When someone is being Obnoxious and / or Toxic
it can make it easy for you to pick their pattern.
This is the Oxor Nest of Toxicity™

Is the other person just 
							obnoxious today or every day?
Observing people when they are obnoxious, toxic, spiteful or objectionable can be handy when picking someone's pattern prior to imposing correctly.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how.

Here are all sixteen patterns, all spiteful or objectionable to a degree, maybe polite - you will be here, too!

Included are sections on Passive-aggressive Individuality™, Toxic Peculiarity™, Procrastination Ranking™, Interpersonal Derailer™ and Method - Silence is Golden™.

All are facets that Oxor™ observes on a daily basis for over 50 years.


Let's start to see who is the nicest - allegedly - but do they have other observable characteristics?

Scores (% in brackets) are from a survey of 123 people, conducted in August, 2009, by others.
1. (15.15%) Promoter; 2. (13.64%) Investigator; 3. (13.64%) Agent; 4. (11.36%) Persuader; 5. (7.57%) Enhancer; 6. (6.82%) Counselor; 7. (6.82%) Practitioner; 8. (5.30%) Specialist; 9. (5.30%) Perfectionist; 10 (4.55%) Appraiser; 11. (3.03%) Objective Thinker; 12. (2.27%) Results; 13. (1.52%) Inspirational; 14. (1.52%) Developer; 15. (0.76%) Achiever; 16.(0.76%) Director.


Let's see who is the most evil - allegedly - but do they have other observable characteristics?

Scores (% in brackets) are from a survey of 287 people, conducted in April, 2008, by others.
1. (37.6%) Developer; 2. (25.4%) Enhancer; 3. (18.1%) Director; 4. (15.3%) Inspirational; 5. (12.9%) Appraiser; 6. (12.2%) Results; 7. (11.1) Persuader; 8. (10.8%) Perfectionist; 9. (10.1%) Objective Thinker; 10 (8.4%) Investigator; 11. (5.9%) Practitioner; 12. (5.9%) Promoter; 13. (5.6%) Counselor); 14. (4.9%) Agent; 15. (4.2%) Achiever; 16.(3.8%) Specialist.


1. Passive-Aggressive Individuality™

Passive-aggressive behaviour is obnoxious and common. The Practitioner is the master of it, but cannot claim exclusivity. Seven others tend to also use it more often. Developer, Results, Persuader, Appraiser, Promoter, Counselor and Agent.
One definition is "Indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation".
Other definitions include Toxic, Poxic™ (Petulant and Toxic combined) and completely vile and obnoxious.

Here are some key characteristics. Watch for them.

1. They give others the silent treatment. The silent treatment is a deliberate way to avoid communication. In intimate relationships such as in marriage, it is a form of manipulation, a way to maintain control by keeping your spouse guessing. This plays out in other ways, such as withholding intimacy and affection. In this case, there is some communication, but it is intentionally shallow and void of emotion.
2. They do not speak openly and honestly when asked for their opinion. Because they fear conflict and losing connection, they agree to do something they really do not want to do. They say “yes” when they really mean “no”. This breeds resentment and, more times than not, creates more conflict down the road, as the passive-aggressive person rarely follows through on what they have been asked to do.
3. They gossip and criticize others’ ideas. This is another hallmark passive-aggressive behaviour. Passive-aggressive people appear kind and compliant on the surface. They agree to others’ taking on tasks, rarely voicing displeasure. That is, until they meet Frank and Margaret for coffee. Then, the truth comes out. Passive-aggressive people often resort to gossip as a way to voice resentment or displeasure. And, as you can imagine, this creates a lot of dissension and distrust in their relationships (in the broadest sense).
4. They feel unappreciated and believe that they are treated unfairly. Passive-aggressive people see everything as a personal attack. When things do not go their way, it is a declaration of the world’s unfairness. When their spouse or boss asks them to do something, they usually respond by saying how much that they are under-appreciated or taken for granted. In this way, they play the victim and maintain a perceived level of power and control over situations and people involved in them.
5. They blame others for their actions and feelings. Here you see why passive-aggressiveness is so totally toxic. Passive-aggressive people blame others as a way to avoid personal accountability. And because they blame others for their actions and feelings, they do not grow. Instead, while continuing to draw from the same toxic well and never looking in the mirror, they do not change. 6. They rarely give straight answers. You have a better chance of seeing a polar bear and a regular bear on the same day than receiving a straight answer from a passive-aggressive person. They send mixed messages, leaving others unclear about their thoughts and intentions. They do this to shirk responsibility. Passive-aggressive people always leave themselves an out. Here, regardless of the outcome, they can respond with, “You took that the wrong way. That’s not really what I meant.”
7. They procrastinate intentionally to frustrate others. For some people, procrastination is a sub-conscious decision. For passive-aggressive people, however, the decision is very intentional. They delay completing tasks until the deadline is mere seconds away. In the meantime, they stall, make excuses and deliberately forget about the task as subtle ways to let someone know they do not want to do the work or make a decision. In this way, they retain a form of power and control, hoping the other person sees the writing on the wall and expects less of them moving forward.
They do not just say 'no'. They procrastinate until you give up. Procrastination is a passive aggressive personality’s best friend. They will not ever come right out and say they will not or do not want to do something. They say yes and either not show up, or put you off until a time that you ask someone else for help. Once you do, they will be right in your face asking why you did not just wait for them. Because they were just about to help, of course.
8. They disguise criticism with sarcastic humour and compliments. Passive-aggressive people tend to disguise their criticism and voice their displeasure using subtle humour or sarcasm. By making others feel bad, they are attempting to maintain superiority. And if you try confronting a passive-aggressive person over their behaviour, sarcasm gives them a way out, typically responding with “I was only playing” or “You should learn how to take a joke.”
9. They assume the worst-case scenario, even when things are going well. Here is a prime example of the damage one that results from passive-aggressiveness. Over time, these behaviours erode personal self-confidence and general trust in others. Most passive-aggressive people believe worst-case scenarios are inevitable. What is worse, they believe they deserve this outcome. So, it is unfortunately true that many of their relationships are doomed before they begin.
10. You cannot deal with them. Dealing with someone with a passive-aggressive personality is akin to banging your head against the wall. It serves no purpose. You receive nothing out of it but a headache and extreme frustration. Doing everything but listening to what you say, they skirt the issue, bring up situations from the past or completely change the subject, so that they do not have to be accountable to anyone.
11. They are uncomfortable to be around. Passive-aggressive people are very uncomfortable to be around because they just exude hostility and anger without cause. As they tend to hold everything in and just let it sit and stew, you physically feel it when you are around them. It just does not make you want to hang out with them.
12. You rarely see the hostility that lies beneath. Although you feel the underlying anger, you never really get to see it. What they say and the ways they behave, are very confusing. They say everything is fine, but you feel as if you are standing next to a ticking time bomb. You do not have to see an explosion to hear the countdown.
13. Even though their behaviour is not productive, they repeat it. To the onlooker, their behaviour is not productive and the passive-aggressive personality never ends up getting what they want. They continue to do the same thing over and over again. What you do not understand when standing on the outside is how they get exactly what they want. They make you feel guilty, put everything on you and walk away without a single care or responsibility in the world. What is nonproductive to those around them is extremely productive to the passive-aggressive personality.
14. They avoid taking responsibility for anything. A passive-aggressive personality blames everyone around them and never takes responsibility for anything. Even when it is clearly their fault, they are not above claiming 'the devil made me do it'. It is never going to be their fault. They find somewhere to deposit all the blame. It makes no difference who the target is.
15. They are usually extremely negative and pessimistic. The world is always against them, nothing is ever going to work and they will always be unhappy. If you know a passive-aggressive personality, stop trying to please them. It will never be achieved.
16. They complain constantly about being under appreciated. The passive-aggressive personality is never fairly compensated. Not monetarily and not with praise. You literally just get finished saying 'thank you' and they go on and on about how ungrateful you are. In their world, they deserve all the appreciation. No amount is ever enough and they let you know it.
17. They accuse people or suppliers of misleading or deceiving them. The passive-aggressive personality is always being dumped on, put down and lied to. Conspiracy theorist to the highest and they believe someone is always out to get them.
18. They criticize pathologically. There is nothing good or right in their world. If you live with one, you need strong self-esteem. Nothing you ever do will be right or good enough. And nothing will ever be as good as they could do. Then again, you would not appreciate it anyway.
19. They do everything 'half-arsed'. Since they really do not want to do what they said they would, when they do follow through, they typically do things, as we say, 'half-arsed'. They do it so poorly that you know they were displeased at being asked. You certainly will not ask them again. Or so that you will think that they just are not capable and will not ask again. The same result, different modality. Try continually asking and watch the squirming!
20. Whatever you say, they say 'no' just to disagree. Since the passive-aggressive personality is sullen and miserable, everything you say is refutable and wrong. They take the devil’s advocate position just to be on the opposite side to argue. They do not even believe in what they say sometimes and you certainly will believe nothing. It is like playing a stupid children’s game. Try to invoke improvements to a business process and see how you go. Watch out for them going behind your back to implement Personalized Cancel Culture™ on you rather than on an organization for which it is designed. The passive-aggressive person will think that it is a neat tool to stop offensive and harmful behaviour, when it is actually problematic, toxic and a Handbrake on Innovation™.
21. They are resolute in their own opinions and refuse to listen to anyone else’s. The passive-aggressive personality refuses to hear your opinions or what you think. They know what they know and they are not about to let anyone tell them differently. The Oxor™ advice is to keep your opinions to yourself, or else. You are not going to change their mind, ever. But it is a great game to play on the passive-aggressive individual. Elizabeth Hunter™ does it for fun.
22. They dislike authority. A passive-aggressive personality really hates people who hold any authority. It makes no difference if it is the school principal, the cop on the street or a superior in business or sport or in an Owner's Corporation. Authority is nothing but another means to knock them down a notch.
23. There is always an object of resentment or somebody or thing that 'did them wrong'. They play the victim. They do not take responsibility. The glass broke compared with I broke the glass is the anthem of Passive-Aggressiveness. If you talk to a passive-aggressive personality, they could have the most awesome life ever and a million dollars in the bank. But what they talk about instead is how their best friend in school stole their lunch one day. They are always looking on the dark side. If they were not miserable, they would be miserable.

