Observing the extraction of revenge and how it is done can make it easy for you to pick their pattern

An act or instance of retaliating in order to get even
Observing people when they are taking out revenge or when they are your enemy can be handy when picking someone's pattern and revengeful outcomes are something you would be wise to avoid. Some folk conduct revengeful actions as a way of life.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how.

This page is the work of Elizabeth Hunter™; a master of embellishing, reordering, commenting, and interpreting chronicles to twenty-first century times. These are extracted from repositories and found to be extended accounts in prose, sometimes including legendary material.

Conducted and composed by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update May 20, 2023

1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

Revenge style: They Usurp You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Pragmatic and hard-working, the Director has a gift for taking charge of situations that are being inefficiently managed. If someone gets on a Director's bad side (usually through dishonesty or laziness), they will quickly organise a plan that demotes them to a position worthy of their efforts. They believe in justice and fairness so do not expect a free-ride with these types. And do not try to win them over through emotional manipulation or trickery, they have zero patience for it and are easily able to detach from their emotions to see the situation exactly for what it is.

How Revenge is implemented: Directors are dangerous because they are so very competent and effective at almost anything they do. Their natural leadership ability allows them to just waltz in and take over the show but others tend to appreciate having someone who seems to know what they are doing. Directors are able to acquire power and status through their rocket-propelled career path and are likely to occupy positions where they get to make important decisions that affect many people. Revenge will most likely take place in professional areas. Would 10/10 sabotage a colleague out of revenge or jealousy or pettiness because their victim was promoted or favoured or the Director is threatened by them.

As your enemy: Directors generally avoid making an enemy out of you. However, Directors are very aggressive and do have a tendency to push your buttons. Directors are unafraid of having enemies and will come at you outwardly instead of subtly. They will probably attempt to intimidate you into backing down and will find ways to make you feel threatened, maybe even physically.

Why you are loathed: Because you publicly humiliated the Director!

The reaction when betrayed: The Director is often very loyal and strongly dislikes being betrayed by others. They will probably become hurt at first but have a tendency to move on when someone betrays their trust. The Director will likely just alter their behaviour to avoid being hurt by this person again. They do not like cutting people out of their lives and will often struggle with doing so. They strive to build a community and want to be able to maintain a sense of control and structure.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Be really harsh and dispense some tough love or take tough action. They have little reservations about cutting off all contact with someone they have identified as being no longer worth their time. They do not want to deal with any drama so there will be little words exchanged. Just a prompt removal followed by a replacement if necessary.

2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

Revenge style: They Crush You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: The Developer is a formidable enemy for a number of reasons. They are excellent at mobilising resources and supervising the implementation of complex, multi-faceted plans. This means that they can quickly and efficiently come up with ways to dismantle someone they believe is corrupt or ill-suited for their role. Also, if you violate their values, waste their time or hurt someone they love they can become intensely focussed and passionate about your demise. These individuals can instantly objectify their personal feelings and maintain control while they come up with a plan of attack. Finally, they have powerful insights into what is likely to happen and can use that vision to create a detailed and effective plan of ambush. It pays not to make these bullies angry.

Inflamed by: People the Developer dislikes. These people will be verbally disembowelled. May come after others if bored and thinks it is actually fun.

How Revenge is implemented: Developers are very dangerous because they can run a tight ship and crush their competitors with it. They are very competent and whatever they set out to do, it is wise not to bet against them. They have an enormous amount of belief in themselves and they have tremendous vision and perseverance to allows them to bring to fruition grand ambitions others would not have thought possible. You do not want to have an Developer as your enemy as they have no compunction in crushing you for revenge. If if you somehow know they’re plotting against you, it is because they want you to know by Developers will allow others to get a taste of their revenge plan. Their plan will not fail, but you may be able to convince them to show mercy by submitting to their will completely. You have been warned.

As your enemy: Developers can be very aggressive and resourceful enemies. They may attempt to use intimidation and / or confrontation to make you fearful of them. They are skilled at taking charge and if need be can be very good at putting pressure on you. They probably do not see you as enough of a threat to even consider you an enemy. However, if they do, they are probably very upfront about it and do not feel a need to hide their dislike of you.

Why you are loathed: Because the Developer thinks that you suck at life!

The reaction when betrayed: The Developer does not take betrayal well at all. Loyalty is extremely important and they do not have patience for people who betray them. They want to have people in their lives that they can trust and rely on completely. The Developer is often very loyal to the people close to them and expect this in return. When someone betrays them, they will most likely become very angry. They are the bully, after all. They will express to this person just how wrong they are and may attempt to make them realise how badly they have screwed up. The Developer may be vengeful at first, but once this rage dissipates they will probably just remove this person from their lives.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Openly insult and humiliate you. They will proceed to get ahead or advance themselves at your expense and make you feel like a fool for having been outsmarted or exploited. They will treat such people like tools or pawns to get what they need from them and then dispense with them when it is convenient to do so.

