The Persuader is a Boxer

Statistics and Overview

Persuader outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: - 2.3% - 14/16 - Approx. US M:12.5% - F:7.5%.

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - ENFJ - The Giver. Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. KIERSEY - Idealist - Teacher. iPERSONIC - Engaged Idealist. Other - Mentor, Cleric. OXOR™ - Interferer.

Career: College professor, high school teacher, social worker, non-profit director, trainer, sales manager, recruiter, executive, fund raiser, health advisor, clergy, sales roles, facilitator or counselor.

Key like: A good philosophical discussion.

Key hate: Being alone; Those who are fakes.

Key factors: Overly optimistic.

Key propensity: To appear to have shifting self esteem.

Smarts: Wise smart. People smart.

Missing in their lives: All but gray on the other side if their cataracts.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 6/16. How dominant ranking: 4/16. How submissive ranking: 13/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - Personal cheerleader.

Augmentation: A motivational-speaker/wizard aura is second-to-none. Ultra charismatic. Emotionally invasive and never stop probing others about their feelings.

Point of Characta™ - Passion.

Pos Traits:

1. Influential, loyal, reliable and genuinely kind.
2. Passionate and firm in ideals and principles.
3. Highly intuitive and reflective.
4. Warm, caring, generous, people focussed.
5. Extremely organised with difficulty dealing with uncertainty.
6. Good communicator.
7. Somewhat open minded - highly accepting of others.
8. Nurturing.

Pos Traits Description: The Persuader has a talent for recognising the needs and gifts of others. They are strategic about their goals and are willing to go to great lengths to be catalysts for improvement and progress in the world. Most of their goals involve reaching equality, understanding and facilitating of the needs of people. This is one of the reasons that the Persuader tends to excel in religious, counselling and creative fields. They want to understand the heart of different societies, cultures and groups of people and mobilise them towards improvement. They are good at reminding groups of their common goals, their conscience and a higher set of ideals and values that everyone should be striving for.

Neg Traits:

1. Too sensitive.
2. Overly optimistic.
3. Idealistic.
4. Insecure.
5. Indecisive.
6. Manipulative.
7. Covers up issues.
8. Harbours anger.
9. Overprotective and interfering.
10. Subjective - not all value their ideals.
11. Too selfless.
12. Needy.

What you need to stop doing: Being so selfless.

Nicknames: Mr. Most Persuasive. Mr. Sales. Peacock. Champagne. Protagonist. Busybody. Boxer. [Activist]

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Passion - Leverage high energy to fire up person or team to achieve specific goal. With Innovation as Secondary, The Catalyst - Out of the box, Social, Energising. Risk: Unstable or moody.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! Their beliefs will always surprise you as will the extent to which they think something and the world seems to reshape itself into what they think. This is despite how crazily illogical it may be.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Kind, loving, heart of gold and will of steel.
R: Will replace your mother and be okay with that. Judge being judgmental of judging judgmental judgments. Please help these clumsy kids. They are a bit weird and could not care less about what others think of them.

As a leader - Poised

Augmentation: May make a bad habit of coming to conclusions without surveying other options or facts that are not just their beliefs and opinions. This can lead to hastily formed choices and uninformed decisions.

Dogma - Blind Faith: We aim to please.

Focus: Verbal acuity and flexibility. (Acuity = "a mind like a steel trap").

As a negotiator:

Style - Tend to Collaborate.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side wins.

Outcome - Rewarding.

Examples: PETER. Many sales people; stockbrokers (in some cases), politicians (in some cases). Sarah Palin. Barack Obama. Mikhail Gorbachev. Pope John Paul II. Martin Luther King Jr. Oprah Winfrey.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace with a cut throat and competitive style where collaboration is frowned upon and employees are pitted against one another in order to succeed.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High I with High D: Work: 6. Social: 3.

High I with High I: Work: 7. Social: 1.

High I with High S: Work: 1. Social: 5.

High I with High C: Work: 3. Social: 7.

At the job souk: Writer / Journalist; Psychologist / Counselor; Clergy; Entertainer / Actor; Marketing / Public Relations; Recruiter; Trainer / Consultant; Teacher - Secondary; Physician - Family GP; HR Manager (very good at that).