Here are some commonly used passive-aggressive tactics:
* "I'm not mad." Real meaning - not being honest and up front; is actually seething.
* "Fine." "Whatever." Real meaning - shutting down direct, emotionally honest communication.
* "I'm coming!" Real meaning - Verbally complying with a request, but delaying its completion from a behavioural point of view.
* "I didn't know you meant 'now'." "We're not discussing that at today's meeting." Real meaning - using procrastination as a way of frustrating others and/or getting out of certain chores or discussing issues without having to directly address them.
* "You just want everything to be perfect." Real meaning - complies with a particular request, but carries it out in an intentionally inefficient way way e.g. sloppy homework, overcooks a meal deliberately, overspends the budget, misses deadlines, not doing the job even though competent, consciously sabotaging an operation, doing a poor job to make the immediate supervisor or manager look incompetent and trying to create complications even in the simplest of circumstances. When confronted, defends the work, counter-accusing others of having rigid or perfectionist standards; blames someone else.
* "I thought you knew." Real meaning - choosing not to share information when it could prevent a problem. By claiming ignorance, the person defends inaction, while taking pleasure in the created trouble and anguish.
* "Sure, I'd be happy to." Real meaning - behind the scenes, your request is headed to the bin.
* "You've done so well for someone with your education level." Real meaning - a backhanded compliment that is actually an insult.
* "I was only joking" Real meaning - hostility expressed in a socially acceptable and indirect way. Receivers get this approach by the use of biting, passive-aggressive sarcasm.
* "Why are you getting so upset?" Real meaning - maintains calm and feigns shock when others, worn down by indirect hostility, blow up in anger. The passive-aggressive person gets pleasure out of setting others up to lose their cool and then questioning their "overreactions."

General easily observable signs:

▶ Anger or its cousins annoyance, frustration or irritation.
▶ Avoidance of conflict.
▶ The making of wistful statements - wanting something but are not asking for it directly.
▶ The doling out of backhanded compliments.
▶ The ignoring or saying nothing about an issue, especially if responsible for the mess.
▶ The talking on a mobile phone when in company.
▶ The leaving out of someone - to try and edge them out.
▶ The sabotaging of someone - purposely leaving off e-mail chains or meeting invites or even 'forgetting' to tell someone when a deadline has been changed.
▶ The practice of 'keeping score' - when someone misses an important event in the passive-aggressive person's life, instead of confronting the person directly (or letting it go), falls into a tit-for-tat sort of pattern.
▶ Bitterness and hostility toward other peoples’ requests.
▶ Intentionally delaying or making mistakes when dealing with other peoples’ requests.
▶ Having a cynical, pessimistic or aggressive demeanour.
▶ Frequently complaining about feeling under-appreciated or deceived.
▶ Frequently criticizing or protesting.
▶ Being disagreeable or irritable.
▶ Procrastinating - backing out of obligations at the last minute.
▶ Being allegedly forgetful when not wanting to go.
▶ Performing tasks inefficiently.
▶ Acting hostile or cynical.
▶ Acting stubborn.
▶ Blaming others.
▶ Displaying resentment over the demands of others.
▶ Laughing at serious matters.

These tactics often come out in situations where you are trying to hold someone to account and / or they are wanting to dodge bringing the issue out into the open rather than having it swept under the carpet.

Examples: 1. Someone proposes a plan. A person with passive-aggressive behaviour may oppose the plan, but instead of voicing their opinion, they say that they agree with it. Since they are actually against the plan, however, they resist following it. They may purposely miss deadlines, turn up late to meetings and undermine the plan in other ways.
2. A woman is studying with her boyfriend in the same room. She is upset with him, but instead of telling him that she is mad at him, she turns up the music to bother him.
3. A tenant's residence has an old TV antenna. Because a neighbour got a new one, the tenant sneakily and opportunistically arranges one for themselves without approval from their landlord who has to pay.
4. A storm hits an area. A home owner decides to have some aging plant repaired and continually complains when the insurance company decides that the storm actually did not damage the equipment and denies the claim. Hassles the Managing Agent in desperation, but the agent has studied the Oxor Method™.
5. A chair of a company wants to cancel someone so thinks that using Personalized Cancel Culture™ will do the trick. They sneakily drop them off a committee thinking the former committee person will not notice. But they do and keep putting the pressure on and pretending that they have not noticed.
6. A company director knows person 'A' has won Vice-President, uncontested. They nominate Person B for President as the Vice-President has a enviable reputation for highlighting defects that need improving and holding people to account. They do not notify Person 'A' as they want them out. Guided democracy? No, pathetic leadership.
7. Queensland Premier laughing about when borders should re-open. = PA Investigator.
8. The former NSW Premier (Dishon. Gladdy) is a candidate for engaging in the most advanced level of Poxic™ behaviour.


1. Look for a pattern.
2. Make it clear that it is safe to talk it out.
3. For incurable cases, validate them.
4. Hold them to their responsibilities.
5. Reward them when they are properly assertive.
6. When all else fails, avoid them where possible.

2. Toxic Peculiarity™

A Toxic Peculiarity™ is a weakness possessed by a person who is usually very negative, who bitches about everything, spreads unnecessary hate or just talks shit about others. If you get into an argument, you are the one blamed for it. These people cannot accept responsibility and operate in an environment of suspension of facts. Key aspects to look out for are: Not respecting someone's free will; Not respecting someone's personal opinions; and not respecting someone's reasons.

A Toxic Peculiarity™ can be recognized using these sixteen criteria:

▶ Taking everything too personally.

▶ Possessing a victim’s mentality.

▶ Having an inability to manage emotion.

▶ Showing a lack of empathy or being outright cruel.

▶ Hiding the truth from colleagues.

▶ Being rusted on to the past.

▶ Being dramatic - toxic positivity.

▶ Being unavailable at a time of need.

▶ Talks about others behind their backs.

▶ Talks about you behind your back (and then new or existing friends stop talking to you or accuse you of bizzare actions).

▶ Points out your faults in public.

▶ Denies any of their faults.

▶ Always expects others to “serve them”.

▶ Will always have an excuse as to why or why not.

▶ Never “returns the favour”.

▶ Will become offended and become abusive if you challenge their excuses and lies.

Liaising with a person with a Toxic Peculiarity™ is akin to swimming with rabid sharks. The effects of a stressful or egocentric environment, brought on by one or several bad apples, hinders performance and productivity. Worse yet, it can impact overall team cohesion, leading top performers to pack up and leave the company.

3. Procrastination Ranking™

Procrastination Ranking™ is where each pattern sits in the scale of procrastination.

Most to least - Promoter is first; Objective Thinker is least.

Click Here for more Procrastination means to move or act slowly so as to fall behind. It typically implies blameworthy delay especially through laziness or apathy.

4. Interpersonal Derailer™

A derailer is a weakness that requires improvement if someone is to realize their potential. A derailer can be recognised using these four criteria:

▶ A derailer has the potential to limit a person's progress.

▶ Sometimes, a derailer can be linked to a talent taken to an extreme.

▶ Multiple strengths cannot compensate for a derailer.

▶ Others tend to focus on and emphasize the person's weaknesses, thereby identifying it.

Click Here for another page containing more on derailers

5. Method - Silence is Golden™

The silent treatment is a very valuable weapon to have in your holster. It is a quick way to make someone realize that they are in the wrong, or simply just to ignore that couple on the bus that just HAD to chose this exact moment to have an argument.

Ignorant and difficult people are everywhere. They are impossible to avoid and, when someone gets on your nerves, irritates you or says something stupid, sometimes the silent treatment is the easiest way to deal with it.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships published a study from Baruch College, which showed that ignoring someone who is particularly insufferable can be much better and healthier for you than spending your time and energy engaging in whatever the drama of the day is and is a lot better for you.

Engaging with someone who is obnoxious and irritating can be stressful and very mentally draining, so it makes sense that ignoring them removes a lot of the stress. If you are not giving them the attention that they want, then you are not wasting your energy which could be spent on other more important things.

There is really a positive effect on you when you use the silent treatment against those who irritate you. You will have a much more positive experience if you simply ignore them and go about your own business. Also, you get the added bonus of irritating them right back by giving them no attention!

Although it can be difficult to ignore people, plus many feel as though irritating the irritation never works and can just make things worse. However, the research indicates that you will perform much better if you simply get on with your own things and ignore the toxic folk. It is obvious that we all have much more important things to do with our days than listen to someone complain for half an hour, don’t we?

Find out from an Investigator or an Enhancer who are the masters of the 'door slam' on toxic folk. You learned that on Oxor™.

"I don't at all like knowing what people say of me behind my back. It makes me far too conceited." Oscar Wilde.

On this page, we have added what each pattern will say behind your back. For this exercise we have called you 'Jeremy'. Enjoy!

Conducted and composed by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update January 25, 2024


1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: THE KNOW ALL

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: DEMANDING

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 16/16 - Last - PLAIN RUDE. Have a huge number of strengths, but politeness is not necessarily one of them as they prize efficiency, dedication and focus above all else. This translates to a tendency to be perfectionists and workaholics who can come across as more than a little intense. Can also be judgmental of others who do not follow their beliefs and can come across as narrow-minded.

Most creepy characteristic: Holds eye contact for too long.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Move bitch, get out of the way.

Toxic in the Middle: Not evil.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Enough. Move right now before I swear.

Alleged Vice: Condescension.

As 'That prick or asshole': They are the boss and want you to follow their rules, now!

As 'That bitch': The pattern that constantly gives you 'the look' and does this creepy rhythm with their fingers on the table. Pathetic evil. Ranked with the Developer as the rudest.

Will say this behind ya back: "'Jeremy' needs to stop doing whatever he wants! We need a plan! He just needs to follow my way of doing this".

When sleep deprived: No one has survived to report their findings.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Know-it-all; Choleric manish male; Manic; Commander; Psychopath, Asshole; Sadist.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxFJ patterns. This is because there is no point being cooperative if the other side is just plain wrong. Doing it the way of thhe Director will be guaranteed to work and will be faster and far more efficient.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Director believes that the only way to move forward and get things done is to become aggressive and pushy, they will not be afraid to do this and by using fear and intimidation.

