The Results is a Jack Russell

Statistics and Overview

Results outline in pdf: Click here

Approx. Population Global: - 4.2% - 10/16 - Approx. US M:12.5% - F:7.5%.

Other Profiles: MYERS BRIGGS (MBTI) - ENTJ - The Commander. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Field Marshal. iPERSONIC - Dynamic Thinker. Other - Chief, Marshal. OXOR™ - Bull at a Gate.

Career: Paramedic, military personnel, police officer, pilot, financial advisor, stockbroker, news reporter, sportscaster, auctioneer, fitness instructor or skilled tradesman.

Key like: A good body.

Key hate: Mediocrity; Those who make them feel trapped.

Key factors: Mows you over.

Key propensity: To appear impatient.

Smarts: Psycopathic smart. Body smart.

Missing in their lives: Care.

Rankings: How organised ranking: 11/16. How dominant ranking: 3/16. How submissive ranking: 14/16.

Twosome Descripta™ - Adrenaline junkie.

Augmentation: A quintessential daredevil who takes others us along for the thrills and excitement. Too impulsive to be reliable or faithful.

Point of Characta™ - Persuasion.

Pos Traits:

1. Strong flair for drama and style.
2. Fast moving and fast talking with appreciation for the finer things in life.
3. Uncanny ability to perceive people's attitudes and motivations.
4. Lives in the present moment and likes to see immediate results.
5. Loves to have fun and be the centre of attention.
6. Attracted to adventure and risk.
7. Excellent people skills.
8. Exciting.

Pos Traits Description: The Results has a unique ability to rapidly assess data and size up a situation to find solutions and opportunities. These fun-loving, clever types are so tuned into the moment and so keenly observant of the world around them that they have the "street smarts" to circumvent nearly any problem. They learn quickly from experience and are eager for action and engagement with the world around them. They enjoy being spontaneous and reflexive, throwing themselves into situations where hyper-fast thinking and responsiveness is necessary. They are excited by challenges and by taking risks that have the potential for big rewards.

Neg Traits:

1. Too self-contradicting.
2. Mows you over.
3. Insensitive.
4. No long term vision.
5. Impatient and easily bored.
6. Prone to risk.
7. Defiant.
8. Tend to miss the big picture.
9. Impatient.

What you need to stop doing: Taking risks without considering the consequences.

Nicknames: Mr. Most Fun. Mr. Sherman-Tank. Kingfisher. Energy Drink. Entrepreneur. Beer Drinker. Jack Russell Terrier.

E. Hunter's Brand Fascination Guesstimate™: Power - Actively lead rather than sitting back. With Passion as Secondary, The Ringleader - Motivating, Spirited, Compelling. Risk: Detailed projects will not get implemented.

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour! Continuously surprises you how much one person can love both cars and themselves.

Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

P: Dominant, efficient, strategic, ideal leader.
R: 100% of decision making is weighing the pros and ignoring the cons, shrugging and doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do. They are ready to dive in head on in every aspect because they have precisely calculated all the aspects. No one is stupid enough to blindly jump!

As a leader - Dominant

Augmentation: Charges ahead fearlessly, tends to move quickly and prefers decision options which reduce effort and increase efficiency.

Dogma - Blind Faith: Let's try that.

Focus: Dominance and independence.

As a negotiator:

Style - Tends to Collaborate.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side wins.

Outcome - Rewarding.

Examples: PAUL. Richard Nixon. Jesus. Rupert Murdoch. Nicolas Sarkozy. Winston Churchill. Donald Trump.

At work & comparing with social

Worst workplace to be in: If it's run as a workplace featuring a monotonous corporate environment where workers have to go through a mountain of red tape in order to solve pretty much any problem.

Compared to social: Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

With High D: Work: 5. Social: 3.5.

With High I: Work: 6. Social: 3.

With High S: Work: 1. Social: 6.

With High C: Work: 6. Social: 8.

At the job souk: Paramedic; Firefighter; Pro Athlete; Auditor; Field Sales Rep; Optometrist; Marketing Professional; Promoter; Stockbroker; General Contractor.

