• 1. Director

    High D - "The Boss"
    Smells of Fresh Ink
    Logo Tagline: I know the answer
    Mr. Slate
  • 2. Developer

    High D - "The Commander"
    Smells of Pine
    Logo Tagline: I am life's natural leader
    No Developers in the Flintstones
  • 3. Results

    High D - "The Negotiator"
    Smells of Bonfire Smoke
    Logo Tagline: I make the most of the moment
    Fred Flintstone; Bamm Bamm Rubble
  • 4. Inspirational

    High D - "The Innovator"
    Smells of Coconut
    Logo Tagline: I answer the questions and question the answers
    Arnold the paper boy; Grandpa Munster
  • 5. Persuader

    High I - "The Muse"
    Smells of Warm Towels
    Logo Tagline: I articulate and articulate and articulate
    No Persuaders in the Flintstones
  • 6. Appraiser

    High I - "The Guardian"
    Smells of Gingerbread
    Logo Tagline: I am the host of the world
    Wilma Flintstone; Betty Rubble; Lily Munster
  • 7. Promoter

    High I - "The Romantic"
    Smells of Citrus
    Logo Tagline: I give life an extra squeeze
    No Promoters in the Flintstones
  • 8. Counselor

    High I - "The Traveller"
    Smells of Chocolate
    Logo Tagline: I am a surprise and I love a surprise
    Pebbles Flintstone; Dino; Herman Munster
  • 9. Specialist

    High S - "The Artist"
    Smells of Baking Bread
    Logo Tagline: I love all living life
    No Specialists in the Flintstones
  • 10. Investigator

    High S - "The Intense"
    Smells of Tea
    Logo Tagline: I am an inspiration to others
    No Investigators in the Flintstones
  • 11. Agent

    High S - "The Poet"
    Smells of Cinnamon
    Logo Tagline: I ideally should have t-shirts, nice t-shirts
    No Agents in the Flintstones; Eddie Munster
  • 12. Achiever

    High S - "The Engineer"
    Smells of Leather
    Logo Tagline: I can find the shortcut to anything
    Barney Rubble
  • 13. Practitioner

    High C - "The Philanthropist"
    Smells of Vanilla
    Logo Tagline: I work behind the scenes
    No Practitioners in the Flintstones; Marilyn Munster
  • 14. Objective Thinker

    High C - "The Enforcer"
    Smells of Freshly Mown Grass
    Logo Tagline: I like rules, rituals, regulations and right
    No Objective Thinkers in the Flintstones
  • 15. Perfectionist

    High C - "The Professor"
    Smells of Old Books
    Logo Tagline: I incubate ideas
    The Great Gazoo
  • 16. Enhancer

    High C - "The Iconoclast"
    Smells of Pineapple
    Logo Tagline: I can improve this t-shirt
    No Enhancers in the Flintstones