Sprinkled with cynicism: The mindless clones of human society. Happy as long as they are following the rules laid down by tradition and they are pretty sure everyone else is too. Easy to spot at social functions - the ones boring people to death with pictures of their offspring and detailed stories from their work and life about which no one is interested. If you meet a Director at a party, avoid eye contact and never initiate a conversation. Even a simple statement on the weather will be read as a request to hear about the multifunction printer that was just installed at work. Good at most jobs where following rules are a necessity and creative thinking is frowned upon. e.g. Law enforcement, bureaucrat or conservative politician.

Dialogue: The Director likes to lecture people about how things “should” be done. The Director believes their way is the only right way and will shut opposing opinions down by arguing relentlessly and going into excessive details as a way to overwhelm their opponents. The Director must be in charge and they pride themselves on their black and white, direct opinions coupled with an unwillingness to compromise. When the Director inevitably hurts someone else’s feelings, they chalk it up to the other person being a “snowflake” - a person perceived to have an inflated sense of uniqueness, or an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or to be over-emotional, or easily offended, or unable to deal with opposing opinion or overly sensitive. The Director takes no responsibility for their harshness. The Director tends to see flaws in other people’s behaviour without looking inward to see their own shortcomings.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Have some passive-aggressive behaviour, but most of the time they are just aggressive.

Procrastination Ranking™: 15/16. 7/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about leisure time and reflecting on their own feelings.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Cheerleader'. Their favourite character in the office is Dwight Schrute of 'The Office'. Makes you sign a pre-nup. Makes you sign anything really.

Tag that is inevitable: My way or the highway - Subjective.


2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: HIGH EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: BOSSY

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 13/16 - Last - VERY RUDE. Are arguably the ones who care least about other people’s opinions of them. This is not a pattern which sugarcoats things or cares what others think of them. They are decisive, assertive and extremely blunt. Once you realize this is just their way, then you will be fine. But if it is your first time encountering one, you would be forgiven for reading their super dominant persona as impolite. They save themselves with their charisma, which helps them win people over regardless of how polite they are.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Executive aggressive style evil.

Toxic in the Middle: Seriously kind.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: A psychopath who commits antisocial and sometimes violent acts and fails to feel any guilt for these acts.

As 'That prick or asshole': They are the evil matermind who is likely to keep a list of their friends' waeknesses or marry for money.

Alleged Vice: Arrogance.

Most creepy characteristic: Wants to live for ever.

As 'That bitch': Who is privileged and who has a better life than everyone else. Extroverted evil. Ranked with the Director as the rudest.

Will say this behind ya back: "Can that 'Jeremy' Seriously. Do. Something. Useful?"

When sleep deprived: Salty. Stay away if you value your life.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: High expectations of others; Narcissist; Anti-social; Choleric 'manish' female; Bully, Grandiose, Prince of Darkness — although not actually Satan after all; Galactic Tyrant.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxFJ patterns. This is because there is no point being cooperative if the other side is just plain wrong. Doing it the way of the Developer will be guaranteed to work and will be faster and far more efficient.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Developer's loved ones or themselves are hurt by someone, will lash out rather harshly against and have a natural ability to tear people down if they see fit.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Like the Persuader, this personality type is a control freak but the methods are much more direct. They give orders and expect them to be obeyed, at gun-point if necessary. They are born leaders and comprehend the world in very simple terms: it is a sand pit full of toys and the other people have been placed here to help them get to these toys with a minimum of effort. The easiest way to combat an annoying Developer in your life is to find another one and play both ends against each another. Failing that, there is little surprise in the fact that most assassinated leaders were Developers. Will only be comfortable in leadership roles such as politician (provided they can be a very important one), military officer or high school physical education teacher.

Dialogue: The Developer is extremely argumentative and critical. They see ways that everything could be better, but this turns into fault-finding behaviour as well as a need to control and dominate. They can become verbally aggressive and condescending, pointing out other people’s weaknesses and criticising their logic without giving them a chance to defend themselves. They will usually perceive their non-preferred preferences in a negative light. Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “irrational” or "over sensitive". Directors, Objective Thinker's, Appraisers (again), Practitioners (again), Results, Achievers, Counselors and Specialists are “boring conformists” and / or "dull" to the Developer. This kind of superiority complex prevents them from developing and maturing as an individual and seriously hinders their relationships. "I do not care if you call me an insensitive bastard, as long as I remain an efficient bastard".

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: When things are bottled up, can cause passive-aggressive behaviour, especially to those close.

Procrastination Ranking™: 14/16. 6/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about leisure time and reflecting on their own feelings.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'King Fcuk of Shit Mountain'. All work and no play gives them an erection (or equivalent). Earliest memory is managing a stock portfolio. Had fun once and made a PowerPoint about it.

Tag that is inevitable: Competitive - Will always be in a fight.


3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: NO FILTER

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: IMPULSIVE

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 9/16 - DIRECTNESS COMES OFF AS IMPOLITE. Quick, charismatic and a little chaotic, they are one of the most dynamic and bold of all the 16 patterns. They are not afraid to get straight to the point. They value directness in their communication and this can sometimes come off as impolite. However, if you can get into the groove of the Results' way and keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle, you will forgive their impoliteness because you will be carried away by their playful, infectious personality.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). My middle name is 'Dangerous'.

Toxic in the Middle: Fight me.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Results folk are all bluster and are little bunnies.

As 'That prick or asshole': The dumb jock probably. Want you to pay attention to them while they make something or fcuk around.

Alleged Vice: Thoughtlessness.

Most creepy characteristic: Smooth talker.

As 'That bitch': Who is proud of their protein powered muscles all the time. Chaotic violent.

Will say this behind ya back: "Jesus Christ! Why can’t 'Jeremy' stop telling me the same things over and over again and be so dramatic? There are so much more important things to talk about than that crap."

When sleep deprived: Too enthusiastic for 4am. Please just stop.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: No filter; Semi-narcissist; Choleric male; Substance abuser; Bully teacher; Deadly boring joker; Centre of the world.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xNxP patterns. This is because they cannot see things for what they are. The Results cannot accept that there always has to be some weirdo mumbo jumbo idea in everything. Others need to see things for what they are.

The Dark Side shown by: The Results is open and expressive about the dark side. Interested in darker things, such as collecting creepy items or listening to serial killer documentaries. The dark side gives balance in their lives, good grief.

Sprinkled with cynicism: This personality type comprises the adventurers and thrill seekers. Whether it is climbing Everest, sailing solo around the world or train surfing on the East Hills line, Results folk can be found risking life and limb for a cheap thrill. When things come a cropper (which they always do eventually) then the Results folk have to rely on the Practitioners to come and clean up the mess. Self-obsessed, impulsive and not particularly well-endowed intellectually is a dangerous mix and every winner of the Darwin awards thus far has been a Results. They do not usually have steady jobs but if they do will usually be found trading on the stock market or leading a scout group.

Dialogue: The Results person will want to be the centre of attention and will talk over others, interrupting them and becoming loud and overbearing. As they get caught up in the moment, they may make inconsiderate jokes or be surprisingly blunt and tactless as a way to get some momentum going. The Results person can become oblivious to the feelings of the people around them. Sometimes this leads to careless mocking of others, even if they do not necessarily mean to cause offence.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Very passive-aggressive when they are forced to keep their emotions inside, including withholding anger. Will be in the tone of voice or with a snarky, sarcastic, impertinent or irreverent comment. "Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?"

Procrastination Ranking™: 7/16. 7/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about long-term decisions and follow-through.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Magic Mike'. Blocks your path. All creativity goes towards inventing new insults and one-liners. Takes off their shirt whenever possible.

Tag that is inevitable: Can be seen as intimidating - Impulsive.


4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO ARGUMENTATIVE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: EGOTISTICAL

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 7/16 - CAN BE RUDE WHEN CHALLENGED. Are easy going and adaptable. Criticism just bounces off them like water off a duck's back. This means that they are rarely impolite deliberately. On the other hand, they also have a natural stubbornness where they can come across as being impolite in some circumstances, especially if you try to challenge them - especially with facts and data.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Evil laugh (as thinking of evil things) sometimes followed by a cough.

Toxic in the Middle: Antisocial evil showing a lack of sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: I did not mean to be so evil.

As 'That prick or asshole': They will argue until you cry or die and they love doing that. Most likley to live by the phrase 'sleep is for the weak'.

Alleged Vice: Self-indulgence.

Most creepy characteristic: Plays the Devil's Advocate.

As 'That bitch': Who is a stupid bitch who brags about being smart, which is annoying. Chaotic weird.

Will say this behind ya back: "If 'Jeremy' comes to me to talk about irrelevant topics and cannot find a good reason to back my idea, then he can kiss my ass goodbye."

When sleep deprived: More annoying than usual.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too argumentative; Lower half of the niceness list, at least; Choleric cross-gender; ADHD; Impulsive, Narcissist, Freak, Maniac, Fraud; Fox, Trickster; Bully; Dancing Clown; The Impossible Man; Lie-smith (Terminal Inexactitude); Joker; Satan; Mad genius.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xSxP patterns. This is because they do not like people who stop at face value. The Inspirational considers that things have meanings that we should look into. The Inspirational has a reputation as the worst for looking down on anyone.

The Dark Side shown by: Machiavellian. The Inspirational will manipulate and coerce the people around them in order to achieve their goals and understand others better or to gauge reactions of those people, in an almost scientific way.

Sprinkled with cynicism: "Clever" might be one word which describes this behaviour pattern but the phrase "smart-arse" is more accurate. While having some runs on the board in the smarts department (Rank 5), Inspirationals tend to have a higher opinion of their own intelligence then is truly warranted. This often is the downfall of this pattern and therefore can be seen as "fake". If they are put to the test and found wanting their self-denial leads them to continue the charade of control to dangerous lengths. Icarus was a typical Inspirational and not the last to fly too close to the sun. They are often found in jobs where self-confidence is mistaken for ability, such as marketing, politics or bullfighter.

