Director - ESTJ

Possible Sitty™: London. (Aus: Melbourne)
Why? The London weather may be gloomy and rainy, but at least it remains consistent, which you can appreciate as one who is decisive.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Shanghai.
Why? Work hard, play hard.

by Y. River

Developer - ENTJ

Possible Sitty™: Toronto. (Aus: Brisbane)
Why? This friendly, chilled place will do your body and soul some good as you are pretty Type A and uberspecific about everything.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: New York.
Why? Getting things done.

by R. Giuliani

Results - ESTP

Possible Sitty™: Miami. (Aus: St. Klida)
Why? The nightlife and mix of diverse culture will feel just like home as there is never a dull moment in your full life.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Capetown.
Why? Daring new adventures.

by D. Cullinan

Inspirational - ENTP

Possible Sitty™: Tokyo. (Aus: Melbourne CBD)
Why? You are the leader of the crew, so why not venture to where all great trends start as you set the pace?
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Hong Kong.
Why? Learn, progress and change.

by B. Lee

Persuader - ENFJ

Possible Sitty™: São Paulo. (Aus: Sydney CBD)
Why? While Rio might get all the love, São Paulo is a financial hub for the movers and shakers like you who never stop moving.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Florence.
Why? Deep connections and fostering relationships.

by M. Angelo

Appraiser - ESFJ

Possible Sitty™: Seattle. (Aus: Cairns)
Why? The dual urban and natural environments are sure to make you feel at peace with your soft heart.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: LA.
Why? Hooking up, shacking up, breaking up and living it up.

by H. Boulevard

Promoter - ENFP

Possible Sitty™: Austin. (Aus: Adelaide)
Why? A modern city with tons of art and a mega food scene - all things artsy to bring you joy.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: San Francisco.
Why? Hippy-dippy attitude, intellectual focus, idealistic, liberal.

by A. Tram

Counselor - ESFP

Possible Sitty™: New Orleans. (Aus: Kings Cross)
Why? A bright personality like yours will shine even brighter in this vibrant city where you are everyone’s cheerleader.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Rio
Why? Party central.

by P. Animal

Specialist - ISFP

Possible Sitty™: Charleston. (Aus: Hobart)
Why? Your maternal side will love the charm of a southern city you are the mama bear of your crew.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Hawaii.
Why? Tranquility, harmony.

by P. Harbor

Investigator - INFJ

Possible Sitty™: Paris. (Aus: Sydney Lower North Shore)
Why? If the thought of lounging at a Parisian cafe sounds like heaven, then make that move as you know exactly where you want to be five years from now.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Paris.
Why? Class, culture, history and style.

by E. Tower

Agent - INFP

Possible Sitty™: Philadelphia. (Aus: Wollongong)
Why? USA's former capital, the Liberty Bell, and the Rocky steps, make this a wonder as you are sentimental and sensitive.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Amsterdam.
Why? Liberal values, drugs.

by M. Hana

Achiever - ISTP

Possible Sitty™: Houston. (Aus: Perth)
Why? This hospitable, but take no prisoners city, is where it is at for you as your friends know you are the straight shooter of the group.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Queenstown.
Why? Adrenaline, risks.

by S. Slope

Practitioner - ISFJ

Possible Sitty™: San Francisco. (Aus: Bondi)
Why? The cool vibe is a perfect fit as you keep it chilled and low-key.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Zurich
Why? No fuss, no disagreements.

by D. Mark

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Possible Sitty™: New York. (Aus: Sydney)
Why? The city of 24/7 hustlers is where you belong if your name is Gold Digger.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Berlin.
Why? Efficiency, independence.

by B. Wall

Perfectionist - INTP

Possible Sitty™: Hollywood. (Aus: Surfers Paradise)
Why? You are pretty cool under pressure. Nothing scares you, not even the traffic as when you see a problem you attempt to solve it.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Silicon Valley.
Why? New ideas to pick apart.

by C. Puter

Enhancer - INTJ

Possible Sitty™: Dubai. (Aus: Double Bay)
Why? Only the finest will do for you as you are classy with a kick.
Best Match Sitty™ to your pattern: Seattle.
Why? Progressive, science, technology.

by M. Soft

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