Observing the Social Justice Warrior, who is often a Vegan, or identifiable by you as a member (with no fees paid) of the "Latte Sipping Woke Brigade™",
can make it easy for you to pick their pattern and permit correct Super-Imposition™.

This is your typical SJW / 
							Vegan - Ugh!; But you have to deal with them!! No one in their right mind would employ such 
							people. Summer-Louise Surfer Duderino Pork-Belley™, CFW; The doyen of Pecksniffian SJWs - The Champagne Ess Jay Double-Ewe™; the Premier Hypocrite™


Oxor™ does not care less about SJWs and Vegans. Oxor™ is all about identifying behaviour patterns. SJWs do not like this page as they become unmasked and they react accordingly. Watch out for that!

If the idea requires someone else to pay for it, you may have found the Social Justice Warrior!!

The climate discussion in the kitchen is vastly more intense
when you are running out of magnets to put the bills on the fridge.

Here, Elizabeth Hunter™ shares how willing and effective imposition is most difficult with one 'collective' of patterns.

This is the group, initially classified by Plato, as the Idealists.

This is the group, classified by Elizabeth Hunter™, as the Sanctimonious Hypocrites. SJWs seem to find some kind of 'moral supremacy' in what they preach and refute any arguments against. They do not like facts and cancel others at the drop of a hat. But Oxor™ is not a social commentator - we are giving techniques to impose correctly.

A great example is Sir Richard Branson. Did Virgin Airlines run on solar to create his wealth?

If you spot your SJW by these observations, you can go on pick their pattern and impose correctly on them.
Oxor™ always initially looks at those who are termed the Idealists.

These are (the Intuitive N and Feeling F types) - Persuader (5), Promoter (7), Investigator (10) and Agent (11).

A 1990s study by Prof. John Broida concludes that this is because the problem of live animal experimentation, animal cruelty and exploitation bothered the NFs more than others.


Warning: All Idealists are not SJW's and other behaviour patterns
can exhibit SJW behaviour, but less intensely - e.g. Developer (2) and Counselor (8). It must be said that not all SJWs are Vegans and vice versa.

Working DEFINITION: The SJW has Extraverted Feeling (Fe). This is the typical driver behind the SJW's persuasive powers and modus operandi. They persuade by manifesting an air of nobility about a given standpoint; an air that engages the audience’s feeling function. This implicitly lets the audience know that if a contrary opinion were to be expressed this would disturb the general well-being in the room.

Alternate DEFINITION 1: A socially progressive and delusional person with left-wing and liberal views, including feminism, civil rights, gay and transgender rights, identity politics, political correctness and multiculturalism. The accusation that somebody is an SJW carries implications that they are pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction and engaging in disingenuous (not candid or sincere typically by pretending that they know less about something than they really do.

Alternate DEFINITION 2: The SJW really wants to rig the game.
There are two types of people – the non SJW who have a pragmatic view of the human condition.
A the SJW who believes in utopia. The SJW needs a reality check before they destroy the 'just' in justice.

In his new book (2023-24), Social Justice Fallacies, Thomas Sowell returns at age 93 to remind us once again that there is nothing new under the sun. In this case, the “nothing new” are “social justice warriors,” who offer allegedly brilliant insights, bold proposals, and emphasis on “root causes.” But their ideas really are sour wine in old wineskins.

The Developer (2) may show a talent for creating great benefits through addressing social justice issues. But their dogmatic attitude,
a petulance when confronted by situations that require feelings and a belief that they are always correct in their 'rational' beliefs is a massive clue and warning....
So is the arrogant winner and sore loser persona. Watch for that!

This page shows how, when in Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ mode, the other person is behaving.
Clients and advanced users know the Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ and they are totally predictable.

A member of the cohort recently asked whether being a part of the Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ is a cult in the sense that cults are involved in brainwashing. . Oxor™ thinks maybe in a broad sense. e.g. Gay Rights movement. However, this group are so brainwashed that their behaviour can sometimes be demonstrated in ways that are disturbingly similar to how people behave in a cult. One definition of 'cult' can be so vague that anyone with strong opinions could be classified as a cult follower. Contrast a religion which is a movement in which people find themselves, whereas a cult is a movement in which people lose themselves. A cult often hijacks your identity and makes you into someone you are not. But the Idealists are already there.
There is a direct coorelation that the top four who sympathize with protest movements are also the Idealists. The folk of the City of Yarra in Victoria, Australia, for example.