Dialogue: The Inspirational tends to be brash, condescending and overly focussed on novelty. They want to try everything in new ways and they can go overboard and waste time changing things that are already working. They also tend to be extremely argumentative, unwilling to drop an argument, even using distorted logic to back up their opinions. Feeling disconnected with others is common as the Inspirational wants to feel that connection. A lack of control is exposed when handling issues that are boring or annoying; e.g. household chores. This results in a lot of useful traits being wasted. The Inspirational needs to realise that patience is a virtue and that real, useful and stimulating tasks cannot be done all the time to provide the desired immediate satisfaction. The Inspirational usually sees preferences outside of their own as negative or worthless. They might see Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “irrational” or "over sensitive". Directors, Objective Thinkers, Appraisers (again), Practitioners (again), Results, Achievers, Counselors and Specialists are “boring conformists” and / or "dull" to the Inspirational. This mindset prohibits the Inspirational from developing their strengths or gaining better control of their weaknesses.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Not passive-aggressive. Uses humour or other ways to deflect instead. Does not like passive-aggressive behaviour in others.

Procrastination Ranking™: 3/16. 3/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about detailed work and physical needs.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Sociopath in full raid gear'. Thinks that if they keep talking that no one will realise that they are not saying anything. Killed a rodent when they were nine and was pleasantly surprised when they felt nothing.

Tag that is inevitable: Debater on all issues - Indecisive; poor finisher.


5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO SENSITIVE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: NEEDY

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 8/16 - RUDE WHEN IN A RUSH. Known for their optimism and upbeat personality, they are known for being fun to be around. They are very aware of the needs of others and this makes them naturally polite. Where their politeness slips is when they are in a rush. They tend to take on lots of activities and responsibilities so they can get overwhelmed. You might find that they are often running late or hurrying past you without holding the door, or even forgetting your name. Do not worry, deep down they do not mean anything by it. They will do their best to be polite when they have less on their mind.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). 1% evil with a 1% margin of error.

Toxic in the Middle: With smirk, "Are you sure you want to mess with me"?

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: I told you the world is in flames.

As 'That prick or asshole': They cannot make decisions so never ask them to do so. Super exhausting as they are constantly trying to improve something, usually on the social justice side. Interferer. Gross.

Alleged Vice: Stubbornness.

Most creepy characteristic: Super controlling.

As 'That bitch': Who is annoying and who posts motivational quotes every day. Chaotic passive-aggressive.

Will say this behind ya back: "I wish 'Jeremy' will stop ignoring the fact that there is chaos. We need to find a way to fix this problem and make everyone happy."

When sleep deprived: Overly affectionate; subdued and sweet.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too sensitive; Psychotic; Visionary, Sanguine feminine female; Celestial; Para-normal; Out of phase; Suicide-sect guru; Evil unicorn; Radioactive space dolphin; Baby-face mass-murderer.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxTJ patterns. This is because the Persuader brands them as nasty people who do not care about other people, aside for their own selfish goals. They also hold others to account which this pattern does not like at all.

The Dark Side shown by: If people attempt to harm their loved ones. If someone the Persuader cares for is hurt by another person’s actions, they can become extremely aggressive in defence of them. If someone steps on the Persuader for too long, say regarding justice or advocacy, the Persuader can often be defensive of their own needs after a while. Then the dark side emerges.

Sprinkled with cynicism: These guys are the über control freaks we all know and try to avoid. It is not enough for a Persuader to mess with other people's lives on a daily basis; they also expect to be thanked for providing the service. They are never too busy to listen to the problems of a friend but most of the time that talk will be interrupted by another friend who needs to unload their problems. Therefore, Persuaders rarely finish a conversation and make useless confidants and they are usually thinking about someone else's problems when you seem to have their undivided attention anyway. In short, they are a waste of space and should all be sent off to live on a island together so that the rest of us can get on with actually achieving something. Good careers for Persuaders are teacher, academic, preacher or some other job which has no measurable output.

Dialogue: The Persuader tends to become over-involved in the affairs of others. They can be overbearing, needy and insistent on their way. They see themselves as peacemakers and tend to believe they know what is in everyone else’s best interest. While they appear friendly and accommodating at first glance, over time they will be critical toward people who have differing opinions about how things should be done. They get especially frustrated with people who upset harmony, even for good reason. In an argument, the Persuader tends to take what they perceive as the moral high ground and will become judgmental and self-righteous, using faulty logic to back up their values. "A cat has four legs. My dog has four legs. So my dog must be a cat." The Persuader's reputation for interfering is at platinum levels and is well earned.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Can be passive-aggressive if someone is not close, especially if they have differing opinions. May do this on-line without indicating who it is which is both passive-aggressive and cowardly.

Procrastination Ranking™: 10/16. 2/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about relaxing or making time for themselves.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Original the character'. Fictional. Keeps trying to sacrifice self for the greater good. Does not know what that is.

Tag that is inevitable: The urge to interfere.


6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: GOSSIPER

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: OVERBEARING

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 1/16 - First - COMMANDANT OF POLITENESS. They can usually be recognized by their big hearts and kindly manner. They are warm and welcoming and their love of tradition means they value good old-fashioned manners highly. This pattern embodies the politeness of the past, always keeping the utmost respect for social rules. They behave in exactly the way that is expected for every situation, making them the most polite pattern of the 16.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). Not evil.

Toxic in the Middle: Passive-aggressive evil. (See definition above).

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: The Appraiser can set you on fire.

As 'That prick or asshole': They consider themselves to be sensitive but are not. They want to take care of many people and have probably most likely to have told you what to do before.

Alleged Vice: Prejudice.

Most creepy characteristic: Needs to be watched.

As 'That bitch': Who bitches about everything. Neutral insecure.

Will say this behind ya back: “If 'Jeremy' cannot keep a promise, then he cannot keep me."

When sleep deprived: Strangely quiet. Still the super big sweetheart.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Gossiper; Not at all that un-creepy; Sanguine female; Pathologically normal; Blank; Obsessive/compulsive and giggling zombie; Daylight vampire; Laughing gnome; Dead Elvis; Armed Teletubby on crack.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxTJ patterns. This is because the Appraiser brands them as nasty people who do not care about other people, aside for their own selfish goals. They also hold others to account which this pattern does not like at all.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Appraiser feels as though someone has harmed their loved ones, they can lash out rather aggressively and might be a bit frightening. Also,if not appreciated for their hard work and efforts and can be a bit verbally harsh.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Most prima-donna ballerinas fall into this personality type. They have a firm belief that the world revolves around them and tend to surround themselves with those who will give that impression. Appraisers can be charming when things are going to plan but when a spanner is put in the works, then you are asking for a whole world of pain. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned was written by someone who jilted an Appraiser lover. It's best to avoid relationships with this personality type if you can possibly arrange it. If you already find yourself in that situation it is probably too late to do anything about it. Employment includes the performing arts, chefs or surgeons.

Dialogue: The Appraiser is desperate never to lose face in front of others. They try to take a leading role in social situations so that they never have to feel out-of-the-loop or directed by anyone who calls on them to act against their natural preferences. They enjoy gossip or any kind of communication that makes them feel like they are part of a “special club”. They can also be critical and judgmental towards people who do not share their views or who do not follow social rules or customs.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Can exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies, but are more likely to hold things in until they have a moment of letting them all out simultaneously.

Procrastination Ranking™: 11/16. 3/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about relaxing or making time for themselves.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Whats her face'. Relentlessly organises social events. Spends the entire time at the party asking if everyone is okay. Thinks you are weird.

Tag that is inevitable: Very rare outbursts may occur. Obedient.


7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO NEEDY

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: CHILDISH

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 11/16 - POLITENESS NEVER A PRIORITY. Talkative and a bit self-absorbed, they are not always the most polite personality type. They have a tendency to talk about themselves a lot and they are not great listeners. They can also take things to heart quickly, building up resentment towards people who they think have done them wrong. This pattern is fun and their energy is electric but they are definitely not winning any awards for being the most polite pattern.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). A flower is the mask.

Toxic in the Middle: You make a perfume with the petals of the flowers and you die intoxicated.

As 'That prick or asshole': They have the attention span of a goldfish. They need everyone to think that they are awesome and will cry, or equivalent, if you criticise them at all or hold them to accoune.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: 200% evil. The most evil of the 16.

Alleged Vice: Narcissism.

Most creepy characteristic: Drops friendships as if they are hot.

As 'That bitch': Who is that hippie bitch who loves everyone for no reason then acts surprised when they are used. Unfashionably good.

Will say this behind ya back: "I wish 'Jeremy' would stop telling me what to do. I am the boss of me. There is so much that can be done and I want to do all of them!”

When sleep deprived: Super weird. Acts more like they are stoned than sleepy.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too needy; Sanguine/Choleric cross-gender; Over-enthusiastic vampire; Impulsive; Histrionic - Drama Queen; Owner of the world.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xSxP patterns. This is because they do not like people who stop at face value. The Promoter considers that things have meanings that we should look into.

Before the Mega Toxic Mode, let's look at some plus factors you might want before you dive in.
> Someone willing to grow and change while effortlessly maintaining a youthful vibe.
> Someone able to sprawl out on a beach studying shells and insects with a child one minute, then eagerly jumping up to help someone who slipped and fell nearby the next - before shifting gears to run to a nearby business meeting tapping their inner innovative negotiator crafting a creative contract vibrantly providing for your family - i.e. flitting with micro concentration span.
> Someone who you might try as a volunteer or on an humanitarian escape. Then, after the work is done take in a nearby exotic location where you would drink something fun from a pineapple on a boardwalk and jump in a kayak to join an exploration trip around that island.
> Someone willing to jump in your jalopy Jeep with barely anything packed to see where you both end up some long weekend to then find yourself having stumbled onto an outdoor symphony while trying to find a street market where you eat from a food truck before snagging a last minute hotel room collapsing on the bed in laughter at all the fun you had that day.
> Someone who likes life being scary and thrilling, shifting gears as you go in life and you like change to remind you that you are alive.
> Someone to skillfully and passionately spar with that has fierce cerebral resolve in one breath and then can slow it all down, gently take your hand, and look in your eyes to feel a deep soulful, heartfelt connection the next knowing you are strong enough, complex enough and interesting enough to handle the emotional range that requires seeing power in it.
> If you appreciate warmth, kindness, connection, simplicity and routine as much as anyone, but find it impossible to mindlessly fall in line with the status quo and still stay true to yourself, the Promoter may be for you.