Jobs and tasks:

Empowering others. Encouraging others to grow and develop; Creating programs that enrich others; Motivating and inspiring others; Focusing on personal meaning and self-expression; Motivating others to use information for their own benefit; Solving new and complex problems that will benefit the future of humanity; Changing the way people do things; Helping others resolve conflict; Mentoring; Designing projects; Focusing on performing.

Promptness: On time. Rarely late. May become frustrated if other people do not show up to events on time due to a perfectionistic streak. Believe that being punctual is important and shows a level of consideration for other people and fits with their schedule. Would feel extremely guilty for showing up to an event late and only would do this if for a good reason. While will try to give people the benefit of the doubt but will have a hard time refraining if someone shows up extremely late.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Persuader is comfortable with commitments and often take them very seriously. They usually get themselves into way more commitments than any normal person could handle. The Persuader will commit to many different events and tasks in order to care for their loved ones and make them happy. They usually do not say “no” to people and, because of this, the Persuader can become a bit overwhelmed. They usually push themselves through it though and would hate to let anyone down. They definitely do not like going back on a previous commitment and will work hard to remain tied to it.

In a Meeting: Eager puppy / exhibitionist.

Under Pressure: Persuaders can cope with a lot of pressure all at once and seem to juggle many tasks seamlessly as they understand that they need to be capable of making many different decisions.. However, they do not enjoy pressure that comes from those close and might have a hard time handling this. They want to please everyone around them and work hard to make people happy.

As a performance appraiser: Style - I's tend to evaluate others by how well they verbalize feelings; Result - I's see performance reviews more as a time to look talk about doing better than a time to confront under performance; Outcome - Any under performance of the appraisee is likely to continue.

As a customer service representative: Style - High I's trade on creating relationships, sharing personal information as a routine part of customer service; Result - Customer may have to restate the problem. “I have had so much fun talking; I forgot to write it down”; Outcome - It’s next to impossible for a customer, who is lucky to get a word in edgewise, to vent. Assurances are offered often not knowing if the promises can be fulfilled.

Tension Warner:

ID - I with D - Priority. Open, People-Oriented v. Guarded, Task-Oriented.

II - I with I - Competition. Open, People-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

IS - I with S - Pace & Priority. Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

IC - I with C - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented.

In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Sneaky Judgeology™. Often sneakily judgmental and do not realise it. Have a deep compassion for people and can become angry towards others who do not and who commit injustices towards others. Often tell how people can make better choices with their lives with ideas they have come up with as they want others to be happy.

Cause of anxiety: When the Persuader feels helpless to provide for others.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 13/16

When ill: The Persuader maintains their commitments with a sunny face, not wanting to burden other people with their sickness. Then goes home and crashes hard.

At the shopping mall: Successfully convincing a department store cashier to combine a coupon and sale price on a non-coupon, non-sale item.

As the gift buyer: The Persuader thinks carefully not just about what gift to give, but how to present it, when to deliver it, and how to mitigate each of their loved one’s potential reactions to it. Ensures that the gift is only a small part of the experience they provide while giving it so that the receiver feels as special as possible.

What they want as a gift: Time, An experience, Hand written letter, Something homemade, A game to play together, A book, Gift card for favourite charity.

What sort of holiday: Volunteering holiday wanting to promote and enjoy a harmonious atmosphere on this holiday.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Wholesome yet attractive. They may dress in a way that is very well put together with a good cut and fit but may also try to express their lighter side with an eccentric fashion twist that may involve expensive accoutrements. Often have a fine sense of humour and are not afraid to look a bit silly if they know it will make people smile. For the most part will wear what they think will engender the most acceptance among their peers. (Liking to be liked).

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: Have a tendency to bring out the best in others. As much as they are sociable, are also highly aware of the emotions and needs of the people around them. They are willing to contribute themselves for the betterment of the whole so a cozy turtleneck dress embodies their warmhearted personality.

As a house guest: As Host: Come over, I have no food in. Don't cook at 3am. Do not sit at the dining table as you might put a mark on it - it's expensive. As Guest: I'm likely to stay the agreed time.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
Inspirational quote posters all over the wall.

