I am controlling and not straight-forward.

I am loud, logical and get stuff done. I am the warrior class of the life role playing game. Power stats make me unbeatable and if you encounter me, maybe just curl up and forfeit, to save time.

I want to be in charge and tell others what to do. People only let me because I carry on like a child if they do not. My favourite pastime activity is yelling at people.

I am controlling and a micro-manager. I am loathed by most and I do not care. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I take care of and encourage others. I know that procedures exist because they work. Unlike you. Go back to your desk.

1. The Director - ESTJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am responsible and honest. I am practical, realistic, matter-of-fact and with a natural head for business or mechanics. I am not interested in abstract theories; I want learning to have direct and immediate application. I like to organize and run activities. I make a good administrator; I am decisive and quickly move to implement decisions. I take care of boring and routine details. I work hard and play hard. I am a loyal friend.

My Stereotype: I am all work and no play.

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I am aggressive and domineering. I am controlling, manipulative and corrupt (open to bribery); all while trying to appear upright.

I am impatient with people who make mistakes; namely, everyone. I will respect you if you stand up to me but why do I do that when you can run away instead. Cuddle me and see what happens. I’m curious.

I always have plans, which they I call 'projects' just like the Enhancer. I think that I am anatural leader but I act like a spoiled child with an overgrown ego. I am very afraid of talking about emotions.

I am the bully and I will trample all over you. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I do not understand why you are sharing an emotion if you are not asking for advice or problem solving. I love both competition and growth.

2. The Developer - ENTJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am confident and strong-willed. I am a frank and decisive leader of activities. I develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. I am good at anything that requires reasoning and intelligent talk, including as public speaking. I am usually well informed and enjoy adding to my reserve of knowledge. I am never ruthless with friends, family or fcuk buddies. I am unfailingly helpful.

My Stereotype: I am ruthless.

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I am impulsive and insensitive. I am a bully who does not know what people are really thinking.

I am super attractive physically but it is all downhill from there. I never quite know what I am going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. I am somehow still lovable.

I easily get distracted. I enjoy doing morally questionable things, such as throwing rocks at old people. At the same time I am unable to think of the consequences. The future is a complete mystery to me.

I am the perpetual risktaker. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: Rude? You must have mistaken my fact for an opinion. Facts are not rude. I need support to deal with boredom and to redirect my defiance into productivity

3. The Results - ESTP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am risk-taking and bold. I am good at on-the-spot problem solving. I like action, enjoying whatever comes along. I tend to like mechanical things and sport, with friends on the side. I am adaptable, tolerant, pragmatic; focussed on getting results. I dislike long explanations. I am best with real things that can be worked on, handled, taken apart or put together. I would rather be honest; even if I could very well sell milk to the milkman. I am sensitive.

My Stereotype: I am a con artist.

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I am argumentative and too chaotic. I cannot get anything done and I am always jumping to the next idea.

I am an excellent to be in your circle if you enjoy people who instantly see through you all the time. I cannot focus on anything. The only way I can actually get what I want done is by being the leader or by having a leader there to listen, but the issue is getting to that point for them. I am very clever and very intuitive and you cannot fool me. I suggest that you invest in others — ones whom you can fool.

I am like Socrates. I randomly appear and never shut up. Saying anything more about me is a waste of time as is my existence. I can think of all the solutions in the world but I cannot actually execute them without someone who will do all the heavy lifting for me.

I am the debater who is totally untrustworthy. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I respect only those who resist me, but cannot tolerate them. I am generally motivated but struggle with required and repetitive duty. When the chips are down civilized people will eat each other. See, I am not a monster, I am just ahead of the curve.

4. The Inspirational - ENTP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am quick, creative and a good 'jack-of-all-trades'. I am stimulating company; alert and outspoken. I may argue for fun on either side of a question. I am resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, but I may neglect routine assignments. I am apt to turn to one new interest after another. I am skillful in finding logical reasons for what is wanted. I have a more challenging time committing to a single career path or partner. I am highly self-critical.

My Stereotype: I cannot settle down.

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I am flighty, flaky, manipulative, schmoozing and I lie to get what I want/need.