However, if you do not want these things, you will find the Promoter may be in Mega Toxic Mode. They can be 200% evil. We keep warning the cohort.
< Not for you if you were raised to be seen and not heard and want that in a mate.
< Not for you if you were raised with little inner fire to try new things, explore and travel viewing that as too chaotic.
< Not for you if you were raised to believe you do not express passions at the dinner table or similar. The Promoter will cause you stress and are best avoided.
< Not for you if are materialistic or like facts as a distraction from your own emotional depth.
< Not for you if you want to soak up a Promoter’s vision, joy, sense of adventure, authenticity and kindness as you build an interesting life full of exploration with little to no regret you are leaving them barren. You will not like the result once they figure it out.
< Not for you if you are a superficial lemming. It will be miserable for both They can happily float along for a while and celebrate your purchases, but emotional depth is soul food to this pattern. You will starve them to death.
< Not for you if you do not want to be called on regarding your callousness, coldness, insensitivity or self-centredness. Avoid like the plague for their sake as well as your own.
< Not for you if you want to empty someone’s bucket so full of optimism it splashes possibilities and can-do spirit everywhere you walk, but do not feel refills are necessary, move away from the Promoter. You will suffocate them in that it sets up equal misery for both in the end.
< Not for you if you lack personal expressiveness such as affection and communication with a little openness to playfulness. They love that. If you try to tame and trap them, they will have to leave just to keep breathing. Do not get involved.
< Not for you if your lifestyle is avoidance of feelings as the Promoter will cause you a lot of stress unless you are ready to expand your inner landscape. They tend to enjoy calling a spade a spade and dig for authenticity in people and moments around them. They are not afraid of life. They can be extremely antagonistic, rude, threatening and belligerent. If that is not your idea of fun, door slam them.
< Not for you if you live and die by your schedule every single weekend and on holidays. The Promoter will see that as sucking joy out of the purpose of down time and getaways. Both of you will need another vacation to recover from the last vacation. Promoters hate being held to account.
< Not for you if you want to use a Promoters sense of adventure and open-mindedness to rebel against your opposite past. Stop before approaching the Promoter. You will hurt them deeply as it will crush a piece of their spirit. You will not feel great about your own at the end either unless you are a master of denial. This is who they are, not a phase, not a rebellion.
< Not for you if you build any part of your self-esteem on gossip. Door slam the Promoter. They will psychoanalyse why you fatten your sense of self on the backs of others in pain. It will feel like a type of probe you did not bargain for - wasting their precious time. If they did not do this, they could not even be around you as they view this type of person as top-tier toxic. As you will them. Get in first, pick the Promoter's pattern. Beware of the potential 200% evil. Not all Promoters, but caveat emptor. You heard it at Oxor. We have some great examples.

Commentary from E. Hunter™: The Promoter, when operating under high stress which is pretty much all the time, constantly worries about their future and are unable to make decisions irrespective of magnitude. They can become harsh on their colleagues and peers on things that do not matter. In mega toxic mode, they could not care less of what other people would feel are easily frustrated and are extra argumentative. They will tend to steer clear of other people, thus causing depression.
Some unfortunate traits: Arrogant; Very critical; Being an asshole for no real reason (other than as a coping mechanism); Withdrawn; Depressed; Anxious.
There is the Extraverted Intuition / Extraverted feeling loop: The extraverted feeling is what makes a Promoter so charming with people because when they want to, they can pay attention to the inclinations of others. However, under the loop, they crave approval, and are almost Narcissistic. Instead of living on their own terms, they become dependent on others’ expectations, overly worried about their image and fail to accomplish any long term goals. They become very anxious about what other people think about them as their Extraverted Intuition allows them to imagine all the worst possible possibilities.
The above is especially true for the more neurotic ones. The most independent type, the kind that says whatever they want to say, dress in which ever way they like, rebel as much as they can, being concerned about what others think and constantly regretting their actions, past and immediate. This is because the loop has a constant need for approval from others. Not what you would expect from the non toxic Promoter. All the I-don’t-give-a-fcuk attitude is gone. The biggest oxymoron of the most contradictory pattern.
If a toxic Promoter's biggest fear is to amount to nothing, then this is their biggest nightmare. And perhaps, toxic Promoters who cannot break free of the loop will eventually amount to nothing. Again, Oxor constantly warns the cohort of the issues with the Promoter in obnoxious mode.

The Dark Side shown by: The Promoter reaches a breaking point when they become hurt deeply. Can be extremely harsh with their words and have a knack for unleashing their sharp tongue on people they believe deserve it. It is often fact free diatribe that gets repeated again and again as the micro concentration span cuts in and they run out of content. Then they flit to another topic. Have a dark sense of humour. Are drawn to odd things that others find dark or strange, such as watching serial killer documentaries or collecting weird street art images.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Every party has one of these sick puppies in attendance. They appear normal and likeable to all external appearances but put them in a party situation they lose the plot and do something stupid. The also have attention spans measured in milliseconds and cannot chew gum and think at the same time. Do not get into a relationship with a Promoter as they will break your heart and cheat on you with your best friend. Having a partner and a best friend who are both Promoters is like playing Russian roulette with a bullet in every chamber. Likely careers are prostitute, lawyer or high school careers advisor.

Dialogue: The Promoter tends to be distractable, self-centered and forceful with their opinions. They are pushy about their way of thinking and can relentlessly try to get others on board with their perspective. People who do not agree with them are seen as “conformists” or narrow-minded. The Promoter, at this level of development, tends to be so focussed on novelty and innovation that they keep trying to “fix” systems and situations that are not broken. In their effort to add excitement and interest to their lives they can flit from idea to idea and project to project, being both inconsistent and unreliable. They do not like being held to account.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: When is truly upset, but fears opening up about it or they have been cornered or getting in touch with what is bothering them or embarrassed, they will bottle up those feelings until they act them out in passive-aggressive ways but may not mean to.

Procrastination Ranking™: 1/16. 1/8 of Perceiving Types. Market leader. Indecisive - too many choices. Procrastinates generally about detailed work and physical needs.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Genki anime girl who is actually dead inside'. In a non sarcastic fashion gives speeches about friendship. Favourite game is Parappa the Rapper. Died of too many Google Chrome tabs.

Tag that is inevitable: Extremely difficult to deal with. Grass is always greener.


8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO IMPULSIVE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: IMPATIENT

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 5/16 - SLIPS TO IMPOLITE WHEN BORED. At the top of the list of priorities is making sure they and everyone around them are having a good time. This fun-loving pattern type loves surrounding themselves with positivity and enthusiasm so they can usually be relied on to be polite and convivial. The only time the politeness might slip is when they get bored, which can happen easily. Then you might find yourself dropped like a ton of bricks as they go in search of a new source of entertainment; which is not so polite.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Smiles and giggles.

Toxic in the Middle: Invokes super rude and disrespectful bitch mode.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Regrets all they said and did in bitch mode; does not really care; sort of evil, but not dangerous.

As 'That prick or asshole': They are most likely to yell Woooooo! while shirtless and drinking shots off a zebra or something equally obnoxious. Secretly sensitive, but hard to pick that.

Alleged Vice: Self-indulgence.

Most creepy characteristic: Devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

As 'That bitch': Who is actually, by definition, a bitch. Chaotic sloppy.

Will say this behind ya back: "'Jeremy' thinks he is smarter than everyone else. I can smell that he is faking it, so he should perhaps have a better try next time."

When sleep deprived: Probably trying to cuddle or worse.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too impulsive; Sanguine female; Shapeshifter; Wooden nymf; Thunder God; Retarded slugger; Dependant; Narcissist.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xNxP patterns. This is because they cannot see things for what they are. The Counselor cannot accept that there always has to be some weirdo mumbo jumbo idea in everything. Others need to see things for what they are.

The Dark Side shown by: Shown by their manipulative tendencies. If the Counselor wants something to be done for them, they can often use guilt manipulation to skillfully enlist the help of others.

Sprinkled with cynicism: If you had to pick one individual who typifies this personality trait it would be John Belushi: a drug-dependent megalomaniac who never looked further ahead then the next party. Not all Counselors are that extreme but they are not difficult to spot in a crowd. They are the ones who turn up for work looking like they never went to bed the night before and spend most Monday mornings haunting the water cooler, telling their workmates how wasted they got on the weekend. Compulsive babblers, these stories of weekend romps can often go on for hours and often bear only an incidental relationship with the truth. Yes, everyone thinks they are a knob but that does not stop them, or surprisingly prevent them, from finding a ready audience. Suited to jobs as wedding organisers, car salespeople or real estate agents.

Dialogue: The Counselor will want to create excitement and will go to any lengths to do so. They tend to speak loudly, make mischief or embarrass themselves or others to get a laugh and attention. They tend to find pessimistic or reserved individuals irritating and repulsive and may disregard their input on things or shut them down if they try to get a word in. The Counselor tends to find people with opposite preferences as “wrong”. Developers, Enhancers, Inspirationals, Perfectionists, Results and Achievers are seen as "cold or uncaring". Investigators, Agents, Enhancers (again) OTs, Practitioners, Achievers (again) and Specialists are seen as "unrealistic" or "pretentious".

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: If they are upset and feeling like they cannot express it without angering people, they might show signs of passive-aggressive. When forced to bottle things up, they will seep out in sarcastic and biting ways.

Procrastination Ranking™: 6/16. 6/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about long-term decisions and follow-through.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Sucky sucky five dollar'. Likes everyone except you. Flashes tits (or equivalent) for cheap plastic beads that are still worth more than own self-esteem. You only like this person because they are nice to you.

Tag that is inevitable: The 'life of the party' is not the 'party of life' when things calm down. The need for approval.


9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: ALOOF

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: FLIGHTY

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 3/16 - OVER POLITE ESPECIALLY WHEN AVOIDING CONFLICT. Are spontaneous and creative, always seeking beauty in their surroundings. They tend to be quiet and respectful, with a strong moral compass that sees them behave in a way that is polite in most scenarios. This personality type can sometimes be too polite, however, to their own detriment. In their attempts to avoid conflict at all costs, they will often submit to the ideas and interests of others which can put them in uncomfortable situations.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Calm evil.

Toxic in the Middle: Slightly bitchy behaviour.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Get out of my face, you son of a bitch.

As 'That prick or asshole': They want their spirit to floooow with the wind. Definitely a hippie. Needs freedom or they will cry.