Other terms for Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ and Social Justice Warriors are the Offenderati and Wokes
. These people are offended by anything and everything. If you challenge, you get cancelled. Arrogance, Ignorance and Incompetence are a lethal cocktail.

Social justice warriors prioritize racial or idealistic justice over economic justice when it is obvious that the latter is more impactful and widespread.
Here is an article on recycling with not a hint of how it's going to operate economically. And, obviously, others paid for it - SJW heaven! Click here.

Here are some factors that need to be considered:

Personal proximity:

If an individual is in close proximity to the other person, then the close distance overshadows one’s emotional intelligence and the individual adheres to such ideology as promoted. The individual is so closely and regularly placed that like objects which get close to our vision become blurred and we just accept that it is, so it happens when an individual is closely placed to such extent. It is unfortunate yet very common to see that often the spouse effect on husband or vice versa is a very good example, where proximity is used as a tool and the necessary and unnecessary changes are brought about to cause social impact visible to all in the neighbourhood. e.g. Amway Distributors.

Social conformity:

If an individual is living within a community and the community members are mostly elders or power enforcing promoters or advocates, any such order that becomes a social norm then the individual tends to adapt the cult practice or is brainwashed to the thought process and over a reasonable period of intimate following, confirms to it in total. e.g. Not allowing to share a piece of paper around at a meeting at a university in the COVID-19 era.

Social impact:

If an individual is subjected to someone who has already achieved a state of social influence, then too the cult and brainwashing process comes into action. There are many such dismayed people in the society which science either has no solution or very costly solution to, such dismayed people do follow such cults in blind faith where they do not practice any logic as their psychological state has been very exploitive and they are just too eager to pause to see or judge the practical possibility. They just are too desperate to act with apparent wisdom. e.g. Gay movement; but not necessarily a gay person.

Personal impact:

If an individual is subjected to personal charismatic influence, seducing one to conformity with such suaveness that the individual is totally convinced with the personal attention given and becomes a blind follower as one tends to get the shade after a long summer walk in the desert. The cult leaders often enjoy such charming personality that everyone falls trap to the entire process without even giving a serious logical thought to its practical possibility. e.g the Gurus.

Personal addictions:

If an individual is an addict to some thing or the other and the cult leader facilitates the same and thus gets conformity from the non thinker behaving like sheep, is also a great technique adopted to structure a cult which believes in instilling a new thought and style of living. e.g. the Hippies.

Personal Antagonism:

If an individual is antagonized with some personal and social condition and the cult provides an umbrella, without any questioning of its reasonability, on the contrary supports the antagonist, then the follower is ready to be dissuaded to any action appropriate or inappropriate. e.g. Religious practices, Freemasons.

Acknowledgment of Country:

While this action is obviously appropriate, repetitive overuse can be a sign of an Ess Jay Double-Ewe™. Either the person or their organization's stance on items of Social Justice.

Idealism on steroids:

On August 31, 2022 news.com.au reported that a group of Australian anti-vaxxers, who tried to sue state and federal governments citing fears over “a new world order” have been slugged with $214,023 in legal costs. This was after the case was thrown out of court. That is consistent with the theory expoused on this page that assists in picking the patterns!!

The most common cult leaders are Persuader and Promoter. Does the other person appear to have some or all of the following?
The delusional martyr; The preacher-turned-egomaniac; The hard-and-fast narcissist.

This page shows the correlation between the Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ who are often Vegans.
A Vegan is a person who, out of respect or compassion for animals, the environment, creation or their own self, has chosen to eliminate animal products including, but not limited to, meat, dairy, eggs, honey, leather and wool from their lives. Often reviled by society, they are a committed group, who put ethics and love before the dictates of their taste buds or tradition. Vegans often cross-identify as radicals, pacifists, hippies and new age spiritualists.

Another definition that we like is someone who slaughters and kills fruit and vegetables.

Clients and advanced users know the Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ and Vegans are totally predictable.
But the Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ and Vegans generally do not realise just how obvious their behaviour is.
When you do see them in action, you can pick them easily and then impose correctly.
Keep a keen eye out for toxic propaganda and idealogical poison. "I am not arguing. I am just explaining why I am right."

