This Toxilocator™ is very useful when you want to determine whether a toxic person is particularly manipulative.
The experienced cohort use this in conjuction with some of our other unique pages:

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With toxic Manipulators, the Oxor Method™
of treating people the way they want to be treated
may be less likely to be successful. But keep going, says Oxor™

Is the other person 
							the toxic manipulator?

Conducted and composed by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update March 8, 2024


Toxic Cat™ Definitions - Here are the criteria to look for.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 1.
When someone makes you feel obligated to help them out and tryies to make you feel guilty when you refuse.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 2.
When someone wants you to care about their life but does not want to know anything about yours.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 3.
When someone feels like they are entitled to your time and attention.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 4.
When someone thinks their feelings and opinions are the only ones that matter. They are always correct.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 5.
When someone constantly shifts balme onto others for their mistakes even when they clearly know it is their fault.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 6.
When someone gives you a thousand excuses as to why they cannot help you even when the favour you are asking for is very small.

Toxic Cat™ Definition 7.
When someone constantly complains about how difficult their life is while completely ignoring the fact that no one has an easy life.

Now you have some criteria. Go to next section now.


Ultraclue™ - Here are the questions to answer

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 1.
When someone is saying and doing things to make you feel the need to even ask this type of question.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 2.
When someone is asking something from you that you are not comfortable in either giving or sharing.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 3.
When someone is asking for sómething from you too quickly or before you feel you are ready to even consider being remotely on that level with them yet.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 4.
When someone is not trying to know you, but you actually feel that they are trying to possess you. They are basically trying to own you.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 5.
When someone is treating you like a toy. Their plaything.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 6.
When someone is treating you as a collectible possession. But you are only valuable to them in the toxic person's time of need. Watch if your needs are not being met, but theirs are. This is a huge Untraclue™.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 7.
When someone is never there when you need them. They will always have a premeditated excuse. They will leave you out in the rain and in the cold, despite any warmth, comfort and joy you may have brought them.

Toxilocator™ Ultraclue™ 8.
When someone is being persistent, then distant; Overbearing and then suddenly aloof, again. This is basically treating you like a puppet on a string. Or it seems like a rollercoaster ride and the toxic manipulator is at the controls.

Now you have their ID. ID is everywhere. You have to ID yourself to your iPhone, good grief. So now you have the ID of this troublemaker. Go to next section now.


Here are the Toxilocator™ Actions

Toxilocator™ Ultraaction™ 1.
You cut the string. You get off the ride. You doorslam.

Toxilocator™ Ultraaction™ 2.
You just do not make a scene; you do not shout, you do nothing of that.

Toxilocator™ Ultraaction™ 3.
You just decide to gracefully 'take a bow' and leave using the side door.

Get this person out of your life as much and as often as you can. Realise that the Oxor Method™ may struggle; but be prepared to stick to your guns and keep on track.


Who are the most toxic? - the Rankings.

Following are the Toxic Cat™ Rankings
These are subjective as it depends on each of our battalion of experts life experience.
But it's pretty right.

Elizabeth Hunter™ says the Inspirational is the worst but that is her five decades of experience. That is they cannot be trusted but sometimes it takes years to discover that.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 1. The Results - ESTP.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 2. The Developer - ENTJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 3. The Persuader - ENFJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 4. The Inspirational - ENTP. E. Hunter™ ranks as No. 1 Toxic Cat™.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 5. The Specialist - ISFP. Most likely to be manipulated.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 6. The Counselor - ESFP.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 7. The Perfectionist - INTP. Hardest to manipulate.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 8. The Investigator - INFJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 9. The Enhancer - INTJ. Hardest to manipulate.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 10. The Director - ESTJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 11. The Agent - INFP. Difficult to manipulate.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 12. The Appraiser - ESFJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 13. The Practitioner - ISFJ.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 14. The Promoter - ENFP. This rank far too low! Dangerous.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 15. The Objective Thinker - ISTJ. Difficult to manipulate.

Toxic Cat™ Rankings 16. The Achiever - ISTP.

This ranking is subject to change at any time.