Alleged Vice: Sulkiness.

Most creepy characteristic: Stalks social media.

As 'That bitch': Who is just a horny bitch who claims they believe in 'love at first sight'. Neutral cute.

Will say this behind ya back: "'Jeremy' thinks that money can buy me. He can only buy me with his love."

When sleep deprived: Wrote a whole album and redecorated the entire house.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Aloof; Melancholic male; Werewolf; Black elf; ADHD; Restless; Semi-psychotic; Passive/aggressive; Borderline/antisocial.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxTP patterns. This is because the Specialist considers them to be so insensitive and obsessed with numbers and statistics instead of people who each have their own feelings and personality.

The Dark Side shown by: When the Specialist feels like they have been beaten down by the sadness in their world around them and have a natural connection to the pain of others. When sad, they can shut out of the world and feel a bit separated from others.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Lifestyle choices of others are never good enough for the Specialist. They always have to be more out-there and edgier then everyone else. Lifestyle choice is not a competition, but no one has ever convinced a Specialist this. In the sixties, they were into flower power and smoking pot. In the seventies, they were into disco and smoking pot. In the eighties, they were into investment banking and, oddly enough, smoking pot. Are you starting to see the trend here? But not all Specialists are doped-up hippies, some are very active in WWF and Greenpeace, oh yeah!! Despite this propensity for mild substance abuse (or maybe because of it) some Specialist can be found at the top of their fields such as actors, football players, string theorists and small-L liberal politicians.

Dialogue: The Specialist is relatively reserved and tends to adopt a “live and let live” mentality they are rarely spiteful in the typical sense. However, in conflict situations the Specialist can become severely judgmental and self-righteous. They tend to see themselves as “misfits” in a world full of conformists and if pressed can become uncharacteristically blunt and vicious in their attack of people with opposing views. This is especially true if those views conflict with one of the Specialist's personal values. They can be unaware of how others really may be perceiving them because they are so stuck in their own perspective.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Not fans of passive-aggressive but can be passive-aggressive saying things they do not mean, as a way for their emotions and pain to escape or when privacy is invaded, or when not around people they trust.

Procrastination Ranking™: 5/16. 5/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about taking action.

Acerbic Narrative™:The 'Liberal Arts Major'. Literally cannot, even right now. Watches videos with pets for an eternity. Kind of okay at drawing from the right angle.

Tag that is inevitable: Aversion to conflict and change. Sensitivity.


10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO PRIVATE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: PERFECTIONISTIC

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 2/16 - VERY POLITE BUT CAN BE TACTLESS. Thanks to their ability to use instinct regarding other people’s emotions, they are usually very polite and sensitive. This pattern tends to be reserved and private so you can expect any exchange with them to be courteous. They will very rarely let you know what they are thinking, making them extremely polite, especially around strangers.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). Pretty kind.

Toxic in the Middle: The Investigator's hidden malice starts showing up.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: They are so done with you they could kill you with only one hand.

As 'That prick or asshole': They will try to save you and everyone else in the world. Never try to convince them of anything as they will never change their ideas or morals.

Alleged Vice: Melancholic.

Most creepy characteristic: Really intense.

As 'That bitch': Who has to be iconic in everything. Chaotic cynical.

Will say this behind ya back: "I know 'Jeremy's' motives, he cannot fool me. I know what he wants. He can fcuk off for ever."

When sleep deprived: The nicest sleep deprived person that you will meet.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too private; ADHD; Dependant; Phlegmatic and somewhat sanguine female; Little Prince; Fragile; Untouchable; (The Hitlers and Putins are rather few).

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xSxJ patterns. This is because the Investigator hates the idea of being tied down in red tape or being forced down a very specific path of procedure when better, more unorthodox or overstepping authority paths exist.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Investigator believes that someone has committed a gross injustice. They can be vindictive in order to right a wrong that has been displayed, especially if someone they love has been deeply hurt by it. The Investigator is capable of lashing out with intention couples with a gross lack of tact, which can be a rather scary thing. They often feel remorse when they hurt others, but there are occasions when it is the only way to achieve a sense of justice. Investigators can also have a somewhat dark sense of humour which they only share with people who understand and appreciate it.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Words fail to adequately describe this personality type. Cool and calm outward appearances disguise deeply held convictions which they will go to almost any lengths to pursue. Let us hope these convictions are for the greater good. Sure, not all Investigators grow up to become psychopathic killers but that is not an argument against their compulsory sterilisation. Investigators are so bloody-minded as to do any job which furthers their hidden agenda. e.g. International spy, dictator or serial killer.

Dialogue: The Investigator is not naturally pushy or loud, so they do not tend to seem spiteful in the typical sense of the word. However, since many Investigators have a hard time speaking up for themselves and the things they want in life they can develop irritating coping mechanisms. They tend to find themselves camouflaging their true nature so that they are not misunderstood. The result of this is usually resentment, self-pity or a feeling of being overwhelmed. The Investigator tends to think that people are plotting against them or dislike them and may misread the signals of others and take things personally that were not meant in a negative or critical way. Over time this way of thinking can result in passive-aggression (also see below), a martyr complex, tactlessness or a chronic feeling of uneasiness in the world.
When the Investigator is alone, it can be very apparent that they can seem very cold, aloof and distant. But this is because at that moment, they are busy with thinking and analyzing the world and their own personal lives. It is only when they are around other people when they can sometimes be the opposite; actually start being very energetic, excited and enthaustic. This can be caused by Champagne. This behaviour ties into why they can sometimes be mistaken to be extroverts and even deny that they are an Investigator.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: When they are upset with someone they will certainly try not to let it fester and create passive-aggressive behaviour.

Procrastination Ranking™: 9/16. 1/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about socializing or being present.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Hitler did nothing wrong'. Endangered species due to under breeding. Decided to volunteer at the soup kitchen for a while. People died. Good soup.

Tag that is inevitable: Two-faced. Attempting to seek out the perfect situation.


11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: IMPRACTICAL

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: WHINGING

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 4/16 - POLITENESS DROPS OFF WHEN VALUES CHALLENGED. As a compassionate and caring type, they are usually very polite. They are sensitive to the feelings of others so they are careful with their wording and how they approach difficult topics. The only time they let their politeness slip is if they feel their values are being challenged. In these situations, they can react strongly and will fiercely defend their right to an opinion.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). Opinionated yet harmless evil.

Toxic in the Middle: Opinionated evil.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Wise advice is to run and hide from these loons.

As 'That prick or asshole': The most emotional people alive. They will believe in you sooo much but will not tell you as they only talk to people one every century.

Alleged Vice: Self-pity.

Most creepy characteristic: Fantasizes about people that they know.

As 'That bitch': Who may cry about this bitchy post because they do not get a joke and they are a bitch. Stressed neutral.

Will say this behind ya back: "'Jeremy' does not understand me. He has to stop belittling my emotions!"

When sleep deprived: Wants to cuddle and cry.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Impractical; Melancholic female; Borderline vampire; Giant spider; Introspective narcissist; Depressive; Passive/aggressive; Dependant; Phobic; Para-psychotic; Some ADHD.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxTP patterns. This is because the Agent considers them to be so insensitive and obsessed with numbers and statistics instead of people who each have their own feelings and personality.

The Dark Side shown by: Comes from being so connected to their emotions and feeling everything so very deeply. Have moments of deep sadness that is masked and turned inward, where they feel remorse for every awful pain that goes on in the world around them and they shut people out during these dark times. The idealistic mindset can often cause disappointment in the injustices in the world. Can be attracted to certain darker things in life, which comes from natural curiosity.
Oxor™ reckons that the Agent is the most morally void type in existence. Plus these. The most emotionally unstable; They never bring any logical arguments to the table; They never check facts, they use subjective articles and imagined observances as “proof” as long as it strengthens the flawed rational in which they believe; They do not care about anyone other than themselves; They put value in beliefs that make them feel morally superior, regardless of the truth; They shut down emotionally when presented facts; They hate anyone questioning their morals; They have an intense desire to be special; They do not know scientific theory, they use academic theory (“I am written, therefore I am.”

Sprinkled with cynicism: The absolute space cadet. To them the glass is not just half-full, it is half-filled with the most delicious beverage they have ever tasted. The Agent can be seen wandering around with a glazed over look in their eyes. Relax, there are not on drugs (maybe), just lost in their own private thoughts again. Let's hope your life never depends on an Agent remembering to pick you up and getting you to university for an important exam or that big job interview. Not good at any jobs. Often found doing a poor job at busking in busy city train stations or working at the drive-through window at McDonalds.

Dialogue: The Agent is typically reserved and open-minded and is usually not spiteful in the traditional sense of the word. However, if they feel their values are threatened or if they are in conflict situations, they can become over-sensitive, self-pitying and self-righteous. The Agent will refuse to accept the idea that there might be ground to consider someone else’s opinion or way of life. Instead they may take a morally superior stance, condemning other people’s views as immoral or cruel. The Agent can seem to enjoy a status of being misunderstood because it reinforces the idea that they alone are the righteous people fighting against injustice. They can be overly-sensitive, quick to take offence and insistent that only their views and values are valid. They can be resentful and isolative, only allowing people into their lives that adhere to the same ideals and values. Their self-righteous demeanour comes through when attached to the idea that they are somehow better than the rest of society, or a misunderstood “misfit”.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: When they feel like someone will not fully listen to them. Will be passive-aggressive to people they are not completely comfortable with in order not to cause drama. When attempting to avoid conflict can be fairly passive-aggressive and will make biting remarks.

Procrastination Ranking™: 4/16. 4/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about taking action about which they are too busy as they are complaining.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Literal baby'. Will turn to dust if they stop believing that magic exists. Cries for four days when a celebrity that they liked died of old age. Oxor™ has heard the expression of Yiddish origin used to describe the Agent. A schnook - a stupid or unimportant person.

Tag that is inevitable: Poses trouble to others. Distorts reality with fantasy.


12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: INSENSITIVE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: UNPREDICTABLE

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 10/16 - APPEAR RUDE WHEN PUSH OTHERS AWAY. Are known for being adaptable and super practical. This pattern is often reserved and rules with common sense. They value their personal space hugely which means that they can often push other people away. While this has a perfectly reasonable motive, for people who are not used to it, they can come across as rude.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). You do not really know what to expect.