Example: The 29th Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. Perhaps the WOAT Australian; in all respects.

3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

Revenge style: They Trick You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Incredibly in touch with the present moment, the Results is just itching for an opportunity to take down the "bad guy" in any situation. They get a rush from being in action and responding to threats and surprise events. While other people need time to acclimate to incoming danger, the results has a very quick reaction time and can act spontaneously to head off a crisis. Their power is not only physical, however. While still in action they can mentally take apart a problem, look at it from different angles and analyse it to find leverage points where they can combat their enemy quickly. If you try to physically or verbally attack a Results they will respond faster than you can imagine. In any debate they are quick, concise and keenly aware of their opponents physical and logical weak points.

How Revenge is implemented: Like the Appraiser, the Results person can leverage their popularity and social currency to turn everyone against you. Are very persuasive and adept at compelling others to see things their way. Because of this, are able to get away with things most people could not. They can use mind tricks and distract people with their charm and slick talk while causally picking their pockets and relieving them of their wrist watch and wallet in taking revenge. You have been warned.

As your enemy: Results folk usually do not feel a need for making an enemy out of you. If they do, they will probably attempt to convince themselves they had no choice in the matter. They may talk negatively about you in an attempt to deter others from you them. Results folk are not at all afraid of conflict.

Why you are loathed: Because the Results says that you never want to go outside!

The reaction when betrayed: The Results often becomes very offended by betrayal and may not handle it very well. They do have a tendency to hold grudges and may struggle with forgiving others. They often remember every little detail of another person’s actions and have a hard time letting go of these memories. The Results might cut someone out of their life when they feel betrayed by them in an attempt to shield themselves from further hurt.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Be likely to snap and resort to physical force. They are impulsive and active but they are not necessarily violent. But they are reactive and sometimes temperamental and so when they become fed up with someone they may let their fists do the talking. Afterwards they may not regret it either, as physical expression of their feelings is probably very cathartic and satisfying for them.

4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

Revenge style: They Manipulate You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: The Inspirational gets a thrill from playing devil’s advocate and questioning pre-established rules and traditions. These types are dangerous when they are underestimated or forced into a corner. In situations like this they can easily unhinge an entire organisation by dismantling one small part of it. They quickly notice how complex systems are maintained and how each piece plays a role. Strategic and visionary, they are able to solve (or create) technical puzzles that will stump even the most analytical mind. Risk is not a huge fear of theirs and they do not mind putting their security on the line to bring down an opponent. They enjoy the thrill of mixing things up and creating chaos in order to reveal the truth.

How Revenge is implemented: Inspirationals have the ability to psychologically manipulate and cause others to second guess what they thought they knew. This is Machiavelli’s philosophy: manipulation — a calculating, duplicitous and amoral personality, focussed on self-interest and personal gain. The Inspirational routinely recognizes a manifold of alternatives and contingencies that allow them to anticipate and find loopholes and work around restrictions put up against them. They can create clever mouse traps that ensnare others while evading the tricks set against them. The Inspirational can be like a cunning con artist in their ability to manipulate and fabricate tall tales. You are advised to proceed with extreme caution and guard against being cunningly manipulated. Inspirationals will not be ashamed of talking loudly about their revenge plots to their victim and the sad part about it, the victim is still going to succumb to their fate even after knowing how and when the revenge is going to take place. Inspirationals are cunning as an ess, aitch, one, tee house rat.

As your enemy: Inspirationals may try to smooth things over and tell you that you are a great person to be around. If an issue is not fixable, they may attempt to manipulate their friends into disliking you. They may continue to poke you if you do not come around, which will make things worse. They are sneaky.

Why you are loathed: Because you made the Inspirational feel really stupid!

The reaction when betrayed: The Inspirational often becomes angry and wants to seek vengeance. After a short time they often becoming disinterested and bored by the idea and realize it is pointless. Once the Inspirational has had time to cool down they are very capable of moving on from a betrayal. They realise that most people are not fully capable of loyalty and they often expect some sort of betrayal from others. They often find holding grudges against these people to be a waste of their energy and would much rather continue on with their lives. They have too many valuable distractions in their world to focus on someone else’s negative actions.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Verbally thrash you and cross every line they can think of. What is more, they will likely do it with style and humour and make a complete mockery of you that will be hard to refute. They are bound to use their intuition and crafty way with words (Ingeniously Problematic™) to hit a person where they know it will really hurt and target things about which they are insecure.