The SJW will say:"Shutup, they explained, or we'll shut you up!" which is not an argument.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how.

Here is an article no Social Justice Warrior will respect as it contains facts! Click here.

University lectures abandoned October 2021 - an Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ and Wokes Paradise. Oxor™ warned you! Click here.

Conducted and composed by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update February 11, 2024


We are talking here firstly about the Social Justice Warrior.

People that promote and address the social issues that truly matter (civilians) should be widely applauded and acknowledged, but social justice warriors are in a league of their own. They repeatedly bash any content (even if it is innocent) and aggressively call for the downfall of the person who carelessly offended them. They want to apply their politically correct standards and rules to others' speech in an unnecessary or excessive manner. This includes feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism and identity politics. Watch for someone who actively condemns and seeks to harm those who express socio-political views contrary to theirs, while claiming to promote social justice.

They are 'moralizing busybodies' or hypocrites and are nothing more than bored virtue posers searching for a 'cause'. They are smug, self-righteous and are most often demanding solutions to problems that do not exist or that they themselves perpetuate. The goal of most woke SJWs is not to repair or improve society. Instead, they want to overthrow the existing social order. Accordingly, they are untroubled if pursuing social justice is actually socially divisive. Like Lenin before the revolution, they believe “worse is better”.

If you do not think exactly the way that they do, then you are part of a 'problem'. The only 'problem' being created is in the head of the SJW and projected onto the world. And they actually do nothing or expect guvvament handouts - e.g. solar panels, electric cars and so on. The bloggosphere states that SJWs are just as stupid, worthless, unproductive, bigoted, hypocritical and two faced as the people they try to bash. And you get cancelled if you challenge anything. And, look, they left piles of rubbish on Bronte Beach on Christmas Day 2023. Bronte Beach Christmas Day 2023

Social Activist (1) v. SJW (2).
(1) "There is not a wheelchair ramp at that building, let's build one."
(2) "Let's persecute those using the stairs and make them feel bad for having legs."

The Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ Method - an Oxor™ concept:
1. Presents as a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) by taking the moral high ground.
2. Selects 'facts' or 'selective facts' due to their superficial mentality. These 'facts' often turn out to be perception, hearsay, opinion or guess (PHOG, aka 'fog'). But the SJW will always think they are correct in all circumstances as they are more intelligent, more informed and have more rational opinions than the other party; suggesting they are more evolved than everyone else. They seem to be constitutionally incapable of shutting up.
3. Proceeds to detract from many of the real problems by continuing to address and argue about meaningless topics in order to boost themselves in the eyes of their peers. Will get angry whenever given the real facts that hold them to account. They just do not like this! They are intolerant of any criticism and will cancel you at the drop of a hat.
4. When dealing with SJW's, it is useful to know that a belief is hard to change and a belief can never be wrong. Beliefs are bound up in what a person thinks about themselves (e.g. emotional), their biases and what they think people like them should think. Changing an SJW's belief means having them admit how they defined themselves today needs to change for tomorrow. Micro chance of success here but it is good practice is to introduce doubt around their belief. The SJW is an idealist and reluctant to accept facts that contradict their beliefs. Ask questions correctly. Compare: "Do you believe in climate change?" with "Do you understand climate change?" Watch them struggle!
5. Eventually, the SJW runs out of steam, totally out-gunned with hypocrisy exposed. They will push for the censorship of certain words and arguments just because of the 'offensiveness'. Their strategy is to immediately commence to make their attacks personal. They will marginalise you if you do not conform, except by being a dumb sheep, in doing everything they say and promote. Name calling is a usual attack; e.g. 'you toff', 'you did not attend our protest and / or do what we said', 'you right wing bastard', 'enjoy the gluten free inspired food provided by the caterer in small wrapped portions (that cause more garbage) rather than the scones, jam and cream of yesterday' - all form the precursor to defeat.
A favourite fallback is to say "Every little bit helps". That is tantamount to urinating in Sydney Harbour and claiming that the sea level has been affected materially in the English Channel. But the SJW will carry on regardless! Free to be a Jerk? - Article in pdf: Click here.
6. Disappearance is common - never ever agreeing to disagree. Suddenly, the other party just never hears from the SJW. If you want to lubricate this process, to get rid of an Ess Jay Double-Ewe™ based on input from a valuable source, indicate you are a Trump supporter (whether you are or not). The aim is not to discuss politics, it is to get rid of the Ess Jay Double-Ewe™ forever - and it works. Another one is to indicate that your friend wants to sell you a 'White Lives Matter' T-Shirt. That is also effective, even if you do not wear T-Shirts at all.
7. Opportunities are then taken to assassinate your character. Behind your back, of course. Mutual acquaintances can be a great source of feedback. e.g. Derogatory tone, negative body language, looking at the ground - "I suppose Henry has some sort of use then."
8. Although not mandatory, may be annoyingly politically correct. e.g. 'Helping out with socialisation and behavioural therapy for surrendered animals' means the Ess Jay Double-Ewe™ 'Plays with puppies'; 'Geography' is now 'Earth Science'.
9. Although not mandatory, some sport a hyphenated, or double barrelled, name. e.g. Audrey Fynes-Clinton; James Barrington-Smythe; Birte Benecke-Uhrig; Nikki Fogden-Moore, Coretta Scott-King, Ketakki Jewson-Brown. See what we mean!
10. Tends to rely on the 'Guvvament' for handouts. Would be there at sparrow fart (for the SJW = 11am) at the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship, except that it does not exist.

