The Promoter is a Golden Retriever

Statistics and Overview

Promoter outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: - 8.1% - 7/16 - Approx. US M:7.0% - F:6.0%.

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - ENFP - The Champion. Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Idealist - Champion. iPERSONIC - Spontaneous Idealist. Other - Advocate, Bard. OXOR™ - Unreliable.

Career: Columnist, journalist, publicist, copy writer, advertising account executive, character actor, cartoonist, art educator, restaurateur with unique theme or inventor.

Key like: A good friend.

Key hate: Lacking meaningful relationships; Those who take them for granted. Conflict.

Key factors: Unreliable. You might find it difficult to get back items loaned. Procrastinator.

Key propensity: To appear to overthink things.

Smarts: Insanely smart. Picture smart.

Missing in their lives: Stability.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 16/16. How dominant ranking: 13/16. How submissive ranking: 4/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - Popular friend.

Augmentation: A visionary with epic and transformational ideas for the future. Hyperactive social butterflies who never stop crapping on about their feelings.

Point of Characta™ - Enthusiasm.

Pos Traits:

1. Entertaining, friendly, charismatic, warm and genuinely interested in people and being around them, matching the energy of the room.
2. Compassionate, encouraging and inspiring; hates to see people suffering, especially those they personally identify with or consider to be ‘the underdog’.
3. Highly empathetic, affectionate and romantic; able to relate to others and think and feel as they do. Emotionally intuitive listeners who are very adept at reading, understanding and responding to people’s emotional states.
4. Dislikes performing mundane, boring or routine tasks.
5. Resists being controlled and directed by others.
6. Usually able to grasp difficult concepts and theories with ease; creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.
7. Idealistic and future oriented - focusses on long term over short term goals.
8. Will always do what is right according to their own morals and values, even if it means incurring potentially severe social, financial, academic or legal consequences.
9. Extremely passionate, enthusiastic, philosophical, energetic, intellectually curious, thoughtful, perceptive and observant about what they believe in (when they finally figure out what those beliefs are - this can be part of the problem because some Promoters never do).
10. Have a childlike purity and innocence that persists long past the point that life should have robbed it away from them.
11. Artistic and creative in at least one area of drawing, painting, writing, poetry, singing, songwriting, music, photography, sculpting, dancing, scrap booking, crafting, etc.
12. Creative.
13. Not afraid of the darkness and mystery of others.
14. Definitely not stupid.

Pos Traits Description: The Promoter is ingenious at coming up with many possible solutions to just about any problem. The saying, "When one door closes, another opens" would apply to the Promoter, only they would see a hundred doors, maybe a thousand. The Promoter is skilled at thinking creatively in a crisis and finding . innovative strategies for improving things. When it comes to relationships, the Promoter is good at serving as a bridge between people. They can connect ideas and see alternative scenarios that would bring collaborations together or promote peace and understanding. Their talent for seeing things in new ways allows them to be gifted teachers and inspirational friends and partners.

Neg Traits:

1. Too talkative.
2. Unreliable, flaky and impulsive. Very rarely shows up on time. Needs to get their ess, aitch, one, tee together.
3. Lacks focus.
4. Poor practical skills in administration and follow through.
5. Weak against stress.
6. Overthinks.
7. Independent - does not like checks and balances.
8. Too emotional, especially under conflict, criticism or stress and this becomes counter-productive at best. Tends to search for negative connotations in other people’s words and actions toward them. Exaggerated displays of emotions, in the eyes of others, can also be perceived as childlike tantrums or moments of being overwhelmed or excited.
9. Extremely overly sensitive. Mal-adaptively, almost pathologically, WAY too sensitive to critical or negative feedback of any kind, no matter how gently it is given.
10. Can accuse complete strangers of having full-blown narcissistic personality disorder for generalising Promoters as being flaky (which they are).
11. Notorious for attempting to shift all of the blame for anything but the most secretly positive of their qualities and masters of steadfast denial when it comes to denying their own flaws.
12. Can be extremely selfish and self-absorbed. Has the broadest capacity of self-absorption. When in this state, they lose their ability to empathise with others as they are so wrapped up in feeling, processing, engaging, experiencing and indulging in their own emotional ventures. This can become an enormous and long-lasting problem in relationships with toxic Promoters who are not ready to be self-aware - because the truth is that acknowledging, validating, confronting and challenging this habit of theirs can be painful. Will give lip service, but when it comes to actually getting down to taking the actions necessary to challenge their ego, the vast majority of them would rather jump straight back into the old, comforting habits of novelty and sensuality than they would to have to undergo the level of psychological pain that is necessary to truly change themselves to this degree.
13. Childish and some look child like. Not having a structure every day for household chores and activities, managing money and time. Not a strong point, so may be perceived as being less adult-like and more childlike. Can look like a computer animation at times.
14. Naive.
15. Extremely unlikely to compromise even in the face of undisputed facts.
16. Does not have a strong relationship with making money and consistently maintaining responsibilities.