5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

Revenge style: They Blackmail You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Enthusiastic and inspiring, the Persuader is highly aware of other people’s motivations and goals. They can easily tune into the needs, wants and desires of others and find ways to help them grow and develop. However, while this emotional awareness is usually used for good, they can also use it to obliterate someone’s plans if that person is a threat or if the Persuader is in an unhealthy/immature state. The Persuader can easily communicate personally to all the people in a group so that they all feel motivated towards one goal. They are extremely persuasive and insightful. Whether they are creating armies, mobilising people towards a vision or planting distrust in a group towards their leader, the Persuader can be emotionally strategic for either good or evil depending on their motivation.

How Revenge is implemented: The Persuader is dangerous because they seem to know everything about everyone while, in many ways, remaining mysterious to others. They can get you to open up to them and divulge personal details that they can later blackmail you with. Their warmth and congeniality can be something upon which some people depend as a source of comfort and encouragement. When withdrawn from their normally sunny temperament and become judgmental and harsh, it can be emotionally devastating to others who thought the Persuader could do no wrong. So watch out with divulging too much as this can come back as revenge. Can act as fake as all get out with a beautiful smile as they plot the darkest revenge plan behind their friendly demeanor and no one would ever suspect them being a revenge types, including their victim, and it will be too late when they do.

As your enemy: Persuaders will become angry towards you if you hurt one of their loved ones in some fashion. They will tend to hold onto grudges for a long time. They will be resentful if someone they have cared for treats them poorly for a long time. If a Persuader decides that you are their enemy they can be very aggressive towards you and you will be frightened. They may find ways to manipulate others into feeling negatively towards you as well and are very skilled at doing so.

Why you are loathed: Because you do not see the Persuader's point if view!

The reaction when betrayed: The Persuader is a very giving individual and will often go to great lengths to make others happy. When a Persuader cares for someone there is not much that they will not do to make them happy. When someone betrays them they will probably become very upset and may attempt to shut off all emotions towards that person. They may react with anger and try to express to this person just how wrong their actions were. Eventually the Persuader will distance themselves from the person who hurt them and will hope to move on from it. They take their relationships very seriously and do not handle betrayal well. They may need to vent to friends and will need time to fully move on from the situation.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Have given up any hope of a relationship with that person. An Persuader who has given up on you is a devastating thing since they are such faithful optimists. They have the ability to see the good in almost anyone and to forgive them. Once they have reached the end of their patience, they will sever their ties and ostracize another person and brand them as a toxic and irredeemable lost cause.

6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

Revenge style: They Trample You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Supportive, interpersonally intelligent and deeply pragmatic, the Appraiser believes in shepherding the people they love and protecting them from harm. Because they are so protective of their loved ones and because they have a strong ability to impact the impressions of other people, they can easily destroy the reputation of someone who is a threat or gets on their bad side. They know how to infiltrate social settings and send out a warning about individuals who cannot be trusted. Under duress, they can also become physically responsive and impulsive in an attempt to defend or protect themselves from an opponent.

How Revenge is implemented: The Appraiser has their finger on the pulse of the groups they participate in. They have an ability to manipulate the group’s opinions of an individual and make everyone hate them. Can be two-faced and may appear loyal to some people when really they are loyal to someone else. Even though they are warm and friendly, the Appraiser's egotism can compel them to become petty and stoop to new lows when trying to stamp out their competition or people who threaten their popularity or status. This is how they take revenge.

As your enemy: Appraisers dislike the idea of making an enemy of you as they will tend to avoid being disliked. As their enemy an you can look forward to being shut out of their lives completely. If they are truly angry with you, they will rant and rave about you to others. In the end will pretend you do not exist. They may use manipulation to assassinate your character.

Why you are loathed: Because you never go anywhere with the Appraiser!

The reaction when betrayed: The Appraiser gives a lot of themselves to the people close to them and, because of this, they do not handle betrayal well at all. They have a tendency to pretend they are not affected when someone hurts them in an attempt to shield themselves from the pain. The Appraiser is very caring and warm but can often flip a switch and turn cold when someone hurts them deeply. They give a lot to the people around them and become extremely upset when those people take this for granted. The Appraiser is capable of removing people from their lives who betray them deeply. They will often do this as a way to avoid being hurt again, although they may feel guilty over it.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Socially ostracize you and proceed to block and ban you on all their social media channels. They will become emotionally cold towards you and no longer display any concern or empathy for your plight or problems. You are on your own as far as they are concerned and this attitude is very uncharacteristic for them. Their normally inclusive and welcoming orientation will be withdrawn from you and you will henceforth be treated as an outsider.

7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

Revenge style: They Dump You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: There are a lot of stereotypes regarding the Promoter. They are often portrayed as the lovable but disorganised goof ball who always has a smile for everyone. Memes about these types usually include rainbows, unicorns and confetti. But the real, genuine Promoter is a lot more insightful than these memes would imply. They have a sharp antenna for discerning other people’s motivations and expressing those motivations out loud. They get a "gut feeling" when something is good or bad or when someone is being phony or inauthentic or that they may be held to account. If you are trying to pull something over on an individual (or a group of people) you had better hope a Promoter is not around to call you out on it. These types may be empathetic and conscientious, but they also have a knack for testing people, revealing their true intentions and making people aware of their own hypocrisy.