Jobs and tasks: Grasps possibilities and organises. With drive, leadership, innovation and tough-minded analysis, Results are in management and leadership positions. They are often very aware of power and status issues. Likes decision-making and action. Will engage in the use of tough-minded, fact-oriented and goal-directed analysis to provide leadership and direction in management. Focus is on making it happen - the Results is not afraid to run people over.

Promptness: Late. Can sometimes struggle with time management since live so much in the present moment. Might struggle to see the reasoning behind always being on time and would prefer to live their life how they please. Likely become upset if they are late for important events but this does not stop them from showing up a few minutes after things have already begun. Are distracted by a million other things around them, causing them to lose track of time. Tend to frustrate others.

Fulfilling Commitments: The Results person often avoids commitment, especially when it comes to relationships. They prefer to live in the moment and are not always sure how they will feel in the future. They sometimes jump into commitments though and will find themselves searching for ways out of it. The Results person is not afraid of breaking a commitment if they believe it is the right things for them to do. They will logically assess if the situation warrants a sincere commitment and if it does not then they will have no problem backing out of something.

In a Meeting: Troublemaker.

Under Pressure: Results respond better under pressure because it requires them to act in the moment. They can often procrastinate if they have too much time on their hands and struggle to motivate themselves. When forced to make quick decisions, they are often very capable of getting things done.

As a performance appraiser: Style - Prefers to evaluate others by how well they meet the standards and challenges set forth by the Developer; Result - I's , S's and C's are likely to get the feeling that the reception is cold and not at all empathetic; Outcome - Appraisee is likely to be relieved it's all over while the Developer can get on with things.

As a customer service representative: Style - Developers put relationship building as secondary to fixing the problem. Never put a Developer across the counter from the customer who wants to vent; Result - Perfect when customer service means getting to the point, fixing the problem and moving on to the next customer. For all other situations there will be problems; Outcome - Maybe two-thirds of the population will hear an abrupt “tell me what you want me to do to the fix your problem” as cold and unempathetic. Developers are really not suited to these roles.

Tension Warner:

DD - D with D - Competition, Threat.

DI - D with I - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

DS - D with S - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Guarded v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

DC - D with C - Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

In the Personal Space

How others are judged: Inefficient Judgeology™. Resultshave little or no patience for individuals who cannot seem to get their work done properly or who are inefficient. Being driven and hard-working leads to being totally frustrated with laziness or incompetency. No excuses made and no excuses given. Loyalty is a must and watch out if you are a liar or commit acts of betrayal.

Cause of anxiety: When the Results is not able to extract what you need from your environment - affection, attention, a job opportunity or a physical need.

Shyness Gauge™ (Out of the 16 patterns. Scale: Lower number is more shy: 16/16

When ill: The Results pops some drugs, chugs along on energy drinks and carries on with a business as usual basis. If it is not terminal, what is there to complain about?

At the shopping mall: Lost in the Spencer Gifts store. For those out of North America, their stores specialise in novelty and gag gifts and also sell clothing, band merchandise, sex toys, room decor, collectible figures, fashion and body jewellery together with fantasy and horror items. It is the only store the Results will go to for their back-to-school shopping.

As the gift buyer: The Results has pride with their ability to choose the absolute perfect item that their loved ones did not know they wanted. Lives on the edge by picking them all out with two days to spare with Amazon dispatching them straight to their loved one’s homes.

What they want as a gift: An adventure, weapons, something practical, money, a game, treats, music.

What sort of holiday: Sailing the Atlantic enjoying being part of the action at all the holiday gatherings and parties.

What sort of clothes do they wear - male: Often very active and athletic and so many of them are bound to show that off with fashionable form-fitting clothing and athletic wear. Their personal style is likely to be a bit dressed-down and casual but sporty and respectable. They may enjoy dressing to the nines for formal occasions and showing the world how well they can clean up when they want to.

What sort of clothes do they wear - female: A social butterfly among that lives for spontaneity. A printed shirt suits the love for unexpectedness and a cute statement piece.

