled in any way is extremely frustrating for the Enhancer. Especially by a parent or teacher who justifies it with "Because I said so." If you tell them that they cannot do something chances are they will try to prove you just how much they can do exactly that thing.

16. "You should smile more." Authenticity is a big deal to the Enhancer. Do not expect a smile unless they actually feel like it is genuine and honest. Smiling and engaging in social pleasantries 'just because' is not in their nature. They are just as likely to be deliberately rude but not smiling and handing out the 'death stare'.

17. "Because this is how it has always been done." Basically you have destroyed your credibility; never to have it repaired. The Enhancer is a pioneer of new methods and generally shun traditional practices or rules. Just because something has always been done one way does not mean that it the best way. It will always be questioned. The aim is perfect existing systems or create new systems altogether.

18. "You need to go out more." Going out is determined by the Enhancer, no-one else. They are extremely independent and rely on alone time and peace and quiet to access their intuitive insights and thoughts. They need a lot of alone time to feel fulfilled and de-stressed, so avoid pressuring them into too many social engagements, especially if they are not interested. e.g. The school play.

19. "I just decided to pop over!" This actually means that you had better pop back under all circumstances, including if sexual favours are on the cards. If there is one thing that will instantly make the Enhancer’s hair stand on end, it is telling them that you are going to make a 'surprise' visit! If you want to drop by unexpectedly, you will need a fcuking good reason and you will still want to text and ask permission first. They definitely like their social engagements planned out ahead of time and spontaneous interruptions cause major and completely unnecessary stress.

20. "Here, let me show you how it is done." If this is trampling on an Enhancer’s area of responsibility, you might find out that you have to do the tasks yourself, given how fcuking smart you are. If you are feeling especially confident and patronising, it is far better not to show it to an Enhancer. Give them a chance to do things their way before you step in and try to take control. You are playing with fire here.

21. "That will never happen." They are known for their sudden, uncanny insights into how things will play out. They are master strategists and very good at anticipating future events. Think long and hard before calling out one of their predictions! You may find your words coming back to haunt you later and the Enhancer will take revenge of some sort, even if it is years later.

22. "You look so unapproachable." And yet, here you are.

SIXTEEN things that make an Enhancer roar:

1. While engaged in conversation, they are also pondering 1–2 other things. That inner voice is real.

2. Sometimes (often, always) they are judging the other person(s). Crudely, too.

3. They do not pick up on social cues all the time, because of the constant thinking.

4. Their intuition dominates their thinking. In any situation, they base conclusions on past experiences first. Then by listening and assessing via logic.

5. The big picture. They see the bigger picture in everything. An iPPhone: delivered from a random Amazon warehouse, from which a Chinese worker assembled it based on the instructions from some Apple industrial designers .... something like that.

6. They see cars, highways, robots, computers and planes and think: “Wow, humans are incredible.”

7. They see homelessness, hear about mass shootings and read about human trafficking and think: “Wow, we are really shitty.”

8. They like patterns. They see patterns everywhere. Stories, habits, shapes, etc.

9. Once they understand a pattern, they become bored with it. They seek to discover new things. They do not enjoy repetitive activities.

10. Control. Knowing where they are going and how to live efficiently is important.

11. They need closure. They feel anxious when matters are not finalized. This might be that control aspect.

12. Observing people is a favourite hobby. Human beings are strange creatures.

13. They enjoy the melancholy and can be morbid; however, they embrace life’s breadth of wonder. It is a good balance.

14. They need time alone often. It calms them.

15. We are almost never answering you flippantly or guessing or pretending to have an opinion; we have just already thought the whole thing through. We have already asked and answered the very question you just posed. You see, this is what we do in our spare time.

16. There is not a good way to communicate this to someone without coming off as trying to sound superior to the question or, worse, questioner. So, if you have worked our that the person is an Enhancer, then it is likely pretty safe to assume the above on their behalf.

This may well be you

This may well be you.

Chess is definitely the Enhancer's view

Chess is definitely the Enhancer's view.

This is how difficult you will find the Enhancer is to open up

This is how difficult you will find the Enhancer is to open up.

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: Enhancers together with Investigators, Persuaders and Developers are more calculated at risk taking and not as spontaneous as the high risk takers. The Enhancer needs to have an internal vision of where they are going before they pursue a possibility. They need time to analyse, prioritise and process information. At times they might get a vision about a future possibility quickly and, during these times, they can seem quite impulsive. Other times the process will take longer and they can seem more cautious and deliberating. The Enhancer (and the Investigator) especially like to have time to “chart-the-course” for where they are going to go. When they have a course and a clear vision they actually enjoy taking long-term risks and pursuing unconventional paths. The Enhancer prefers to pursue new pathways rather than follow along in a more routine or traditional lifestyle or career. By taking extra time to prepare they are usually very strategic and have contingency plans in place. They also are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities so this can lead them down innovative or transformational pathways. However, can become so sure of a specific vision or path that they close their minds to precautions and details that might get in the way of its realisation. They tend to be analytical when deciding on a pursuit, but because they focus more on the big picture than the details, those details can eventually trip them up. Accordingly, it can help to get some advice and input from a trusted source.

Spending money: Planner. Long term investing with contingency plans. Wants to know what they will have on daily basis. Big picture aspect. Have account for long term savings and discretionary mad money. By the time the Enhancer has finished deciding that they actually want to buy the thing, a new product is already out in the market and now the whole process will have to be repeated all over again. Stress Shopper.