How Revenge is implemented: There is more than one way to skin a cat and Promoters can think of more ways than most people could. Promoters are dangerous because they can be manipulative and win people over to their side using charm and charisma and sometimes wrap them around their little finger. Promoters can acquire power and influence because of this and once they have it, it can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. Promoters, fortunately, tend to have good values which they stick by. Against their enemies however, they can be surprisingly cut throat and will not hesitate to permanently remove people from their lives who they have deemed truly toxic, even in the environment of suspension of facts.
This is termed the 'Bitch Slap' - An outward attack towards another person. This attack is made using facts and logic collected, which may not be factual and logical. When 'wronged' or 'another person is wronged', will use a rather strong sense of righteous indignation to fuel their attack to ward off further hurt to making another person realise they were wrong. They use their collected 'facts' and 'information' as a way of tearing down the other person’s argument. They will bring up as many 'facts' as are necessary and aggressively and straightforwardly tear apart this person’s argument, finding ways to show them that they are wrong. The Promoter is mystified if challenged and you are dumped or you dump the Promoter, never to return. This is why the Promoter is 200% evil - see Obnoxiousness Explorer™.

As your enemy: If you dislike a Promoter, they will probably feel very shocked and want to try to rectify the situation while not feeling any aggression towards you. They are most likely to try to and force you to like them, by showing you their very best. If it comes to a point where you threaten a Promoter by way of your differing morals and moral values, they may attempt to turn others against you as a last resort.

Why you are loathed: Because the Promoter thinks that you hate the Promoter!

The reaction when betrayed: The Promoter is often very surprised by betrayal and cannot understand why someone would want to hurt them. They are caring and fun individuals who often see the best in others. They are always concerned with how their actions affect others and truly do not want to hurt someone else. The Promoter often has a very big heart and are open and communicative individuals. When someone betrays them, they will probably attempt to pretend like they are not hurt and retreat from the situation. The Promoter is very perceptive, but often overlooks other people’s negative traits. When they care for someone, they can be unaware of an oncoming betrayal. The Promoter may attempt to understand why the other person betrayed them and may seek counsel from others.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Erupt in righteous indignation and lay down the infamous Promoter 'Bitch slap'. After that, they will shift their focus away from the perpetrator and let bygones be bygones. They do not want to dwell on negative people and would rather purge them from their system so thay can move on and learn from the experience.

8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

Revenge style: They Relegate You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Often gregarious and outgoing, people tend to underestimate the Counselor because they seem so friendly and non-threatening at first glance. However, beneath their smiles and charming humou, the Counselor is quick to pick up on non-verbal cues and relevant data. They are totally tuned into the present moment and are continuously scanning for reactions and details that do not fit. This makes it easy for them to spot hidden agendas, phony behaviour or unexpected attacks. They enjoy being the first to react to a surprise event and get a thrill from exceeding limits and expectations. Challenge a Counselor or try to trick them and you will be in for a very quick reality check.

How Revenge is implemented: Counselors can use their sway and social clout to ostracize and marginalize other people. Although they are super friendly and happy, Counselors can become mean and spiteful against those who wrong them. They have power through popularity and to some people they can do no wrong. When Counselors receive to much acclaim, all the attention can go to their heads and they can become self-aggrandizing. It can lead to ill-advised and impulsive decisions and their impetuous, in-the-moment mentality can sometimes backfire and land them in hot water when taking revenge.

As your enemy: Counselors will usually ignore the presence of you as an enemy altogether. If they do feel the need to address this with you, they may resort to petty insults and trashing you name to make you go away.

Why you are loathed: Because Counselors can have a depressing or negative effect!

The reaction when betrayed: The Counselor really hates the feeling of being betrayed and even more so hate not being able to let go of betrayal. They want to enjoy their lives and prefer to have fun. They dislike being bogged down by negativity, especially if it is because someone has wronged them. The Counselor wants to be able to forgive, but sometimes they struggle with this. They may forgive someone openly, but secretly hold a grudge against them.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Assert their self esteem and remind the other person why they do not need them and that they are better looking or better this and better that etc. They will insist that they have more going for them and try to make the other person feel like inferior or undesirable. They will make a point of demonstrating who needs who and that they are the real star of the show, not the other person.

9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

Revenge style: They Put You In Your Place.

The risk and why they are dangerous: The Specialist is a strong-willed defender of those who they believe are persecuted, oppressed or disadvantaged. They pair their emotional awareness with a keen attentiveness to what is happening around them in the present moment. While they may seem gentle and easy-going at first glance, they can quickly switch gears and become intense and physically aggressive in defence of someone they are protecting. They enjoy the thrill of action and physical experience and can move quickly to take action in a situation where the values or safety of someone they care about is threatened. They can also quickly spot signs of inauthenticity or hidden motives. This makes them very hard to trick or manipulate.