What you need to stop doing: Over analysing everything.

Nicknames: Mr. Optimistic. Mr. Entertainer. Bluebird. Cocktail. Campaigner. Muckraker. Golden Retriever. [Activist]

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Passion - Leverage high energy to fire up person or team to achieve specific goal. With Passion as Secondary, The Drama - Theatrical, Emotional, Sensitive, 'Drama Queen'. Risk: Unstable or moody. May be also the Anarchy - Innovation / Innovation.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! So unpredictable and unembarrassable that nothing they do should surprise you any more. A milkshake duck - initially thought of in a very positive way but later revealed to have serious faults.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Full of life and love, passionate lover, always fighting for a cause.
R: Blink abnormally and and should not drink coffee ever, have to make conscious effort not to smile, should take more things more seriously. They might be Unicorns but, when most needed, can exceed Developers, Inspirationals, Directors and Results in terms of productivity.

As a leader - Optimistic

Augmentation: Allows persuasion by another’s needs and may cause either hasty decisions or lack decision-making skills altogether.

Dogma - Blind Faith: Nothing is impossible.

Focus: Approval, popularity.

As a negotiator:

Style - Tend to Collaborate.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side wins.

Outcome - Rewarding.

Examples: KING SAUL. Leonardo DiCaprio. Josh Frydenberg.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace featuring an immoral management team where any feedback about the unfair working conditions could serve as a direct threat to the Promoter's career.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High I with High D: Work: 6. Social: 3.

High I with High I: Work: 7. Social: 1.

High I with High S: Work: 1. Social: 5.

High I with High C: Work: 3. Social: 7.

At the job souk: Advertising Director; Bartender; Character Actor; Director of Religious Activities or Education; Corporate Trainer; Counselor; Journalist / Reporter Correspondent; Fitness Trainer or similar; Hairdresser, Musician / Composer; Public Relations Specialist; Recreation Worker; Rehabilitation Counselor; Teacher - Drama / Music; Photographer.

Jobs and tasks: Empowering others. Encouraging others to grow and develop; Creating programs that enrich others; Motivating and inspiring others; Focusing on personal meaning and self-expression; Motivating others to use information for their own benefit; Solving new and complex problems that will benefit the future of humanity; Changing the way people do things; Helping others resolve conflict; Mentoring; Designing projects; Focusing on performing.

Promptness: Late. Struggles with time management and can become distracted rather easily. Does not show up late because they do not care about others feelings - simply struggle to pay attention to one simple task. Become distracted by so many things around them; will likely believe that less time has passed than it actually has. Last minute scrambles usually fail. Tries to use a mix of charisma and bulltish to get out of sticky situations.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Promoter can sometimes / always struggle with different commitments, since they hate feeling tied down to anything. They usually do not get themselves into anything that forces them to follow through with a previous decision. It is not that they are flighty, they simply prefer to explore new ideas and possibilities. The Promoter does not set goals because they are afraid of what will happen if are not achieved (which is all the time). THe Promoter loves exploring and often dislike feeling like they are being weighed down by a decision. They will usually avoid certain commitments for as long as they possible can and bounce around from one things to another. When the Promoter makes commitments to people or relationships, they will be entirely different. They take their relationships very seriously and are not afraid of these types of commitments. Managers will always have to follow up on absolutely everything as the Promoter is the most unreliable finisher.