Financial toxicity: Planner - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Will not splurge on themselves or you.
Trustworthy Ranking: Absolute. (But does not trust others easily).
Others can trust the Enhancer:
* With your deepest and weirdest secrets
* With your kids
* To feed your snarling German Shepherd
* But not to buy you a birthday card
* But not to do all the items on your list
* But not to stay in the present tense.

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want. The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Cold, arrogant, aloof, controlling. They are contemptuous and condescending to anyone who does not value their same vision or sense of logic. They may even enjoy putting other people down, making sarcastic jabs, or otherwise belittling them. They consider themselves above others, more enlightened or intelligent than the rest of humanity. They believe their vision and forecast of the future is always right, and they stubbornly hold to their perception without opening their mind to other viewpoints. They are agitated and vindictive with anyone who critiques or gives another view that contradicts their own. They are worried about everything, but unable to care at the same time.
The Enhancer comes off as arrogant mostly because they are extremely cold and assertive in their tone. When they are right and are certain about it, they will not hesitate to say so. They dare to challenge. They dare to objectify. They are direct and truthful in their words — at least from a logical standpoint. Many people see this as arrogance because they have been conditioned/indoctrinated to believe (excessive) confidence is arrogance. People assume, "I'm right and you're wrong." followed by, "I'm smarter than you." And hence interprets the conclusion, "Therefore, I am better than you." The first quote is direct and literally means what it means. The second can be ambiguous. But the last is definitely arrogance. However, there is a very bold distinction between confidence and arrogance. This difference lies within self-righteousness and impartiality. The Enhancer is mainly impartial. They are personally detached from their words. As their objective tone is misinterpreted to be personal and comparative between people and standing — they are often seen as attempting to put other's down.
Nefarious Enhancers may seclude themselves from the rest of the world because they are so disappointed in their fellow man. If they do not do this, they may try to micro-manage and overly control the people in their own lives, forcing them to obey a strict set of commands. If they have a corrupt vision, they may be swift and terrifyingly effective at creating plans that are disastrous for the good of humanity. Crime: Hack a bank. Murder.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Assume they have nothing to learn from others. Very knowledgeable. May be self-absorbed and refuse to listen to what anyone has to say as they assume that they are the only competent individual around. This type needs to remember that there are different forms of intelligence and they don’t possess them all. There is always a lot to learn, even from those originally deemed incompetent.

When guilty: Seldom Guilty. Given that logic always prevails, will approach guilt differently than most. Much prefer to accept mistakes and learn from them, rather than feel guilty for them. Will often use the mistakes to analyze how a better approach colud me applied to the situation in the future. If have wronged someone will often apologize or search for a way to make it right. They do want to be fair, but that doesn’t make them feel unnecessary guilty for making an error. Will follow internal morals. If something has gone wrong, will analyse ahead of harbouring useless feelings of guilt about it.
Shame: Will usually only experience feeling shame when they have failed to live up to their own expectations or full potential. Will definitely not become easily manipulated into feeling ashamed by those around them. Often extremely aware when someone is attempting to manipulate them and it will close them off to that person immediately. Often would prefer to deal with emotions on their own. Once aware that they are feeling a certain way, they need time alone to cope and move on.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Delusional - The Sarcastic, Reclusive R. Sole. An R. Sole inside and out. Rules the world behind the curtains. May be into secret societies. Do not often stand for their crimes but let someone else take the fall. They are much better at being low-key than the Developers and they often do not understand that what they’re doing is evil. Sometimes turn into wailing mockeries of adult people. Can be seen as very boring and robotic. The Enhancer makes sure there is a tortoise shell exterior, plus 1 metre of granite, between them and any unwanted invasion (the 'armour and tall walls').
Enhancers will door slam on the basis that people are willfully ignorant by choosing to be irredeemable idiots immovable by logic or people who are two-faced / dishonest.
While the Investigator ranks as the best door slammer of the 16 patterns, they may re-open the door if they feel that the other person will no longer hurt them but they might still feel 'bad' about it even it the other person was toxic, perhaps they could have done something different. Or if the other person appears in their life, that person still has the power to make them feel bad. Some still live in hope that the other person will change and they can eventually make amends. The Enhancer does not operate in this fashion
. The Enhancer is the best at cutting people out of their lives and truly moving on. They totally and completely sever any emotional connection ever had and move on with their lives as if they never existed.
There is no regret; no anguish; no second guessing; that person just never was; they do not hate; they disconnect completely; they move on. All records and memories are shredded until the end of time.
There is a school of thought that they do not door slam people to anything like the same extent as Investigators as they tend to feel a strong sense of responsibility for looking after / supervising others (they will not generally door slam family, for example, which an Investigator will). Oxor™ does not fully subscribe to that view.

On R.Sole steroids - The smug rabblerouser Good at talking and less so at thinking, the Enhancer glories in the echo box of their own double Dutch. Intellectual emptiness is matched by lust for child blood running rich in the street corners of every peasant hamlet east of Prussia. An Enhancer will luxuriate at the root of all the world's problems, wallowing in the pain of their victims.
Insulting tags: Stupid. "You are not insightful". "You cannot control your situation."
Prof Sole nominates Leon Trotsky, Karl Marx and Mark Zuckerberg.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: The quiet, somewhat scary, genius. Normal on the outside, broken on the inside. Constantly question the 'whys' behind a system and then takes it a few levels up on 'how' to hack it in as inconspicuous manner as possible. They have a super power. They can zoom out to see the big picture and then zoom in to deal appropriately with the details. They can can see the entire process or system, determine which parts matter the most and then determine which details absolutely must be managed versus those that can be ignored. Putting it one way: Others have to learn to separate the chicken salad from the chicken shit. They can. Putting it another way: As a manager, they can triage, prioritize and optimize.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%