I am way too charming and capable and maybe I should stop making everyone else look bad. I am prone to making other people care about stuff they did not want to care about. I am so annoying. I project a caring and kind nature that makes others feel warm, but I may use this convincing presence to conceal my manipulative and selfish motives.

I am a true idealist with a very strong sense of right and wrong. I am a SJW. I like to spend time with other people and are very good at manipulating them to do their work and support their ideas. I get angry if you do not listen to me. If you still do not respect my ideas, I will secretly hate you for life and stab you in the back when they get a good chance.

I am the 'buttinsky' and I am a perpetual liar. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I can be easily impacted by negative events. I have a limit and, when you have reached it, I dismiss you from my life. It is as simple as that.

5. The Persuader - ENFJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am charismatic and inspiring. I am responsive and responsible. I feel real concern for what others think or want and I try to handle things with due regard for the other person's feelings. I can present a proposal or lead a group discussion with ease and tact. I am sociable, popular and sympathetic. I am responsive to praise and criticism. I like to facilitate others and enable people to achieve their potential. While my embrace can be warm and friendly, the blow off can also turn cold as ice. I do have ambition.

My Stereotype: I am a total Care Bear.

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I am a conformist and naggy. I am close-minded and uncreative and I think that I am always right.

I am too appropriate, totally lacking in awkwardness. I will never forget your birthday which will make you feel awful when you constantly forget theirs.

I am always right, because I will yell at you if you tell me that I am wrong. I always need to be in charge of group activities. At the end of the day, I always announce how I have to be in charge. But, at the same time I do not let anyone else be in charge. I am very loud.

I am the one who is the friend of everyone. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I can be overly concerned with impressing other people.

6. The Appraiser - ESFJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am polite and caring. I am warm-hearted, talkative, popular, conscientious, a born cooperator, active committee member. I need harmony and may be good at creating it. I am always doing something nice for someone. I work best with encouragement and praise. My main interest is in things that directly and visibly affect people's lives. I amnot generally emotional in a way that affects my overall functioning. I am insecure.

My Stereotype: I am overly emotional.

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I am unpunctual and impractical. I am super flaky and I fake to blend in or I disappear totally when uncomfortable.

I am too puppy to live. I am best suited for the profession of musical nanny. You are advised not to use me around a naked flame. I celebrate my independent, free-spirited nature but I actually babbles incoherently about my dislike of societal pressure, most of which is inconsequential. I feel right no matter how many facts I get wrong.

It is the case that not much good can be said about me. I have a hard time being focussed. I am enthusiastic about everything; even questionable stuff that the Results might come up with. I am a SJW. I like to talk a lot and flit from one topic to the next. I have very low control over my life.

I am the one who has the attention span of a goldfish. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I become intensely frustrated with monotony and need to switch tasks and generate interest to stay motivated. Accordingly, I finish nothing.

7. The Promoter - ENFP

Another, more polite, description of me:I am open-minded and optimistic. I am warmly enthusiastic, high-spirited, ingenious and imaginative. I am able to do almost anything that interests me. I am quick with a solution for any difficulty and ready to help anyone with a problem. I often rely on my ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance. I can usually find compelling reasons for whatever I want. I typically know what I feel and have deep, lingering emotions; I simply do not communicate them. I am brilliant.

My Stereotype: I am wildly moody.

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I am shallow and reckless. I am unintelligent and rude.

I am the giggly little one. I am fun fun fun until my daddy takes the t-bird away. I am great for lifting your mood but not that great at lifting your credit score. I maintain a cynical attitude which is purported to come from experience but, in truth, comes from my utter unwillingness to engage in intellectual thought.

I quickly get distracted. I need to be in a large group and constantly talking in order to be happy. I am pre present on all social media so I do not miss out on anything. I am heavily addicted to my iPhone. If there is no people around and my phone has low battery (because I forgot to charge it), I overeat and cry about it to the next person they encounter.

I am the one who is the centre of attention and all about me. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I need a firm push to avoid completing tasks at the very last minute (or to get them done at all).

8. The Counselor - ESFP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am trendy and graceful. I am outgoing, accepting, friendly and enjoy everything and make things more fun for others for their enjoyment. I like action and making things happen. I know what is going on and join in eagerly. I find remembering facts easier than mastering theories. I am best in situations that need sound common sense and practical ability with people. I know when to step up and when to relax. I am deeply self-aware.