In a Meeting: Joker / slow coach.

Under Pressure: Promoters truly dislike having a lot of pressure and responsibility and prefer to feel free to make choices without this stress. They get stressed out by this. While Persuaders can handle this situation, they truly dislike it and prefer to have less stress in their lives. They will try and respond properly and will often accomplish their tasks very well but they require supervision. Promoters do not enjoy feeling like if they are not allowed to make mistakes and take responsibility and prefer to feel free to explore new avenues. This is why a Promoter is totally useless managing projects with deadlines on quality, dollars and time.

As a performance appraiser:

Style - I's tend to evaluate others by how well they verbalize feelings; Result - I's see performance reviews more as a time to look talk about doing better than a time to confront under performance; Outcome - Any under performance of the appraisee is likely to continue.

As a customer service representative: Style - High I's trade on creating relationships, sharing personal information as a routine part of customer service; Result - Customer may have to restate the problem. “I have had so much fun talking; I forgot to write it down”; Outcome - It’s next to impossible for a customer, who is lucky to get a word in edgewise, to vent. Assurances are offered often not knowing if the promises can be fulfilled.

Tension Warner:

ID - I with D - Priority. Open, People-Oriented v. Guarded, Task-Oriented.

II - I with I - Competition. Open, People-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

IS - I with S - Pace & Priority. Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

IC - I with C - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented.


In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Optimistic Judgeology™. Morally know what they believe is right and wrong and try to follow these guidelines. Appear non judgmental and do not like to judge as seeing the good in others and believe that they will change although this is often wildly optimistic. If they find themselves liking someone (or have a crush), may have a tendency to idolise and ignore their flaws or mistakes. May judge in absence of facts or when 'have a bee in their bonnet'.

Cause of anxiety: When the Promoter feels as though they are lacking options.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 9/16

When ill: Refuses to rest or relax disbelieving that this will help them get better. Goes about day to day life as usual, making everyone they encounter sick in the process.

At the shopping mall: There with their significant other, looking at matching toy bears that make a dinosaur type sound when you squeeze them.

As the gift buyer: The Promoter brainstorms a variety of future experiences their loved ones might enjoy. Books one they they’re sure will feel meaningful to each person, then grows bored waiting to give it to them. Ends up buying multiple “side gifts” in the meantime and going way over budget.

What they want as a gift: Quality time together, Clothing, Hand written letter, Luxury treats - cookies or wine, Jewellery, High quality organizational materials, Hand made gift.

What sort of holiday: Music festival needing to be inspired and find possibilities and meaning in the holidays.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Likes to wear what makes them feel attractive and desirable. Their wardrobe may include a lot of bright colors and clothing that showcases their sophisticated style sense. At the same time, they like to keep it fun and will exercise a lot of variety with their wardrobe and experiment with many different looks. Likely to put together some interesting ensembles that would make a fashion label proud.

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: Creative - life is full of possibilities. They have an innate confidence that shines through their ability to quickly make connections between events and information. Free-spirited and bold unafraid to wear a printed jumpsuit strut around and show it off.

As a house guest: As Host: I'm totally unprepared, but come over anyway. As Guest: It's an emergency. I've no idea for how long.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
Filled with the world’s most colourful kite, boxing gloves, a full astronaut suit and also Ricky the Jackrabbit that the Promoter found in the forest.

In a relationship / dating:
Encouragement and Open-Mindedness. Red Flag if you hear this - "People should never question authority." Not negotiable with the partner - Having limits placed on their freedom. Biggest Strength - Knowing how to motivate people. Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves going out to a 'show'. Trivia night, dinner, dancing, concert. Will be seeking - New friends, short term dating. Target area priority - LOVABLE - 30%; ROMANTIC 40%; SEXUAL 30%. Soulmate - Enhancer. (But definitely not in Oxor's view).

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Puts social skills on steroids.

In the bedroom: Best in the Bedroomer. You require an emotional connection to be able to be fully intimate with someone. Once you have established a connection, you are a very enthusiastic and passionate lover. You have a very high sex drive and see it as an opportunity to express yourself fully to someone. You enjoy being able to explore new sides of yourself and do not like to set restrictions in the bedroom. You probably have heard you were the best your lovers ever had. Your creativity and passion in your daily life translates very well into the bedroom.