As a house guest: As Host: Stay here; ignore the mess. As Guest: I'll decide when I leave.

Contents of wardrobe (fun perspective):
“Wait, I have a closet?”

In a relationship / dating:
Experience and Enthusiasm. Red Flag if you hear this - "I'm super passive. Why take initiative?" Not negotiable with the partner - Dormancy. Biggest Strength - Resourceful. Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves showing off. Best restaurant / night club / expensive bar. Will be seeking - Casual sex. Target area priority - LOVABLE - 3%; ROMANTIC 15%; SEXUAL 50%. Soulmate - Objective Thinker.

Compatibility: Click here.

At the bar: Tolerance for bulltish even lower than usual.

In the bedroom: Vigorous Bedroomer. Your natural aggression is something that translates very well into the bedroom. You are willing to take charge and know how to keep a healthy balance. You have a very creative and intuitive way of making sex interesting for both you and your partner. You do not want things to become too boring, but with you that is unlikely to ever happen. You may have a tendency to schedule sexual encounters, but make up for it in your ability to keep things fresh. You take your partner on a vigorous and imaginative love-making journey, which they will never forget.

Dalliance or not? Impulsive and and may be more prone to getting swept up by the feeling of the moment without sufficiently considering the ramifications of their actions. They take pride in their image and appearance and it is likely that they receive attention for their attractiveness. Compliments about their appearance from the opposite sex are likely to be a major stroke to their ego that may encourage them to sabotage their relationships with risky liaisons. Top 5 Rank = 2.

How they deal with clutter: Organised Chaos Clutter. Messiness and religious tidiness are both inefficient. You are a firm advocate of organised chaos. As long as everything is right where you know where it is. Arguments with your significant other may start with: “I can’t believe you threw out those papers scattered on the laundry machine. Those were important!”. Results folk are one of the most disorganised types due to their propensity to live in the moment. While this is a great trait, it means that sometimes forgetting about things as soon as they happen, like signing up for that free trial that starts billing them after 30 days. Apps may assist to identify where money is being wasted on things long forgotten about.

What sort of kitchen: The Sophisticated Industrial Kitchen. You are logical, assertive and influential. Sometimes it takes a hard edge to really push things through. You appreciate strong industrial-style elements — cage pendant lights, metal stools — but you're not interested in roughing it. Traditional cabinets (painted black) keep the look sophisticated and only slightly intimidating — just how you like it.

What religion: 34.33% of this pattern are religious. Rank: 12/16. Likely religion: Hedonism.

Problems with faith / religion: This pattern finds it difficult to have faith, since they are so connected to facts and the physical world around them. They find themselves wanting to have things proven before they can actually believe in their sincerity. They strive to learn as much as they can so that they do not walk into anything with false information. They definitely do not find it easy to believe in the things they cannot see and sometimes this lack of faith can be upsetting for them. Oxor™ states that the blind acceptance of faith is at odds with being a Thinker.

What they like at a music festival: Drinks a lot at the festival. Most likely to have somehow smuggled in massive volumes of alcohol. Probably successfully crowd surfed in between acts.

What they like as their musical instrument: Banjo. Why? The Results is ambitious, loves adventure and is often seen as a rebel. The banjo represents their independent spirit and straight shooting style.

What sort of friend: Up for anything, track the details. The fun friend who is always up for absolutely anything. If they truly care about you they probably shower you with gifts and try to remind you of how awesome they are. Can get lonely if their friends are always finding excuses to stay home and not hang out or interact and if they do not have one good friend who really understands them.

Weird feature: Macho. Enjoys crude humor and generally come across as being masculine. Rank: 4/10.

In the classroom: Away because he is at a sports club meeting.