In a relationship / dating:
Empathy and Connection. Red Flag if you hear this - "You're too sensitive. Stop crying." Not negotiable with the partner - Feeling unneeded. Biggest Strength - Admirable. Ideal Date Activities - Anything perceived to be 'good'. Charity concert or event, non profit event, karaoke. Will be seeking - Casual sex. Target area priority - LOVABLE - 35%; ROMANTIC 50%; SEXUAL 15%. Soulmate - Specialist.

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Professes undying love to all friends.

In the bedroom: Enthusiastic Bedroomer. You have a very high sex drive, but only within the confines of a committed relationship. You aim to please the person you are with and are an enthusiastic lover. You will basically never say no to your partner and enjoy making them happy. It turns you on even more to see them pleased which makes the experience even better for you. As long as you feel comfortable with someone the sex is amazing. If you feel like your partner is not trustworthy or you don’t feel valued, your sex drive deteriorates.

Dalliance or not? Likely to be very conscientious of their partner’s needs and feelings and thus will likely be faithful to them. However, because they are very engaging and affectionate with people, they may attract attention and admiration from people who want to be closer to them. They appreciate being appreciated and this can be a gateway to their heart which may lead to emotional and physical affairs. They like the idea of more love, more connections, more intimacy and more relationships along with the Appraiser, Promoter and Counselor.

How they deal with clutter: Party Clutter. You bounce around your mental checklist. When the last item is crossed off, you stand near the table (not on it, of course, you just wiped it clean!) and give a speech: "We don't clean because it's cute. We clean because we are members of the apartment and the apartment is filled with people. Vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, getting those tiny coffee grounds out from behind the grinder; these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But you, me and the 25 people coming over tonight, these are what we stay alive for. No matter what anybody tells you, a quick run of the mop can change this apartment.” Persuaders are often so busy responding to others they can forget to take any time to organise their own thoughts. A meditation app can clear clutter from their mind and organise their thoughts so they can get right back out there to keep leading like the bosses they are.

What sort of kitchen: The Dramatic Craftsman Kitchen. You are ambitious, empathetic and charismatic. You want to work in a kitchen that energises you while not sacrificing form and function. You love the natural beauty of Craftsman-style kitchens but prefer to add a little more depth and drama with deep-red cabinets and a stunning view.

What religion: 42.87% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 7/16. Likely religion: Hare Krishna. Evangelical / Protestant. The Persuader, together with the Appraiser, are more interested in becoming ministers than other pattern. In this case, liberal denominations.

Problems with faith / religion: This pattern can sometimes be conflicted when it comes to having faith in something they cannot prove. While they do often strive for this, it can be a challenging process for them. They have strong intuitive abilities which does cause them to believe in things without a detailed line of proof to show others. This can help them have faith in things they cannot see even though it can be difficult at times. This pattern relies on the reliance on their sense of intuition, especially when it comes to people. They do their best to follow what they believe is right, even when their faith can feel a bit shaky sometimes. Oxor™ calls the problems with faith operating in an environment of suspension of facts. All this is consistent with being a Feeler.

What they like at a music festival: Gets around the festival. Probably has every wristband possible and can get into every booth/event. Actually spent money on VIP seats but barely sits in them.

What they like as their musical instrument: Harp. Why? The Persuader is both light-hearted and very wise. They like to inspire others to follow their dreams. The harp, together with its many strings, reflects the range and depth of the Persuader's character.

What sort of friend: Social, engaged. The social friend, who plans fun events and just expects you to show up for them. They are there to support you in your time of need and listen to your problems no matter what. They are the friend you can chat with nonstop and they never seem to get tired of it. Are misunderstood when their friendliness and enthusiastic nature is deemed “fake” or “phony”. Can feel lonely if they have to spend much time in solitude or when they are struggling to find friendships that are deep and meaningful.

Weird feature: Very Controlling. Possessive of best friends and always need friends. Frequently reinvent themselves, look for hidden meanings and are drawn to artistic and cutting edge industries. Rank: 4/10.

In the classroom: Notes & questions. Stands up for any students that the teacher may be mistreating or stands up for the teacher if the students are being rude.