Toxic in the Middle: Bad boy, bad girl, oh no!

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: May be the cutest of the 16.

As 'That prick or asshole': They quietly beak every rule because 'fcuk you'. Probably building or fixing something somewhere.

Alleged Vice: Callousness.

Most creepy characteristic: Looks out for themselves.

As 'That bitch': Who will find a rhyme in every single sentence, which may be cool to some. Neutral fashionable.

Will say this behind ya back: (Rolls eyes). "I wish 'Jeremy' would just get to the point."

When sleep deprived: The floor is their new bed.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Insensitive; Sluggish cognitive tempo; Melancholic 'manish' female; Tinkerer; Doomsday prophet; Wolverine; Éminence grise; Poker-player.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxFP patterns. This is because the Achiever considers that emotions are not logical. No one should be swayed by them. Such people are corrupted by emotionality instead of rationality.

The Dark Side shown by: Is on show. Can be a bit dark when it comes to their outlook on humanity and the world around them. They often see their dark outlook as simply being realistic. The Achiever has a strong sense of adventure, which can be a tied into their dark side. They might find themselves naturally curious about certain things that might scare others.

Sprinkled with cynicism: This personality type is thrill seeking, but tends to go about it in a less impulsive way than the Results. They are not risk adverse and will undertake dangerous activities but only after accessing these risks and making contingency plans. As the thrill seeking is more of an intellectual challenge most Achievers realise that the safest way to experience risk is through online gaming and so most Achievers are couch potatoes, spending 16+ hours a day playing World of Warcraft. Achievers can be skilled workers but can be very difficult to motivate. Software game testing seems to be the only line of work that really suits them. Lord knows what they did prior to the invention of the Personal Computer.

Dialogue: The Achiever tends to be independent and non-controlling individuals, rarely will you see them being spiteful in the typical sense of the word. However, some types might see them as overly aloof and critical. In an effort to be truthful, the Achiever may offend others and fail to see the inter-personal context of situations. They can also look down on people with other preferences, seeing them as “wrong” rather than different. Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “needlessly meddling” or "sensitive". Investigators, Agents, Enhancers, OTs, Practitioners, other Achievers and Specialists are seen as "oversensitive" or “flighty”.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Rarely uses passive-aggressive and dislike people who do. Would much rather have them express their feelings so the issue can be solved.

Procrastination Ranking™: 8/16. 8/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about social obligations and personal problems.

Acerbic Narrative™: The Sociopath Level 1'. Wishes that there was a war to kill people who have more feelings than they do. Good reflexes assist them in avoiding responsibility.

Tag that is inevitable: Takes back the work. Passiveness.


13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: TOO SET IN OWN VIEWS

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: NAIVE

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 6/16 - RUDE WHEN DISAPPROVING OF CHANGE. Integrity and honesty are two of the core characteristics of this pattern. They always take care to conduct themselves with the utmost decency. At the same time, their practical and straight-shooting personality type means that sometimes they can be a little too honest. This pattern can also fall into the habit of disapproving of change, which can make them overly traditionalist and can come across as impolite.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). Loving and caring.

Toxic in the Middle: Practitioners kind of hate you and your pleasure but they can handle it.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Best to nick off and leave the Practitioner alone or you may regret it later.

As 'That prick or asshole': They are disgustingly organized and dutiful. They are secretly huge cry babies but they will never confront you if you make them upset. Never.

Alleged Vice: Cowardice.

Most creepy characteristic: Collects creepy things.

As 'That bitch': Who, oh wait, Jesus loves them, sorry. Neutral conservative.

Will say this behind ya back: "I am quiet because I want to listen to 'Jeremy' and find a way to help. He'd be better off to please not judge me yet."

When sleep deprived: The grumpiest grump.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Too set in own views; Sluggish cognitive tempo; Passive-aggressive master; Phlegmatic 'manish' female; Vegetarian werewolf; Freaked-out emotional bass-player girl; Centaur; Sad black angel; Death, Stowaway; Smuggler; Burgler.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xNxJ patterns. This is because the Practitioner does not like people who rock the boat too much, or at all. The NJs are too obsessed with a future which the Practitioner thinks will never come.

The Dark Side shown by: Can be a bit manipulative and pushy in order to keep the peace in their surroundings and getting someone to do what the Practitioner wants by using their well developed skill of understanding people and their emotions.

Sprinkled with cynicism: If you have ever done anything illegal and left someone else to take the rap, chances are the person you left holding the baby was the Practitioner. They are reliable, hard working and believe in loyalty and trust so they make the ideal targets for con men and shysters. Naive to the point of gullibility and an overwhelming desire to be liked (or even admired) make these folk the easiest of marks for any unscrupulous opportunist. Practitioners make terrible partners in a relationship as they are clingy to the point of suffocation and bend over backward to please while secretly believing that their partner should be contributing more to the relationship. Can be found in any occupation as they are diligent and have an exceptional work ethic. However their honesty means they rarely go into politics or upper management.

Dialogue: The Practitioner presents an appearance of “having it all together” and at first glance seems friendly and accommodating. But it is not long before a sense of self-righteousness creeps into everything they do. They try to help people and care for them but, while they do this, they cultivate a “martyr complex”, never feeling recognised or affirmed enough. A "martyr complex" is a destructive pattern of behaviour in which a person habitually seeks suffering or persecution as a way to feel “good” about themselves. Being a self-imposed martyr also removes the need for the Practitioner to take responsibility for their lives by scapegoating other people as the cause of their failures and disappointments. e.g. 'The glass broke' compared with 'I broke the glass'. Practitioners tend to fall into bouts of self-pity, are always the victim and become passive-aggressive with the people around them. In the face of criticism, they get discouraged and may even become depressed. When down on themselves or under great stress, they begin to imagine all of the things that might go critically wrong in their life. They have strong feelings of inadequacy and become convinced that "everything is all wrong", or "I cannot do anything right".
This is because the Practitioner also prefers to sweep things under the carpet. Avoiding a conflict is an excellent way not to resolve it and they should realise that the world will not end if they face it and express how they feel about it. A conflict situation is not necessarily a "problem" which needs to be got rid of and it is also not necessarily the Practitioner's fault. It is a common problem for Practitioners to not express their feelings until pushed to some limit after which they explode in anger and say things which they will later regret. These kinds of outbursts can be reduced by expressing feelings on a more regular basis, rather than keeping them pent up inside.
The Practitioner is dangerous because anything you say and do can and will be held against you until the end of time. While they can be long suffering and forgiving they have their limits and, once reached, they can shift from nurturing caregivers to bitter termagants - sharp-tongued, domineering or combative.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Keeps feelings bottled up and unwilling to express frustrations so a grand master of passive-aggressive behaviour. Totally uncomfortable with conflict and will not tackle it head on. Passive-aggressive tactics by the Practitioner ensures they get their way every time and will always have a plausible excuse that allows responsibility for their actions to be avoided. Practitioners manage to avoid being confronted by those who are affected. If you confront a Practitioner they will always deny any intent (“No, I really wanted to be on time, but the bus was late.”) When challenged, will be affronted and treat the challenger with a either with deliberate rudeness or contemptuous indifference to courtesy or in a dismissive manner. This is what will need to be expected if you want uncomfortable actions and tasks to be undertaken! Remember, the passive-aggressive person cannot ever accept that they are at fault. Several contributors to Oxor™ have had a gutful of dealing with Practitioner.

Procrastination Ranking™: 12/16. 4/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally because they wait for too many details.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'So-and-so'. Ran into a doorknob, honest. Cooks mean scrambled hopes and dreams. Bequeaths belongings to vacuum cleaner upon death.

Tag that is inevitable: Comes across as the victim. Adopts external problems as their own. Very resistant to change. Rusted on to the past.


14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: UNWILLING TO COMPROMISE

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: RIGID

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 15/16 - RUDE WHEN INFLEXIBLE AND TACTLESS. Driven by their sense of duty. They are meticulous and detail-oriented in their approach to work and they are committed to upholding their responsibilities. These are brilliant strengths but they can also lead them towards conflict. This pattern has a tendency to be inflexible and tactless and this can often make them seem difficult to outsiders.

Toxic on the Surface: No (Cooperative). Cold cat.

Toxic in the Middle: Angry cat.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Cold and angry cat.

As 'That prick or asshole': They will do anything an authority figure tells them to do. Anything. They also do not understand sensitivity. Most likley to think that you are weird.

Alleged Vice: Inflexibility.

Most creepy characteristic: Totally robotic.

As 'That bitch': Who always reminds others about homework. Lawful introverted.

Will say this behind ya back: "I will smile when I feel like it. 'Jeremy' did not make me smile."

When sleep deprived: Grumpy. Likely to hide in a corner away from everyone.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Unwilling to compromise; Antisocial; Obsessive/compulsive; Passive-aggressive; Ice cold; Melancholic feminine male; Assassin; Black elf.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xNxJ patterns. This is because Objective Thinker does not like people who rock the boat too much. The NJs are too obsessed with a future which the Objective Thinker thinks will never come.

The Dark Side shown by: This can be exposed if the Objective Thinker is overwhelmed and as though their actions are not being appreciated. They can lash out, unexpectedly and without warning, when people are placing too many demands upon them. This may manifest itself if someone inadvertently encroaches on their personal space and / or emotion. They have no empathy for anyone’s emotion, ideas or welfare outside their own. That ii s because there is only one right way to do things and that is their way or the way of their authority figure. Too many theoretical ideas that have no practical implications will be very boring and annoying to them. They may claim personal qualities, previously unclaimed. An example of that is that if they indicate they would appreciate a direct approach, yet they do not have a fabulous track record of dealing well with interpersonal conflict. In communication, they can become stern and unexpressive with little care for being tactful towards others. In order to keep people away, they become harsh and reclusive in order to gain back some privacy. Some folk will become extremely annoyed when treated in this passive-aggressive manner. These folk are advised to adopt the strategy that discretion is the better part of valour, including keeping interactions well dipped in vanilla essence, until the storm has passed. That is, of course, if a return to normal transmission is desired!