How Revenge is implemented: It is easy to underestimate the Specialist because of their quiet and good-natured temperament. But they are also capable of intense emotional outbursts which can take others by surprise. When they are spurned or wronged by someone, they are capable of going to great lengths to exact revenge. Specialists may turn crazy when they get burned by someone and can attempt to humiliate or publicly shame them in retaliation. They may lash out in rather immature ways and impulsively say and do vicious, hurtful things they may later regret.

As your enemy: Specialists will be unlikely to see you as a enemy. They dislike conflict and keep to themselves most of the time. They do not feel the need to hold grudges and will generally just avoid you if you dislike them. Instead of addressing the conflict at hand, they will probably just step away from it.

Why you are loathed: Because you said that something the Specialist created was stupid!

The reaction when betrayed: The Specialist is a very forgiving individual and is very capable of accepting someone back into their lives after they have been betrayed. They do not forget when they have been hurt by someone and will attempt to shield themselves from that hurt once again by adjusting their behaviour around the betrayer. The Specialist prefers not to hold grudges and are capable of understanding that everyone makes mistakes. It takes a lot for them to cut someone out of their lives; normally they would prefer to move on from the betrayal. The Specialist may struggle with completely forgetting when they have been betrayed, even though they attempt to completely forget about it.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Erase a person from their lives and purge themselves of any traces or remnants of things associated with them. They will treat such a person as though they do not exist and will ignore them in public and on social media. Life is just too short to be dealing with people that spoil their happiness or spread negativity like a virus. Although they are normally very nice and friendly people, they can become very cold and unforgiving to a person they are finished with.

10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

Revenge style: They Deceive You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Often underestimated, the Investigator has a strong sense about the future and what is likely to happen. They easily see how situations will unfold and how people will be affected. They can often forge empathic connections with others and understand how they are feeling on a deep, intuitive level. While usually these talents are used for good, if you betray an Investigator or hurt someone they love, they can be experts in psychological warfare. They tend to know exactly the right words to say to get underneath someone’s skin or the exact scenarios to put them on edge. They can mentally unhinge people as a way of getting them to own up for their mistakes and take responsibility. Sometimes this ability can be used in a healthy way, and other times it can be destructive and tactless.

How Revenge is implemented: Investigators can conceal their true feelings from others and project an image or facade that is deceptive. They can be like social chameleons, reading the people they interact with and modifying their own behaviour to effectively blend in. The Investigator can pretend to be obtuse and harmless when in fact they notice and pick up a lot of information about people that can be deployed against them. Have a strong will and can shift from being altruistic (unselfish) to cunning when it comes to invoking revenge. Can act as fake as all get out with a beautiful smile as they plot the darkest revenge plan behind their friendly demeanor and no one would ever suspect them being a revenge types, including their victim, and it will be too late when they do.

As your enemy: Investigators can be extremely manipulative, seek out your weak points and be potentially hurtful. However, it would take a lot of pushing by you to cause that. You need to watch out for the Investigator as they can be two faced - the most kind and the most sinister. They will be spiteful towards you and may just shut you out of their lives as if you never existed.

Why you are loathed: Because you made the Investigator feel that their emotions were invalid!

The reaction when betrayed: The Investigator is a very caring individual who enjoys helping others, but they do not let people in very easily. It takes a lot for an Investigator to trust someone enough to let that person hurt them. Because of this, they often do not handle the feeling of betrayal well. They give a lot to others and often invest a lot of their energy into understanding their friends and loved ones. When the Investigator allows someone in and shares parts of themselves with this person, it is a very intense and meaningful experience. When someone that they care for betrays them, they feel extremely hurt. If the person’s actions were very intense the Investigator may feel very angry towards them and want to lash out. The Investigator can be very intense when they are angry and are capable of truly making others regret their betrayal. Most likely, the Investigator will retreat and cut off contact from this person. They are the masters of the door slam, ahead of the Enhancer. They will attempt to remove themselves from the hurt and will probably take time to mourn the loss of that relationship. It is almost like a death to an Investigator when they go through a strong betrayal.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Put their foot down and turn the tables on the source of their umbrage. They will slam doors and declare war. But more of a psychological war where they use their insights to expose and shame a person for the crooked or ignominious person they may be. More often, they will simply discontinue associating with that person (They are the No. 1 Doorslammer) but they may also stoop to levels they would normally not deign to and use unsavory tactics to get even.