How to effectively provoke an Ess Jay Double-Ewe™:
1. "Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?"
2. "What is it like to be on pronoun patrol?"
3. "A large oak tree can consume over 350 lites of wataer per day. Let's chop them down to save water."

Spotting a Social Justice Warrior is reasonably easy, look at coverage on the TV of rallies for a bit of fun. Also shown on this page is which drug each type is likely to enjoy, but that is not by any means exclusive and many do not use drugs at all but we hypothesise that some do.


A highly visible variant is the Champagne or Pecksniffian Social Justice Warrior.

Pecksniffian is defined as unctuously hypocritical according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. False earnestness complimenting behaviour that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel. It is closelely related to officiousness - volunteering one's services where they are neither asked nor needed; meddlesome. Officious people who are always ready to offer unasked advice.

The quotation at the foot of this page contains a brilliant example of such behaviour.

Oxor™ regards the concept of unctiously hypocritical so helpful that it makes discovery of a behaviour pattern easier than it seems should you encounter a Champagne Ess Jay Double-Ewe™ (CSJW™); the Premier Hypocrite™. This is sometimes known in other media as the 'Silver Spoon Socialist'. We have a representative image on the top right of this page. It is annotated to be Summer-Louise Surfer Duderino Pork-Belley™, CFW***.
Additional qualifications are KG, AK, GCMG, GCVO, KBE, PC, KC.

***A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions. [= A Certified Fcuk Wit!].

The Pecksniffian Social Justice Warrior's tenet is: "It's not left wing or right wing anymore, it's now extreme left versus everyone. That is exactly us."

The CSJW™, such as Pork-Belley, is the kind of person who gets on your nerves. They believe that they are the only ones who really care about the dolphins/environment/people. And that would be fine if they were actually doing something about it in a genuine, rather than politically correct, manner. But all they seem to do is write self-righteous rants on Facebook, Twitter and in other publications. They are so resentful and easily offended that you have to walk on eggshells around them on a constant basis. They go from being isolated and wrapped up in their own problems to critically tearing down other people and trying to impose guilt trips on them. Moral superiority is the name of the game and they win it on every occasion. So they should be worshipped by the SJW community and door-slammed by everyone else.

Oxor™ knows a CSJW™ organistion that rampantly promotes how everyone is so welcome and that diversity and inclusion are their top priorities. Higher than kicking an air conveyance device. A Transgander person, who is on their mailing list, attended a Career's Night. A friend was advised, not by the President, that it would be better if the Transgender person did not attend again as 'it has caused a few problems'. The Transgender person advised their friend to advise that the President ahould covey the message directly. Then they would be on Channel 7. Naturally the hypocritical President took no action. A Pork-Belley™ circumstance, if ever you wanted to see one.