Attitude to money and risk

Augmentation: Keeps going and is a pleasure monger. Makes millions as a CEO, ‘retires’ by 40 but remains majority shareholder or director of several multinational corporations. A Player also. Overly impulsive and optimistic about risks and carefree about planning. Resourcefulness and a can-do attitude can be just what’s needed for an entrepreneurial experiment. As a risk taker. Results, together with Counselors, Achievers and Specialists have a fondness for risk-taking, especially in the immediate context. However, they do like to have a certain amount of security when it comes to their home life and the people that are important to them. They like having a “home base” whether it’s an actual home, a long-term friendships, a relationship, etc.. that they can return to at the end of the day (or week, or month). Results (and Counselors) scan their environment for interesting and novel experiences they can jump into right away. For example, they might be walking along the beach and see an opportunity to go hang-gliding and instantly get in line for the experience. They tend to be adaptable and quick to respond to sudden changes and developments. They tend to be stimulated by challenges and enjoy having many options and alternatives to consider. Results are quick to think on their feet and they tend to keep a steady head during a crisis. They are also good at scanning their environment for resources and solutions. Unlike some other types who might panic over a challenge, find themselves stimulated and invigorated by it. Results are always looking around for new experiences and enjoyment and they can sometimes become scattered and move from project to project without completing anything. This tends to play out in them jumping from job to job or passion to passion without finding long-term contentment. If they fail to inwardly analyse the opportunities they embark on then they can make poor choices that fail in the long-term and figure out whether what they are doing is logical or has lasting value. Sometimes it means allowing themselves to be bored because it is the most reasonable thing to do or it is the thing most in line with their values.

Spending money: Pleasuremonger. Work Hard and Play Hard. Great income producers, indifferent attitude towards saving. Free spenders on what they want. Money is to be spent on themselves or invested for bumper returns; that's what it is for.

Financial toxicity: One upper. You might find that you are dragged into spending more than you want. They want to impress with cars, home, golf club membership, clothes etc. and, to stop their bragging, you might try to keep up. Be careful.... Trustworthy Ranking: Least (With Inspirational). (Often been taken advantage of by the people in their lives which causes them to have trust issues).

The following table shows the attitude to risk of each pattern

Tell tale sign
1 Director ESTJ
Take risks only to avoid losses
Orderly life
Wants to help but extremely bossy
2 Developer ENTJ
Only takes long term risks
Can back underdogs but are bullies
3 Results ESTP
Thrill seeker
Can see things through if committed
4 Inspirational ENTP
No comfort zone
No contingency plan
If self motivated - cross ts and dot is
5 Persuader ENFJ
Only take action after thorough analysis and preparation
Look after others
Invasive questions to help
6 Appraiser ESFJ
Only when the outcome is fairly secure
Order and convention - safe harbour
Only as petty as the people around them
7 Promoter ENFP
Crazy ideas
Question, debate, procrastinate
8 Counselor ESFP
Cannot stand still
Just do it
Sharper than they appear
9 Specialist ISFP
Spontaneous, experimental, unpredictable
Gets stressed
Constantly analysing but appear flaky
10 Investigator INFJ
Only if reward exceeds the risk
Will not risk it if others are to be hurt
Are cold if you do not know them well
11 Agent INFP
Spontaneous of thought and slow of deed
Have analysis paralysis
Will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right
12 Achiever ISTP
Pursues something new and interesting; adrenaline junkies
Gets bored easily
Some pursue extreme sports; others stay safe
13 Practitioner ISFJ
Deliberately structure their lives to avoid taking risks and are difficult to get going
Scared of potential for failure. Only jump after considering pros, cons and safety net
Feelings > interests. More interested in keeping the peace than getting exactly what they want. The master of passive-aggressive behaviour.
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
Vigilant, cautious and wary of risk, only trusting what is true and verifiable
Zero chance of them doing anything that permanently damage their body
If a new method beats out an old one, will swap
15 Perfectionist INTP
Takes risks in order to break new ground
Even tempered and rational
Enjoying social interaction yet not capable of it
16 Enhancer INTJ
Calculated risks if can see a gain
Have back up - are very sensible
Want to hear other angles even if do not agree initially
Objective Thinker