Dalliance or not? Known for being flirtatious and so this may present many opportunities for them to cheat. If they do not receive enough attention and appreciation from their relationships, they may be inclined to having an emotional affair with another person or satisfy the lack of sexual gratification they are receiving. Top 5 Rank = 3. They like the idea of more love, more connections, more intimacy and more relationships along with the Persuader, Appraiser and Counselor.

How they deal with clutter: Reluctant Clutter. You'll only clean common areas if guests are coming over. Your bedroom looks like a poor man’s version of a treasure trove; a disaster by any measure. Cleaning is best done with a pod cast in your headphones or talking with a friend, so you can thoroughly dissociate from the fact that you are actually cleaning. Promoters can easily get overwhelmed if they have too many tasks and ideas and have no concept of how to organise or follow through. Ideally needs a personal or digital assistant.

What sort of kitchen: The Bohemian Kitchen. You are curious, talkative and aspirational. You have a strong artistic side and love a cozy, carefree kitchen with plenty of colorful tea towels, throw rugs, fresh flowers, and artwork — whatever strikes your fancy! It's not clutter, it's personality!

What religion: Est >50% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 2/16. Likely religion: Eclectic paganism. With such a short attention span, can just go with smoking weed and buying magic crystals.

Problems with faith / religion: This pattern often goes back and forth when it comes to the strength of their faith and beliefs. That is not a surprise to Oxor™. They are capable of understanding that there is more to life than what can be proven, but that does not mean that they do not struggle at times. They try to trust their gut instince and go with the things that feel right for them, regardless of what others try to discredit. Ultimately they believe that there is more than what has been proven and are willing to consider many different possibilities. Oxor™ calls the problems with faith operating in an environment of suspension of facts. All this is consistent with being a Feeler.

What they like at a music festival: Gets sex at the festival. Somehow makes out with the lead singer of the night’s headlining band. Gets into the “most popular” photos of the festival’s Instagram tag twice.

What they like as their musical instrument: Guitar. Why? The Promoter has a good sense of humour, an open hearted nature and a very positive outlook on life. The guitar is is the perfect outlet to express the Promoter's natural exuberance for life.

What sort of friend: Enthusiastic, inspirational. The enthusiastic and exciting friend, who is like your own personal cheerleader. They have a way of making you see the bright side of life and make you feel truly good about yourself. Somehow you feel like they admire you and always have a good compliment for you. You never feel bored when you are around them. Tend to feel lonely when they cannot find deep, meaningful friendships.

Weird feature: Attention Grabber. Always popular, will do this if other people do not seem to like you as much as you expect. Unhappy alone. Rank: 1/10.

In the classroom: Having a crush on the Enhancer.

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: In the top 4 as the highest risk-takers together with Inspirational, Agent and Perfectionist. Enjoys exploring new, untested theories and possibilities. Unlike those who have facts to rely on, enjoy “jumping into possibilities” without having to spend a lot of time figuring out if something like this has been done before. In fact, if a project or idea has been done before that can be a deterrent. Drawn to the novel and original far more than the tested and established. This tends to play out in career choices. Many Promoters are stimulated by taking less-secure job positions if there is a higher reward. Are able to consider many new, unusual theories, projects, and endeavours simultaneously without getting weighed down by anxiety or over-planning. However, need to take a moment and pause and consider their priorities, values, and principles before moving forward. This way they can avoid floundering in a sea of unfinished projects and unlimited alternatives.

Spending money: Carefree. Spendthrift. Money is an emotional extension of themselves but believe that they'll have a good life without it. Have an endless list of ideas that they can come up with to spend money on.