11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

Revenge style: They Vilify You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: The Agent has an innate desire to champion the underdogs of the world. These types are not easily dissuaded from their cause and, while they may seem serene and gentle at first glance, they can become fiery and intense if provoked. Pick on an animal, a child or a disadvantaged human and these types will take you down with a commitment and resolve that defies their ordinarily easy-going nature. They are also not easily manipulated. They tend to resist being pulled into other people’s feelings, instead preferring to stay true to their own feelings and what they truly believe is important in life.

How Revenge is implemented: Agents can sometimes be very calculating despite their delicate, insubstantial and impressionistic temperament. Others may not realize how analytical and observant they can be which can contribute to a compounding of internal strife and festering contempt unbeknown to others. Anger may consume them until finally they lash out without warning in revenge. The strength of an Agent's convictions can make it very difficult to talk them out of something irrational or crazy they believe to be “right” or “good” e.g. some cause such as animal welfare, human rights etc.

As your enemy: The Agent's worst enemy is often the Agent. They are usually harsher on themselves than they are other people. Although tend to avoid conflict and dislike making enemies. You will be an enemy if you are seen as dishonest or immoral in some way. Initially the Agent will probably attempt to avoid you and cut you out of their lives. In some cases the Agent will be very passive aggressive towards you and find subtle ways of showing disrespect to you, often by insult or criticism. You may have your character assassinated in front of others so that people see exactly what the Agent sees in you. If an Agent is outright aggressive towards you, an Agent will probably feel very remorseful afterwards.

Why you are loathed: Because the Agent thinks you are fake!

The reaction when betrayed: The Agent takes their personal relationships very seriously. They desire meaningful and deep connections with people. Once they develop trust with someone it is important not to break that trust. They have a strong sense of morals and often do not want to surround themselves with people who lack loyalty. If someone exhibits such nasty behaviou the Agent probably will have a hard time ever trusting that person again. They care very deeply about others and become extremely hurt when they are betrayed. Because of this the Agent will probably have a very hard time letting anyone else in for a while. They will need time to regroup and heal from the damage that has been done.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Promptly dispense with their normally peaceable manner and switch into psycho-avenger mode. It is not enough to cut their loss and move on, they will likely have a taste for revenge and they may seek to get even in petty and ruthless ways. They may try to mirror or duplicate the violation committed against them to make the other person experience what they felt or had to endure because of their actions.

12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

Revenge style: They Menace You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Observant and adaptable, the Achiever tends to be the enemy you never saw coming. Beneath their stoic exterior they are always picking up on relevant data, information and nonverbal cues. They inwardly analyse situations and events to find expedient solutions to problems. Their detached yet observant insight makes it easy for them to protect themselves from emotional manipulation while also knowing all their enemies weaknesses, tendencies and tactics. They can use this knowledge to beat their enemies to the punch, surprise them or overtake them physically, or logically dismantle them in an argument.

How Revenge is implemented: While an Achiever is not necessarily a sociopath (anti social personality disorder), their lack of emotion and emotional responsiveness can make them appear like one. Achievers can detach themselves from their feelings and become cold and unempathetic. At worst, they may exhibit antisocial behaviour where they act out impulsively with little regard for their action’s impact on anyone else. Achievers can figure things out very quickly and are able to beat others to the punch. They are very daring and willing to take risks others are too afraid try when taking revenge. Also, they analyse their victim by breaking them down as if they are another piece of machinery or equipment to “fix.”

As your enemy: Achievers probably feel like having you as an enemy would be a complete waste of their time and they would do their best to avoid you. If you continued to bug them, they would probably address it honestly in an attempt to deter you. In the end the Achiever will ignore you until you go away. If it goes too far and you do not go away, be prepared for the Achiever to get physical.

Why you are loathed: Because the Achiever sees that you never want to try anything new!

The reaction when betrayed: The Achiever is very laid-back and because of this can often be forgiving when others hurt them. They will logically attempt to understand the betrayal and where the other person was coming from. Once they come to a conclusion the Achiever is often capable of forgiving and understanding that everyone makes mistakes. They rarely allow people to get close enough to truly betray them and are very hard to offend or hurt.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Become ice cold towards them and will not show any feeling or concern for them. They may go on the offensive and project a menacing capacity for causing them harm or flippantly engage in passive aggressive acts that demonstrate their contempt. Outside of that they will shut a person out of their lives but may try to showcase how much better off they are than the other person in an attempt to trigger jealousy and envy in them.

13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

Revenge style: They Turn Against You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Detail-oriented, observant and careful, the Practitioner are not easily turned into enemies. They prefer to stay at peace with the world around them and do not like confrontation or conflict or being held to account. However, if someone violates one of their deeply-held values or hurts someone they love they can become surprisingly intense and focussed in their retaliation efforts. They are hard to distract from their cause and they can work in a patient, methodical fashion to dismantle every detail of their enemy’s plan. They can also quickly scope out emotional weaknesses, hasty mistakes and bad habits that they will use against their enemy.