Not all folk in the four patterns of Persuader (5), Promoter (7), Investigator (10), and Agent (11) are a CSJW™. And the CSJW™ is not always in these four, often it can be the Developer (2), whereas the standard SJW is more likely to be in this four. But it is likely the CSJW™ fits some, or all, of the following criteria:

  • a celebrity, musician, writer, in the arts in some fashion or a politician (commonly).
  • nominally espouses the virtues of Socialism and champions the hardships of living a down-to-earth existence among the disenfranchised and down-trodden members of society.
  • actually holidays half of the year on plush islands, accept honours from the Queen and rubs shoulders with the affluent over glazed figs, topped with mascarpone and wrapped with prosciutto, as an hors d'oeuvre.
  • generally a bleeding-heart liberal (left / green) on the outside, relishing the reflective glory of the appearance of being sympathetic to the plight of the working man, yet, when they are confronted with genuine poverty and urban degradation, choose to live in tree lined and affluent inner city locations and naturally have a country estate where the smell cannot get to them.
  • is attracted to the teaching profession and the SJW incubator of choice - the ubiquitous university.
  • a CSJW™ follows the maxim "If you are not a socialist at the age of 20 you have no heart yet if you are not a conservative at the age of 40, you have no brain." However, a true Premier Hypocrite™ is a person who fails to admit their obvious contradiction in the hope that no-one will notice. They went to a $45,000 per annum+ exclusive private school and are a member of a conservative bastion such as the Australian Club and/or they have reneged on all their radical convictions by becoming rich by adhering to capitalist/conservative principles. They will not share their money unless it involves a tax deduction and/or a building named in their 'honour'.
  • carry on as a like minded Premier Hypocrite™ group, observed by Elizabeth Hunter™, that includes an ultra wealthy former QC, a former international businessman and a retired mega firm lawyer. That lawyer cleverly gained benefit, together with his comrades, by selling their tax free office fit out, paid for by the AMP, for a profit of $500,000 and then leasing it back; a tax deduction, comrade.
  • behaves like the management of the Australian Football League; yes the billion dollar outfit that does not pay income tax. Take a moment to observe the behaviour of the AFL! Wear your 'White Lives Matter' T-Shirt to a game, if you are game.

An international market leader Champagne Social Justice Warrior™ would be the former Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev, when visiting his mother. He tells her of all the things he now has: the best apartments in the Kremlin, a private limousine which takes him around Moscow and special Party shops that stock goods that no one else has access to. His mother replies: "All that is very fine, Leonid, but what if the Communists come to power and take them away?"

The Co-founder of Greenpeace, an SJW called Paul Watson, said: "It doesn't matter what is true; it only matters what people believe is true."


A new collective noun, created by us, that describes a group of SJWs is an un-germane™ of warriors. Un-germane  = being both irrelevant and inappropriate to a situation or occasion.


A term that cries for dignified censorship, but does not receive nor deserve that, describes an individual SJW as someone who "Floats above a cloud of farts". This perfect term was, sadly, not created by Oxor™.


Addendum: The SJWs are very poor critical thinkers.
Critical thinking requires the use of ability to reason. It is about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information. Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value. They will always seek to determine whether the ideas, arguments and findings represent the entire picture and are open to finding that they do not. Critical thinkers will identify, analyse and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct. See what we mean.
SJWs rely on whose voice is the loudest and whose platform is the biggest. And there will always be a tug-of-war between different groups and factions who want to impose their will on others, much like a bully does at a playground.
The supporters, co-SJWs, of the various groups and factions then tend to rally behind their cause and are extremely vocal about it. To the extent that they are more passionate about the cause than why they are involved in the first place.


We are talking here next about the Vegan.

It is axiomatic that there is a correlation between the Idealists and Vegans.
In the mid 90s a survey resulted in that the most common reason to become a Vegan was concern for animal welfare (63% of vegetarians), with only 37% quoting dietary concerns. One may well ask what these percentages would be if the same questions were asked and if they would have changed back again the day after.

Here are some criteria:

  • More likely to be female than male.
  • Likely to have a higher level of education.
  • "Slightly younger".
  • Politically, more likely than other people to describe themselves as Greenies, Environmentalists, Liberal, Left or Anarchist and less likely to describe themselves as Conservative.
  • More open to change, happy to try out new things and less traditional in their outlook.
  • Less emotionally stable, seeing themselves as dealing less calmly with life’s stresses.
  • More accommodating to others less dominant (if not toxic) and less keen than most to influence others with the exception of the Persuader.
  • Less socially confident, sometimes holding back from expressing opinions or taking risks if not toxic.
  • Preference for intuition, especially those with a preference for feeling as well, were more likely to have chosen vegetarianism. This correlates with their buying behaviour of the Investigator (10), Agent (11), Promoter (7) and Persuader (5). These patterns are often ethical or green consumers, making decisions based on their values and wanting to make a positive difference to the world; this fits well with the choice of vegetarianism and with animal welfare being the top reason for this lifestyle choice. Those least likely to have chosen vegetarianism are those with sensing and thinking (Director (1), Objective Thinker (14), Results (3) and Achiever (12) who will typically buy on the basis of value for money, with a list of pros and cons supported by facts.
  • Some of these vegan criteria match the Idealists (5, 7, 10, 11) who are often seen as the strident, campaigning vegetarian who does little to impress the sensible carnivore.