My Stereotype: I am never serious.

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I am reactive, intense and unintellectual. I am inconsistent and cannot keep staying in touch.

I am the squishy little darling that you might want to keep in your pocket; but please do not or I will become forlorn. I notice everything which is totally unnerving to many.

I try to be cool and unique all the time. I fail to achieve this but please do not tell me. I usually end up as drug addicts from the end of high school.

I am both unpredictable and a fool. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I put a lot of pressure on myself and I tend to become stressed very easily.

9. The Specialist - ISFP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am artistic and easygoing. I am retiring, quietly friendly, sensitive, kind and modest about my abilities. I shun disagreements and I do not force my opinions or values onto others. I usually do not care to lead but am often a loyal follower. I am often relaxed about getting things done because I enjoy the present moment and do not want to spoil it by undue haste or exertion. I am around when it matters - birthdays etc.. I am self-sabotaging.

My Stereotype: I am flighty.

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I am perfectionistic and stalking. I am closed-minded and will not discuss sensitive things as I am too afraid to get hurt.

I am the chameleon who appropriates your emotions and I am going quietly mad. I am prone to meltdowns and need lots of naps. I take the role of the open-minded, progressive activist but can be stubbornly closed off to points of view other than my own.

I only think about me. I only talk about me. I enter your personal space without being invited. I am a SJW. Even though I appear to be a saint, I am actually the most egoistical peron on this planet. I always find a way to blame others, especially if I can 'feel' their emotions. I am the rarest pattern for which you should be greatful. I will constantly remind you of this.

I am a chameleon. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I tend to be very hard on myself and am held back when I receive criticism.

10. The Investigator - INFJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am empathetic and wise. I am one who succeeds by perseverance, originality and a desire to do whatever is needed or wanted. I put my best efforts into my work. I am quietly forceful, conscientious and concerned for others. I am respected for my firm principles. I am likely to be honored and followed for my clear vision as to how best to serve the common good. While I tend to need a lot of alone time, I also thrive on friendship. I have a lack of self-insight.

My Stereotype: I am reclusive.

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I am easily offended and depressive. I am far too idealistic and I think that I am so giving but I am actually selfish in many areas. I am a whiner.

I fell out of the sky and was raised by unicorns. If you feed one, I will follow you home. I dissipate in water. I fancy myself a selfless superhero, but can be quite oblivious to my own failure to reciprocate others' generosity.

I like to spend my time in 'my world' because the outside world is too insensitive. I am a SJW. I am overly supportive but I cannot handle the evil in the world and I am overwhelmed very easily. I can successfully do nothing all day long and may achieve nothing in decades. I will cry if a dog dies in a movie. I am emphatic towards rocks and other inanimate objects but I savagely murder insects without a second thought. I cannot handle bad social experiences and not being able to help others. I cannot allow others to help me due to guilt of feeling that I owe something to my helper.

I am pretty much useless in modern society. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I tend to be very hard to motivate but I like encouragement to share my ideas and work.

11. The Agent - INFP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am imaginative. I am a quiet observer, rampantly idealistic and loyal. It is important that outer life be congruent with inner values. I am curious, quick to see possibilities and often serve as catalysts to implement ideas. I will leave others to implement. I am adaptable, flexible and accepting unless a value is threatened. I want to understand people and ways of fulfilling human potential. I have little concern for possessions or surroundings. I do not allow others to take advantage of me. I am good under pressure.

My Stereotype: I am a mushy pushover.

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I am irresponsible and cold. I am cheap and selfish while being oblivious to social norms and for not being considerate.

I am such an ass. I am best suited for an apocalypse scenario. If no such scenario exists, I will create danger because I get bored. I suggest that you do not encourage me and do not discourage me either, as reverse psychology works too well.

I am a natural loner as I keep to myself and like to do simple stuff. I express emotions only when laughing to shitty and rude jokes.

I can fix anything. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I can become bored easily and I need help developing long-term focus and commitment.