How Revenge is implemented: Practitioners are dangerous because anything you say and do can and will be held against you, forever until the end of time. Practitioners can be long suffering and forgiving but they have their limits and once reached they can shift from nurturing caregivers to being bitter, harsh-tempered or overbearing. The Practitioner will rely on their long memories and will never forget that embarrassing thing that happened to you and they can use that knowledge to blackmail you. They can hijack your conscience and send you on a guilt trip all the way to the edge of the milky way. Be careful!

As your enemy: The Practitioner will avoid making an enemy of you. However if you wrong the Practitioner, they may have a tendency to hold grudges for a long time but they will attempt to push it aside. Their anger may come out in passive aggressive ways, or they may use guilt manipulation.

Why you are loathed: Because you belittled the Practitioner's emotions!

The reaction when betrayed: The Practitioner is a very caring and loyal individuals and take betrayal very personally. When someone close to them betrays them it hurts them very deeply. They often have a hard time understanding why someone would betray them and may struggle with letting this go. Even if they do forgive someone, the Practitioner has a tendency to have a hard time fully forgetting the betrayal. They may continue to hold it against someone and might bring it up when further arguments occur. They are very conscious of how their actions affect others and do not appreciate when the people close to them cannot be as aware as they are.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Cut off all relations with that person and move on with their lives. They usually have enough support from other people in their lives to where they do not have to feel compelled to salvage or preserve an unhealthy relationship or association with a toxic or abusive person. If it is someone they actually love or care about, it can be very difficult to estrange themselves, but when they have been deeply hurt by them they can become ruthless and slow to forgive.

14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

Revenge style: They Scheme Against You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Focussed, logical and quick to notice patterns and inconsistencies, The Objective Thinker is the enemy you never saw coming. At first glance they seem reserved and down-to-earth, not particularly intense or combative. But the more time they spend around people the more they pick up on hidden weaknesses, habits, motives and tendencies. If someone poses a threat they can quickly turn their enemy’s defects against them while patiently composing the perfect scheme to render their plot effective. The Objective Thinker is are persistent, dedicated and not easy to distract. This can be a formidable weapon, especially if their opponent is easily sidetracked.

How Revenge is implemented: Objective Thinkers are dangerous because they can float under the radar but pick up on a lot of what goes on around them in a covert, fly-on-the-wall kind of way. Others may forget an Objective Thinker is even in the room because they are so quiet. Objective Thinkers can become unmatched in their efficiency and quickness in completing tasks thanks in part to their focus and planning skills. If an Objective Thinker wants to invoke revenge, they will likely formulate a perfect scheme that is well thought out down to the smallest details. Summary: They Scheme Against You.

As your enemy: The Objective Thinker will tend to keep to themselves and avoid unnecessary conflict. However, if the Objective Thinker feels like you are encroaching in on their lives or possibly effecting their chance of promotion, they may become angry. They are most likely to find subtle and strategic ways to overcome your actions instead of outright aggression although passive-aggression may be chosen as an option.

Why you are loathed: Because the Objective Thinker cannot count on you for anything!

The reaction when betrayed: The Objective Thinker is a very loyal individual and take their commitments very seriously. They are careful to be reliable friends and do what they can to avoid betraying others. They will be very upset if someone that they trust does something to betray them. The Objective Thinker will logically assess the situation and decide whether they should forgive this person or not. If it was a small betrayal they will most likely forgive them, but will adjust their behaviour to avoid letting this happen again. If the person's betrayal is too much the Objective Thinker will most likely remove this person from their lives.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Proceed to lambaste that person in self-righteous outrage. They do not deal with frustration very well and instead of having a one on one to explain their issue, they may seek instead to rid themselves of the problematic person. In all likelihood, prior to reaching this point, they may have become tired of fixing the problems created by the other person rather than tell the other person so that they could fix it.

15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

Revenge style: They Offend You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Knowledge is power, and knowledge is (usually) something that the Perfectionist has in spades. These personality types absorb data like a sponge and then they look for ways to analyse and critique that data to see how it fits into a larger context. In disaster situations or crisis scenarios they can easily detach from the current situation to find solutions and analyse various angles and leverage points. Finally, they can spot inconsistencies nearly instantly. This makes them dangerous because there is hardly a trap that can contain them that they cannot analyse their way out of. They can mastermind intricate plans of revenge and, if triggered, verbally attack an offender with scathingly accurate, debilitating assessments.