    1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

    The Director is the Border Collie

    George W Bush

    As the SJW: Directors become politicians.

    As the Vegan: Most Unlikely. Buys on the basis of value for money. Likely to be on a raw gluten-free paleo diet, have no fat on their body at all, terrified of chemicals. However, possibly has an eating disorder, may be fat, shames people as if that will make veganism more appealing or something.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: You have to pick your battles if you want to make change. Some issues are more important than others.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Cocaine - It increases the Director's efficiency and offers a competitive edge – at least until its highly addictive properties take hold.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 37.74% (16/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of High Handedness and Implementing™


    2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

    The Developer is the German Shepherd

    Nancy Pelosi.

    As the SJW: Developers will purchase a politician.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Posts photos of their own muscles next to inspirational quotes about compassion, never eats junk food, works out for 5 hours a day, thinks (wrongly) that they are very sweet and pure.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Becomes a director of a non-profit organisation - that allegedly makes them appear good.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Cocaine - It increases the Developer's efficiency and offers a competitive edge – at least until its highly addictive properties take hold.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 55.18% (9/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Conflict Creation and Exploiting™


    3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

    The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

    Donald Trump

    As the SJW: Results folk will break the law.

    As the Vegan: Most Unlikely. Buys on the basis of value for money. Constantly promoting this and that brand on Instagram, insists that every vegan food they have ever eaten is the best thing ever, actually does not care about animals or the environment and is just a capitalist.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Lobbies government officials for funding towards social welfare programs.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Cannabis - Results folk turn to weed as a method of calming their over-active senses and chilling out.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 42.44% (13/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Domineering and Selling™


    4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

    The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

    Henry Kissinger

    As the SJW: Inspirationals make people listen to what they have to say by wrapping it in hilarious jokes.
    They are seen as the most openminded pattern. They are less biased to subjective judgements, seeking truth non-stop in a detached manner. They are the least likely to attack people who do not agree with every single opinion out there.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Went vegan as a new year’s resolution and got really into it but gave up after a month.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: X seems to be an important issue. [2 weeks later] I’m tired of hearing about it.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Speed - Inspirationals look for a way to defy their physical needs and improve their follow-through on their many excitable ideas – and speed (or amphetamine) provides a shortcut to accomplishing both.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 56.82% (5/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Debating and Discussing™


    5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

    The Persuader is the Boxer

    Nelson Mandela

    As the SJW: Persuaders are often already the head of a church or something and use their affluence to influence. They try so hard to bring about social harmony that they end up catering to everyone's demands and their quest for tolerance becomes intolerance of social integration, which, ironically, is the basis for harmony. And behave as per the method above if their ideas are questioned. There are some Persuaders that genuinely care, but they are often just annoying, nagging, pushy, sappy and ineffective. It seems creating and living some cliché movie moment, "aww'ing", and going through the motions are more important to them than actually addressing/fixing whatever they are screaming about.

    As the Vegan: Highly likely. Ethical, green consumer. Straight and acts like it, mostly eats quinoa salads, is kind of oblivious, probably feeds their dog a vegan diet.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: [speaking into microphone] “…and that is why we need a climate change initiative on this campus.”