When Nefarious - actions are highly reprehensible or offensive in character

Seeks thrills, opportunities, and pleasure at the expense all who get in their way. They are excellent manipulators, who take no issue with swindling, cheating or lying to get what they want. Often 'the end justifies the means.' They have no concern for the feelings and values of other people and stifle any moral considerations that enter their minds. Life is for taking advantage of, living to the fullest and exploiting, even if it means leaving a trail of broken hearts and bullied souls in their wake. Nefarious Results folk get a thrill out of negative or positive attention and may enjoy bullying or annoying other individuals simply for the rush it gives them. Mr. Hyde of Jekyll and Hyde. They can be reckless, dangerously impulsive and hedonistic. Crimes: Pass out drunk; Speed while drink driving; Endangerment.

Bratty behaviour (Bratology™): Coercing others into submission. A powerful self-starter. Masters of pinpointing the most efficient way of getting things done and sometimes this requires the participation of other people. As long as things are going okay, will respect others’ boundaries. When a derailment occurs, may manipulate and force and threaten others into acting in a way that serves them. The end justifies the means. This is extremely effective in the best of times and morally questionable in the worst.

When guilty: Not Guilty. Often internalises feelings of guilt rather than facing them directly. Often experience feelings of guilt when the people they love try to manipulate them into feeling this way. May take the blame for things that they should not but often fail to see where they are truly making mistakes. Are not strongly aware of their own emotions, preferring to live life in the moment rather than focus on feelings. May feel guilty but will push those feelings aside, finding ways to move on. Rather than harbouring negative emotions, preferring to enjoy life as it comes. Shame: Living in the present moment sometimes causes them to do things that are later regretted. When those closest have been upset, will feel very ashamed by their actions. Best way to help a Results cope with their feelings of shame is by letting them know that you forgive them. Needs to realise that everyone makes mistakes and they cannot be perfect. Once reminded of how many wonderful things they do for others, will be able to move past their shame.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour: Sometimes. Is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.

The Sir Robertson Sole symptoms™ - as the "asshole"!

The Confrontationalist - The Donald Trump R. Sole. The Oaf. Acts like an R. Sole but is secretly cuddly. Good at sport but that's about it. Spends time on pranks. Loves motorcycles. Sometimes turn into wailing mockeries of adult people because they think it’s fun. It’s what they live for. They’ll carry a gun into a bank just because it is fun to scare the poor innocents. They will stand by the roadside and flash motorcyclists so they can watch them crash. Nothing is off limits. Results folk cannot be helped. Usually dumb as rocks, but the highly intelligent Results folk are scary. Seem cute and fun until you meet them.

On R.Sole steroids - The Burned Out Pornstar: Always down for a pound. And great at it if you can get it before they contract the first of fifteen STD's they are bound to suffer throughout their shameless life. Fond of loudly confessing their sins as they enjoy guilt. Results folk like how it makes them feel. Oh yes! You're the filthy one aren't you?
Insulting tags: Unattractive. "You are simply unlovable". "Why can’t you be as cool as your brother?"
Worst quality: Impatient.
Prof. Sole nominates Prince Charles, Donald Trump, Glenn Beck and Marquis de Sade.

Robert Sole's Conviction™: The obnoxious straight boy in the gym class. Insane on the outside, normal on the inside.

The following table shows the population of each pattern

Source: Australian Psychological Type Review and others.

MALE - Aus
1 Director ESTJ
2 Developer ENTJ
3 Results ESTP
4 Inspirational ENTP
5 Persuader ENFJ
6 Appraiser ESFJ
7 Promoter ENFP
8 Counselor ESFP
9 Specialist ISFP
10 Investigator INFJ
11 Agent INFP
12 Achiever ISTP
13 Practitioner ISFJ
14 Objective Thinker ISTJ
15 Perfectionist INTP
16 Enhancer INTJ
Objective Thinker
Highest 4
14 & 1 &
16 & 2 = 54.2%
13 & 14 &
7 & 11 = 40.0%
1 & 3 &
5 & 14 = 51.5%
6 & 8 &
1 & 9 = 48.0%