How Revenge is implemented: Perfectionists refrain from saying a lot of what enters their mind. This is often to other’s benefit because Perfectionists can say some pretty scathing (and accurate) insults that cut straight to the heart. Perfectionists can be a bane to insecure managers who do not appreciate them calling out the fault in their reasoning in front of everyone and making them looking illogical and foolish. Perfectionists are dangerous because they can piece together the most cryptic clues and uncover secrets and substantial information they were not meant to know. It is wise not to lie. Perfectionists are also capable of intense anger when dealing with senseless people. Although not as charismatic as the Developer or sneaky as the Enhancer, Perfectionists are still brilliant in their own right and their brilliance is a terrible force to be reckoned with if you get on their bad side. Their planning is scientific and methodical, but there is a chance of them sparing the person if they dissect the pros and cons of bringing the hammer down and if they conclude there are too many risks. You have been warned, especially if you are dealing with the Perfectionist when they are in the role of a customer and your product or service is defective.

As your enemy: The Perfectionist is more likely to avoid you if they dislike you and often do not enjoy making enemies. A mature Perfectionist will find this pointless and will desire to squash the problem if possible. They are usually not afraid of you and are definitely willing to stand up for themselves if need be. You can be agitated by a Perfectionist by their tendency to strive for precision; they are not intending to make an enemy out of you. If you are constantly causing trouble for them, they may try even harder to agitate you in an effort to get you to knock it off.

Why you are loathed: Because you keep asking the Perfectionist why they look so upset!

The reaction when betrayed: The Perfectionist does not put their trust in people very easily and, because of this, are very hurt by betrayal. They often take a long time to warm to people and truly make others work to gain their trust. The Perfectionist is very capable of seeing others true intentions and are usually thrown off when people betray them. If they are betrayed it is probably because they trusted someone against their better judgment. They invest a lot in their close relationships and may be forced to step away once someone betrays them. They are willing to understand others actions though and, after some space from this person, the Perfectionist may be capable of forgiveness depending on where the betrayal came from.

When this pattern has reached the last straw with you, they will: Proceed to say everything they are normally too polite to say. They are capable of verbally crucifying people with sharp and devastating criticism that is even more hurtful because of the amount of truth it contains. They will unload a truckload of unflattering observations that will likely make the other person feel very stupid and foolish.

16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

Revenge style: They Plot Against You.

The risk and why they are dangerous: Visionary and confident, the Enhancer is skilled at anticipating far in advance how situations will likely play out. Once they sense how things will unfold, they work backwards to see the most likely trends and how each piece or person played a part. This makes it nearly impossible to hide a plan from an Enhancer. They are also more insightful than people realise into the hidden motivations of others. They notice phoniness and emotional manipulation quickly and have no problem calling it out on the spot. You need to have your 'A' game and genuine facts with you. Justice and fairness is central to their value system and if someone betrays that sense of justice they can become a daunting opponent. They can quickly organise a plan of attack that is both complex and filled with contingency plans so that it is nearly impossible to avoid.

How Revenge is implemented: Enhancers are dangerous because they can go the distance in staging an elaborate plot and actually get away with it. They are not called masterminds for nothing. Extremely good at research and are able to find out lots of things about people. In person, they also have a tendency to retain specific details about what people say and do, long after those people have forgotten. Can keep score and log everything they observe on the hard drive of their mind for later reference. This why dots will be connected that lead to insights long before anyone else would notice. Others never know if they are being plotted against. Enhancers are the goddesses of wisdom of all the patterns and their plan will not fail. Mercy is not in the vocabulary and they never forget when wronged.

As your enemy: The Enhancer will be more subtle than a Promoter. If they have reached a point of feeling like you are completely against them, they will find a strategic and logical way to attack you and will do so very well. Enhancers are intelligent enough to plan a much more effective way of coming against you than you ever bargained for.

Why you are loathed: Because the Enhancer has classified you as an idiot!

The reaction when betrayed: The Enhancer will often react to betrayal by removing that person from their lives. However, they may first attempt to understand why this person betrayed them. If their reasoning is clearly that it was an accident and the person seems to deserve a second chance, the Enhancer can be understanding and forgiving. If the person seems as though they will continue this negative behaviour the Enhancer sees no logic in keeping them around. They realise that the betrayals will just continue and find it wise to stop that from happening. In cases where the person is just exhibiting nasty behaviour the Enhancer feels no remorse in removing this person from their lives and completely shutting the door on them. The Enhancer is No. 1 at this (and it is forever) while the Investigator may reopen the door.

When this pattern has reached the very last straw with you, they will: Firmly dismiss you as a fcukwit unworthy of their time and will discontinue any further contact. They take the attitude that this person can either end up disappearing or dying. They will feel no remorse; the person may as well have never existed. To reach this stage, the other person must have a PhD in being an asshole. They may, or may not, make it known in no uncertain terms what little respect they have for you and will spare no more of their precious energy or time dealing with you. You will be treated as an afterthought and they will not look upon you much but, if they do, it will be with stony contempt or apathetic impassivity or that you never had existed. As a very good planner, if the Enhancer is hell bent on seeing another person eat dirt, they will make them eat dirt.