    Drug of Choice (if a user): MDMA. Persuaders tend to appreciate the social aspect of this drug, which brings everyone out of their shell and allows an already close group of people to feel even closer.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 64.85% (4/16). Typical SJW.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Liking to be Liked and Influencing™


    6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

    The Appraiser is the Great Dane

    Sarah Palin

    As the SJW: Appraisers make sure everyone around them knows what is going on in the world.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Does crossfit, wakes up at 5am every day, never not smiling, constantly posting on Instagram, a living stock photo.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Works at a women’s shelter.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): MDMA - Appraisers tend to appreciate the social aspect of this drug, which brings everyone out of their shell and allows an already close group of people to feel even closer. Unlikely to use substances to cope, but somewhat likely to become hooked out of sheer habit.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 48.49% (12/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Coaching and Nurturing™


    7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

    The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

    Ellen DeGeneres

    As the SJW: Promoters try to get everyone involved by personally inviting them to join their cause. And behave as per the method above if they are declined. They see themselves as 'inner city' even if they are nowhere near the centre of one. They like areas where there are often social and economic problems which appeal to Promoters such as having a 'Tree Change'. With zero acknowledgment of supply and demand, will extol the virtues of solar power, while leaving the lights on and appliances running when not at home, but will not have such a system, believing the 'Guvvament' should supply one free of charge, although they will say 'for free'.
    Close-minded can also mean too openminded. The majority of leftists are unhealthy Promoters because they attack anyone they deem to have threats to their beliefs. Whie it is okay to disagree once in a while, not everyone needs to accept every single opinion offered. People can agree to disagree, that is respect. Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives which makes the Promoter subject to groupthink. They do not have their own thoughts in the function stack to make logical sense of their judgments. This can be a problem when the Promoter avoids comprehension that another individual actually has their own opinion or relevent facts.

    As the Vegan: Highly likely. Ethical, green consumer. Also likely to be a hypocrite. "I'm a vegan! Except yesterday I had yogurt for breakfast. And I do not have a problem with eggs. And I also love fish!"

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Gender disparities. Racism. Ableism. Ageism. Poverty. Trans issues. LGBTI issues. So many battles to fight! So little time!

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Speed - Promoters look for a way to defy their physical needs and improve their follow-through on their many excitable ideas – and speed (or amphetamine) provides a shortcut to accomplishing both. A graduate of Cannabis.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 70.59% (2/16). Typical SJW.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of The Short Attention Span and Inspiring™


    8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

    The Counselor is the Poodle

    Sir Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr)

    As the SJW: Counselors go to protests and make art of some sort.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Has been to every vegan restaurant in the country, trying so hard to be trendy, reviews vegan food on their blog, thinks charcoal is edible.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Performs a stand-up routine that makes fun of privileged people in society.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Cannabis - Counselors turn to weed as a method of calming their over-active senses and chilling out.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 55.89% (7/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Fun Times and Befriending™


    9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

    The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    As the SJW: Specialists do that really confrontational performance art that usually involves blood.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Although may support ethical treatment of animals, is a white feminist, actually really racist, lies down naked on the streets covered in fake blood for their bizarre art propaganda.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: [Graffiti tag with multiple colors] A dark-skinned female’s face dripping with blood-red tears.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - The Specialist embarks on a short, solo journey that many describe as spiritual, ethereal and life-changing. Likely to self medicate due to financial and child rearing stress.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 55.53% (8/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Avoidance of Change and Decsribing™


    10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

    The Investigator is the Greyhound

    Adolf Hitler

    As the SJW: Investigators have eloquent and sometimes vehement / tactless confrontations and are often the first to point out something is wrong with things that are being done.

    As the Vegan: Most likely. Ethical, green consumer. Amazing cook, often has a huge following on Instagram, knows all the best restaurants to get vegan food that actually tastes good.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: “It’s okay if you feel like you don’t belong. You’re not alone.”

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Psilocybin Mushrooms - allows the Investigator to disconnect from many of their usual cognitive biases and examine the world through a new lens – which is incredibly attractive to this meditative type.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 68.07% (3/16). Typical SJW.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Independence and Valuing™


    11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

    The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

    John Lennon

    As the SJW: Create powerful pieces of art and literature. And behave as per the method above if the other person is not impressed with their work or views. See themselves as "inner city" even if they are nowhere near the centre of one. Like areas where there are often social and economic problems that appeal to Agents. Extroverted thinking does not allow Agents to clearly see the logic behind their views. They also may completely ignore arguments against their cause because they will not know how to process them in a way that is congruent to maintaining their own belief system.

    As the Vegan: Most likely. Ethical, green consumer. Spends half of their life in the forest, home cooks everything, only wears organic fair trade cotton, is probably a witch.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: [writing in diary] The world is unfair and we need to make it better for everybody.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - The Agent embarks on a short, solo journey that many describe as spiritual, ethereal and life-changing.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 73.77% (1/16). Typical SJW.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Space Cadetship and Dreaming™


    12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

    The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

    Hugh Jackman.