The, so described 'unhealthy' Objective Thinker plays ego-defensive survival games when they feel insecure, uncertain or at risk of appearing incompetent. During this phase they can become nagging, gloomy and complaining. Other characteristics may include denial, repression, displacement, projection, reaction formation, regression, rationalization, sublimation, disassociation, and avoidance. More details can be found at tonyrobbins.com and other appropriate sites. If stressed, they may even feel physical symptoms such as headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or nausea. They are often unaware of the fact that they use one or more of these methods (and possess the legitimate symptoms) to defend their ego and protect themselves. They sometimes use these methods to get others to help them or to release themselves from the huge amounts of work they tend to take on. During an ego-defensive phase, they give an outward appearance of confidence that veers on the edge of arrogance. They want to appear well-versed and prepared for everything, even if they are not.

Sprinkled with cynicism: This personality type is probably the only one sicker than a Director! These are the "quiet achievers" but what they desire is some grotesquely perverted dream of normality. Often the off-spring of other Objective Thinkers, this pattern is created partially by genetics and partly by being reinforced by being toilet trained at gunpoint. They believe in God, vote conservative and tend to wear poorly matching clothes. Are easy to spot as children they are the ones who look for other kids being naughty and then run to tell a suitably authoritarian adult. Some Objective Thinkers will grow up to be successful accountants, quantity surveyors or administrators, but most will become stalkers or failed door-to-door salesmen.

Dialogue: The Objective Thinker likes to beat others over the head with their “rule book” of how life is supposed to be lived. Can tend to see people who are not like them as deficient. Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “irrational”, "needlessly getting involved in the affairs of others". Promoters (again), Agents (again), Inspirationals, Perfectionists, Results, Achievers, Counselors and Specialists are "lazy". Investigators, Agents (again), Enhancers, Other Objective Thinkers, Practitioners, Achievers (again) and Specialists are seen as "full of hair-brained, unrealistic ideas". The Objective Thinker will fold their arms and smirk at the ways of others and will either silently judge or give harsh truths as an effort to “help” people be better versions of themselves. What they really want is for others to be more like them.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Uncomfortable expressing emotion, which unintentionally can lead to passive-aggressive behaviour, but only occasionally.

Procrastination Ranking™: 16/16. 8/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally because they wait for too many details.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Ugly one'. Thoroughly enjoys water sandwiches. Favourite emotion is peer pressure. Can go several hours without being noticed.

Tag that is inevitable: Carry on in their own environment as great operators. Resistant to change.


15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: SEEMINGLY DETACHED

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: LAZY

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 14/16 - RUDE AS INSENSITIVE AND HYPER CRITICAL. As one of the most logic-based pattern, they can be blind to the needs of others. Where they slip others is when they are completely absorbed in their own imagination. They tend to be insensitive and hyper critical of other people and this means they are not always fun to be around.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). Appears zero evil.

Toxic in the Middle: Do not mess with my state of being a fan or enthusiast of some thing or some one.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: Tries to be 110% evil because they do not want to be the 'good ones'.

As 'That prick or asshole': They quetion everything that you say or do even if they do not say it out loud. They are usually silent as it takes a small army to get them to interact with people.

Alleged Vice: Erratic.

Most creepy characteristic: Brings up awkward subjects.

As 'That bitch': Who is a smart bitch who does not even brag about being smart, which is annoying. Neutral confused.

Will say this behind ya back: ""Jeremy' will need to prepare a Gatling gun of evidence before he tries to argue with me."

When sleep deprived: Despondent. Boring to be around.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Seemingly detached; Phlegmatic feminine male; Asperger plus a touch of ADHD; Dependant; Hacker; Survivalist, Mad scientist; Bodyless head under some ancient ash tree; Malfunctioning robot, Doomsday prophet.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xxFP patterns. This is because the Perfectionist considers that emotions are not logical. Noone should be swayed by them. Such people are corrupted by emotionality instead of rationality.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Perfectionist feels personality slighted or hurt by someone else. If feelings are held inside for too long and bottled up, their dark side can be exposed in short bursts, where the Perfectionist verbally attacks someone they care for without fully intending to. Emotions are released and they do not entirely mean everything they say. If the not feeling listened to, they are capable of using the harshest and most hurtful words to attack.

Sprinkled with cynicism: With an eye for detail and a thoughtful demeanor, Perfectionists fill that necessary niche of society, that of the boring as bat-shit pedant. Who cares if a particular program would have been easier to write in Perl or if C++ doesn't actually require a semicolon there? The Perl script does its job and the C program compiles as long as you do not insist in specifying lint in your makefile. The only joy any other personality types can extract from a Perfectionist comes from the knowledge that they are usually a shambling collection of insecurity and self-doubt, about to go into melt-down at any moment. Conversations can be made entertaining if you keep this in mind and play on their underlying inferiority complex. Good at technical jobs, software houses are full of them as are mathematics departments at all levels of education.

Dialogue: The Perfectionist tends to be a very private individual; they are unlikely to seem spiteful in the typical sense. They are more likely to annoy people by being overly critical, forgetful or oblivious to emotions. The Perfectionist generally wants to be left alone but, if they are forced to interact with others, they tend to point out errors in logic and assume they know what the other person is going to say before they say it. Interrupting or “tuning out” of the conversation is normal for them. The Perfectionist tends to find fault with preferences other than their own. Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “irrational” or "needlessly concerned with others". Directors, OTs, Appraisers, Practitioners, Results, Achievers, Counselors and Specialists are "dull" or "unimaginative".

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Dislikes passive-aggressive behaviour, in both directions. Much rather someone be open with them, so that the problem at hand can be solved. If feelings bottled, eventually come out in somewhat of an explosion.

Procrastination Ranking™: 2/16. 2/8 of Perceiving Types. Procrastinates generally about social obligations and personal problems.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'That feeling when too intelligent'. Once went one week without showering or going outside. Wants to clone so that neither of them will be virgins.

Tag that is inevitable: Prefers to be alone. Inactive.


16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

Toxic Peculiarity™ - key attribute: COLD

E. Hunter Interpersonal Derailer™: INSENSITIVE

How Genteel™ - ranking and characteristics: 12/16 - RUBS PEOPLE UP THE WRONG WAY AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THAT. Where they slip up is in the air of superiority they can give off. They have a strong belief in their own intellect and a high level of self-confidence. When paired with their low emotional intelligence, this is a pattern which often rubs people the wrong way. Though they do not mean to be impolite, they can often come across as know alls.

Toxic on the Surface: Yes (Utilitarian). You would be better off by staying away.

Toxic in the Middle: When you know an Enhancer well, they really are not as evil as you might have thought.

Toxic Deepest / Advanced: The Enhancer has already killed you.

As 'That prick or asshole': They are the most pretentious people that you will meet. You will classify them as a nerd who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

Alleged Vice: Manipulative.

Most creepy characteristic: Extremely cynical.

As 'That bitch': Who is a cold and edgy bitch who knows it all and has an answer for everything. Poetic evil.

Will say this behind ya back: "Fcuk it! Talking to 'Jeremy' finished all my social quota. I'm off to isolate myself for the rest of the day. My plan is to slam the door on 'Jeremy'."

When sleep deprived: Does not need sleep.

The Kree-pee Explorer™ Descriptions when in the MEGA TOXIC MODE: Cold; Para-asperger; Obsessive/compulsive; Anti-social; Melancholic male; Criminal genius; Super-villain; Hostile AI; Monarch of Latveria; Nature-born antagonist; The Grim Reaper.

Looking Down on whom™: Looks down mostly upon xSxJ patterns. This is because the Enhancer hates the idea of being tied down in red tape or being forced down a very specific path of procedure when better, more unorthodox or overstepping authority paths exist. But the Enhancer will be just inside the boundary by clever use of the rules.

The Dark Side shown by: If the Enhancer lets their dark side roam free can be a bit more manipulative than other Enhancers. They might be capable of logically making excuses for their actions, even when their actions are manipulative and a bit harsh. They are intelligent people, but sometimes using logic without emotional attachment can create an individual who can do negative things as a means to an end. As long as the end result is ultimately good, they can sometimes using logic to ignore the process of getting there. If life lacks balance, can utilize their intelligence as a way to get what they want. Have absolutely no patience with inefficiency, confusion or having to explain or instruct the same thing more than three f**king times. The Enhancer will take revenge if crossed, even if this takes years to implement and be effective. They are revenge plotters in progress and no one else knows that it is happening. The Enhancer will watch the ensuing chaos, even if micro small, with glee in that their enemies will never know who or what caused this disaster. They are likely to gloat to themselves about how successful it was. A few may even gloat on-line later.

Sprinkled with cynicism: Enhancers are usually described as overbearing, arrogant jerks, and that is by the people who actually like them. Part of the problem is that Enhancers do not see this in themselves and believe their brusque matter-of-fact manner is quaint or even charming. They do not suffer fools gladly and only just tolerate geniuses. They do best in occupations where tact is not a requirement or ideally some job where there is no interpersonal contact at all. Unfortunately, because they are blithely detached from reality they can be found in most lines of work and normally giving the person sitting next to them a right royal case of the ess, aitch, one, tees.

Dialogue: The Enhancer tends to assume that they know what other people are going to say before they say it. They interrupt and interject criticisms before the speaker has had a chance to finish their sentence. They are masters at finishing other people’s sentences. They appear condescending and patronising. Persuaders, Investigators, Promoters, Agents, Appraisers, Practitioners, Counselors and Specialists are “less intelligent”. Directors, OTs, Appraisers, Practitioners, Results, Achievers, Counselors (again) and Specialists (again) are "dull" or "narrow minded". Enhancers are is overly eager to position themselves as the ultimate thought leader on every idea. They tend to be poor listeners and are cut off from their normal ability to empathise and understand the perspectives of others. Their method of rebellion is to willfully withdraw from the meritless entitlement obligations of others.

Passive-Aggressive Individuality™: Generally not passive-aggressive as they do not enjoy avoidance. Rather, they prefer to tackle issues head on. They might exhibit some passive-aggressive behaviour when they feel like someone has treated them with disdain or indifference.

Procrastination Ranking™: 13/16. 5/8 of Judging Types. Procrastinates generally about socializing or being present.

Acerbic Narrative™: The 'Emotionless anime girl who is actually a pussy'. Talks shit, gets hit. Acts like Sherlock Holmes but cries at every movie where a dog dies.

Tag that is inevitable: Self-sufficient and reliable. Poor in social situations and networking.