Financial toxicity: Pleaser - Extractor. As an Extractor, pretends to reach for the wallet but always comes up short, so the other party pays. Or gets up to go to the bathroom when they see the waiter coming to the table with the bill. Moocher. There is also a tendency to want to borrow for some 'need' which is termed a Moocher. It may be a book, a lawnmower, or a small amount of money as they never seem to have enough money or are lazy. Then your item depreciates while they use it. When combined with forgetfulness to pay you back, or give you back what they borrowed from you, it then involves you in time and effort to remind such people to return what they borrowed. The Promoter will often procrastinate, find creative and irrelevant excuses for delaying including attempting to shift blame onto you. A Moocher may use similar strategies to delay payment of bills. Chiseler. Complains about the quality of a product or service purchased, motivated to get something for free. Whether it is writing letters to companies (unlikely as they have so many things on), calling them or simply complaining at restaurants are likely to get free things by expressing displeasure at how they did not get what they expected. These people will tarnish your own reputation, especially if they carry on like a 'pork chop' in your presence. Never ever lend to or do favours for a Promoter under any circumstances! Why? The favour is extremely unlikely to ever be reciprocated and, if you stop repeat favours such as taking someone to the airport, you will be rebuked. Oxor has warned you. Trustworthy Ranking: Low. (Will have been hurt multiple times because of their warm hearts- this will often cause them to have trust issues and might make them a bit more hesitant the next time).

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want. The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Manipulative, self-absorbed, disloyal. They believe the world revolves around them and their interests and ideas. They only care about others in terms of how much they can get out of them. They jump from one idea or relationship to the next, flaking on plans and shirking responsibilities without a second thought. Inspiration and stimulation becomes everything to the nefarious Promoter and they will try to attain it by any means, even if it means deceit or immoral acts. They are so sure of their own visions that they lash out at anyone who opposes them or questions their abilities. They forget their own body’s requirements and may become increasingly self-destructive as they ignore their health and nutritional needs. Crimes: Un-peaceful protestor. Crime of passion.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Disappearing on people. Have a short attention span combined with lots of feelings. When something new grabs their attention, tend to just disappear. May have strung people along beforehand - friends, family, business associates and love interests all of whom will be confused at the disappearance or why activities remain incomplete.

When guilty: Over Guilty. Liking to be liked, place a strange amount of guilt / blame upon themselves for things that aren’t really their fault, when something is going wrong or if someone is upset or if someone has been hurt by a Promoter's actions. Will feel immense amounts of guilt when a friend is angry or if someone reacts strangely. Often capable of seeing the many possibilities in a situation, which can cause consideration as to the many ways the situation could have been navigated better. Pressure to be better causes guilty feelings about issues over which the Promoter has no control. Shame: Care very much how they might affect other people. May actually hold onto mistakes from when they were younger and try very hard to fix those errors. Open individuals who enjoy taking risks, but that does not mean they do not experience feeling ashamed. Often ashamed of the moments they harmed others accidentally. Need to be reminded that everyone makes mistakes in life and that they need to move on and forgive themselves. Feeling shame and guilt can only lead to shutting yourself out from the people who care for you and that is not going to fix anything.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Confused Hippie - The I Cannot Commit To Anything R. Sole. Cuddly inside and out. See possibilities in the illogical. May have loose morals and do drugs. Often faints after one drink. Happy, not having found anything to be unhappy about. Often thinks the government is evil and is destroying the world but the Promoter never does anything about it. Will not stop pestering you with their ideas and they will usually not understand your feelings either. Get tribal tattoos and think that makes them part of a tribe. Very frustrating and hard to argue with due to continually inconsistent statements. You will notice that they have forgotten the beginning of the issue once they have received an explanation about the tangent they are on. Not many have the patience to put up with it. A goldfish. Unfazed by nothing and everything is interesting as long as it is in sight. Believe in anything they are told. You should expect to do most of the work and heavy lifting for little or no reward.

On R.Sole steroids - The Whinging Primadonna: Emotional weakling who may be able to conquer the similarly weak minded but will wither at the slightest show of resistance. Promoters become charismatic leaders not because they are charismatic or good leaders. It is because Promoters are so hungry for adulation they will stop at nothing to attain it.
Insulting tags: Mediocre. "You are extremely boring in all settings". "You can never come up with good ideas".
Worst quality: Childish.
Often found weeping in a garden. Prof. Sole nominates Fidel Castro, Muammar Gadaffi, Hugo Chavez and Jerry Seinfeld.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: The best friend in any cliche teen movie. Weird on the outside, insane on the inside.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%