    As the SJW: Achievers like to get into heated arguments and go to protests.

    As the Vegan: Most Unlikely. Buys on the basis of value for money. Communist, punk, often yelling and getting into arguments, hates privileged ignorant vegans as much as they hate meat eaters.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Builds a ramp for a wheelchair user.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): LSD - Achievers enjoy the extreme visual and synesthetic effects.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 41.29% (14/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Work / Life Imbalance and Building™


    13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

    The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

    Mother Teresa

    As the SJW: Practitioners will not budge or back down when pressured to be less serious about the stuff they care about.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Wears T-shirts with cartoon cows on them, 90% of their posts are animal videos, absolutely loses it every time they see a puppy.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: “Here, I’ll help you find the disability benefits you can apply for.”

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Alcohol - traditional .2 Practitioner retains control.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 50.23% (11/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Apparent Expertise and Supporting™


    14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

    The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

    Warren Buffett

    As the SJW: Objective Thinkers participate in the political process.

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Buys on the basis of value for money. Was briefly a vegan but stopped because they were only in it for health reasons and never got into the political aspects.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: Collects statistics and does research on discrimination.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Alcohol - traditional and the Objective Thinker retains control.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 39.38% (15/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Data and Operating™


    15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

    The Perfectionist is the Papillon

    Albert Einstein

    As the SJW: Perfectionists question things that no one else does and are often the “first followers” in movements.

    As the Vegan: Likely. Perfectionists were also quite likely to be vegetarian (three times more likely than you would expect by chance, we found). Only eats beans and rice, constantly tired, always reblogging discourse but surprisingly smart, probably broke.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: I’m not anti-feminist but I do not like labels like “feminist”.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): LSD - Perfectionists tend to enjoy its contemplative nature. Is the most common pattern among university students committing alcohol and drug policy violations

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 56.18% (6/16). Seems about right.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Mad Science, Reasoning and Impracticality™.


    16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

    The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

    Mark Zuckerberg

    As the SJW: It is hard to ever imagine the Enhancer as an SJW. Enhancers may have eloquent and sometimes vehement confrontations and have little or no patience and tolerance of social justice warriors. This can lead to the other party being humiliated, made an example of, held to account or them permanently removing the Enhancer's name from the Christmas card list, or equivalent. The SJW would have no idea that the Enhancer has already door slammed them.
    The Enhancer feels and thinks about the "woke culture" as being bad philosophy; having logical inconsistency; is coerced speech; is self-righteous hypocrisy.
    What is there for an Enhancer not to love? Mix in a bit of overly emotional hypersensitivity and woke culture is pure kryptonite. But the Enhancer says exactly what they think and has to correct logical fallacies or die. It turns out that, in the event of totalitarianism, the Enhancer will be the first to go unless they learn to simply shut up and ignore the "woke culture".

    As the Vegan: Unlikely. Plus no patience for whinging Vegans at the restaurant. Mostly just sits in the basement eating tubs of vegan ice cream (although they could not care whether it was vegan or not), tired of arguing about where they get their protein, probably has a cat.

    Bones of contention / pet issue: I can only focus on myself. The rest of society needs to get itself organised.

    Drug of Choice (if a user): Psilocybin Mushrooms - allows the Enhancer to disconnect from many of their usual cognitive biases and examine the world through a new lens – which is incredibly attractive to this meditative type.

    Percentage sympathize with protest movements: 54.77% (10/16). We think that is way too high. Should be at 16.

    Archdeacon Moniker™ Oxor Archdeacon™ of Self-Sufficiency, Patterns and Planning™


    The Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ Vehicle

    The Ess Jay Double-Ewes™ Vehicle

    Mazda MX-30

    Cost: Around $A70,000.

    Rapid Charge: From 20 to 80% in 36 minutes.

    At home Charge: 300 minutes - 5 hours to get spontaneous.

    Range: Around 200km - Cannot get you from Brisbane to Noosa and back.

    Elizabeth Hunter™ Comment: This is the crap that we have to put up with. Ideal for Vegans. As my father would have said: "Useless as tits on a bull." Plus, it is actually fuelled by a coal fired power station.