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: Persuaders together with Investigators, Enhancers and Developers are more calculated at risk taking and not as spontaneous as the high risk takers. The Persuader needs to have an internal vision of where they are going before they pursue a possibility. They need time to analyse, prioritise and process information. At times they might get a vision about a future possibility quickly and, during these times, they can seem quite impulsive. Other times the process will take longer and they can seem more cautious and deliberating. By taking extra time to prepare they are usually very strategic and have contingency plans in place. They also are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities so this can lead them down innovative or transformational pathways. However, can become so sure of a specific vision or path that they close their minds to precautions and details that might get in the way of its realisation. They tend to be analytical when deciding on a pursuit, but because they focus more on the big picture than the details, those details can eventually trip them up. Accordingly, it can help to get some advice and input from a trusted source.

Spending money: Minimalist Shopper. Do not care. Do not care about money (as do Promoters) but are generally more controlled and aware of their expenditures. Love to have a good time with friends and will find that they don’t need money to do so like others. Generally do not plan to become wealthy but will have a modest amount of savings to spend when they want.

Financial toxicity: Show off. If they insist on paying for your dinners every time you go out, there will be some type of 'debt': e.g. time, emotion, commitment etc. To avoid this, make sure you pay your own way as any 'debt' is not worth dealing with. Trustworthy Ranking: Middle. (Will have trust issues because they have opened themselves up to people and been misused. May shut certain people out).

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want. The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Dramatic, overbearing, manipulative. They like to influence and push people to conform to their opinions and “vision”. Their way is always the best way, and anyone who disregards their “friendly” advice is treated with passive-aggressive bullying. The nefarious Persuader respects rank and authority, and treats those in authority with respect and eager attentiveness while looking down on people they believe are less “sophisticated” than themselves. They share other people’s secrets without remorse, pick on the underdogs, and kiss up to anyone who can help them to advance their vision or idea for the future. They can seem incredibly kind and exuberant in person and then ridicule and mock you to others when you are not around. Crimes: Kidnap, bully. Suicide cult leader.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Interfering with people’s personal lives. Emotionally intelligent, needs to let others make their own decisions and let go of the reins. Intention is to assist but does not take into account what the other party really wants, it's what they think is best. Getting caught meddling puts them at risk of losing trust and making the situation worse.

When guilty: Internalise Guilt. Feels guilty if they cannot live up to their high expectation for themselves. Want to be able to do everything in their lives with excellence, especially when it comes to caring for others. Often attempts make up for their mistakes or guilty feelings by overcompensating or going above and beyond even more so than usual. May feel guilty when done nothing wrong; feel like they could be doing more. Apply a lot of pressure on themselves, often feeling like they could have done better. Shame: Strong-willed individuals and when they make a decision they are sure of it. They are rarely ashamed of their mistakes when it comes to the typical things. They are rather good at keeping their business to themselves and away from people they do not want to hear about it. Are most likely to be ashamed if someone they care about has been hurt by their actions and if been unable to care for others. Help coping with shame is by reminding them how needed they are. Need to remember how much they have done for others and how hard they work on a daily basis.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Scam Artist / Rattlesnake - The Manipulative R. Sole. Acts cuddly but is secretly an R. Sole. Make you believe they have a soul in order for you to give them money, validation or other favours. Consider you an asset or, at best, an acquaintance even if you consider them a friend. See patterns in others in the reactions of others and can start to build a structure in their mind over which techniques that have worked previously and will work in the future. Very patient, the Persuader will take over and manipulate whole crowds of people and everyone will be listening intensely and, in the end, give the cash. With absolute belief in what they say, will fool lie detectors as they have a hollow where the soul should be and this is filled with fakes. Often run several schemes concurrently. “I’m worth all the money in the world”; “everything I see is mine.” In the office are the informer you never notice. Drawn towards jobs without glory, such as paparazzis, where they can observe the people who do feel love, and destroy it for them. Cannot be helped. They give the air of being a wise mentor when really they just want you to do their bidding.

On R.Sole steroids - The Loudmouth Propagandist: Persuaders may not know things but can yell things louder than you and most of the people you know, unless these people are R. Soles. Likely to win people over to their causes by sheer force of volume and tales of children's tears rather than arguments. Fond of soft focus lenses and sentimental music.
Insulting tags: Selfish. "You are ordinary in every possible way". "You cannot inspire people or understand them".
Worst quality: Needy.
Prof. Sole nominates Michael Moore, Joseph Goebbels and Joe Biden.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: Emotional klutz who always wants a hug. Normal on the outside, weird on the inside.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%