12. The Achiever - ISTP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am practical and calm. I am a cool onlooker. I am quiet, reserved, observing and analyze life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humour. I am usually interested in cause and effect, how and why mechanical things work and in organizing facts using logical principles. I excel at getting to the core of a practical problem and finding the solution. I can certainly feel and develop strong emotions for romantic partners and friends.

My Stereotype: I am reliable.

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I am a pushover and shy. I am uncreative and I am extremely boring to talk to.

I quietly and proudly do things for others. If you have a ring that you need to deliver to Middle Earth, then take me along with you for best results.

I would jump in front of a train if you would politely ask me. I can stay in abusive relationships for way too long and I am not not the one to end it as I am for my family. I am rusted on to the past.

I am the most useless manager and leader; at anything. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I am great at getting things done but, essentially, I have no ambition.

13. The Practitioner - ISFJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am humble and loyal. I am quiet, friendly, responsible and conscientious. I work devotedly to meet my obligations. I lend stability to any project or group. I am thorough, painstaking, slow and accurate. My interests are usually not technical. I can be patient with necessary details. I am loyal, considerate, perceptive and concerned with how other people feel. If you mess with my values or any of myl oved ones, I will absolutely put you in your place — or cut you off. I am the fierce protector.

My Stereotype: I am timid.

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I am closed-minded and nitpicky. I am traditional and both police-y and judgmental.

I am both low drama and low maintenance; the best value at this price tier. I am best suited to actual human existence. I am the least weird which makes me sort of weird.

I am irrationally stubborn. I will faithfully do things my way even if you explain them a hundred times why it is 'bad' for everyone. I also value tradition, which means that I am unable to adapt when times change (once a Nazi, always a Nazi). I am good at organising unimportant stuff. I bend over backward performing acts of service for my loved ones and, beneath their air of humility, pats myself on the back for being more put together than everybody else.

I do my duty at all times. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I like my schedule and am excellent at keeping to it. Consequently, this means I usually need help to push me out of my comfort zone which I do not like at all.

14. The Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am dutiful and punctual. I am serious, quiet and have success by concentration and thoroughness. I am practical, orderly, matter-of-fact, logical, realistic and dependable. I see to it that everything is well organized. I take responsibility. I make up my own mind as to what should be accomplished and work toward it steadily; regardless of protests or distractions. I am usually amongst the most playful people at the party. I love my friends and have huge (hidden) hearts. I am a big softie.

My Stereotype: I am a stick in the mud.

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I am messy and lazy. I am smart but cannot communicate my ideas to others.

I am the cute intergalactic spider that you want to hug and mistrust. I am prone to making you laugh but then, days later, you will wonder whether you were the butt of the joke.

I am the smartest but, at the same time, I am unable to properly wash the dishes and I fall asleep at the Christmas dinner table. Most of the time I do not have much to say, except when I talk about how really smart I am or my wacky ideas. I demonstrate a superior command of logic, but I repeatedly misunderstand moments where my claimed argumentative victories come from the pedantic correction of another person's point of view which is completely irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

I never bring to fruition any ideas and I cannot do anything practical. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I lack motivation and struggle to turn my ideas into reality.

15. The Perfectionist - INTP

Another, more polite, description of me: I am inventive and intellectual. I am quiet and reserved. I especially enjoy theoretical or scientific pursuits. I like solving problems with logic and analysis. I am interested mainly in ideas, with little liking for parties or small talk. I tend to have sharply defined interests. I need a career where some strong interest of mine can be used and useful. I am concentrating on my work and do not show up late because I am disorganized. I really struggle in social situations but I can be very good to be with at times.

My Stereotype: I am scattered.

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I am misanthropic and antisocial. I have no feelings; can you please react?

I am your major dickhead and kind of kind of proud of it. I am renowned for being correct all of the time. Then I become arrogant and close-minded about the subject. I am not so good at quick decision making as last minute decisions are highly likely to fail. I can be bad at explaining my ideas. I am prone to liking trance music way too much. Some say that I am unexpectedly kinky. So i guess, expectedly.

I am smart and practical, but I am also one of the most cold people on the planet. I am so unemotional, that talking to me feels like talking to a wall. When I close off my emotions, I cannot empathize well. I am selective like the sea; slow at recognition of effort and aptitude but fast in the sinking of the unfit.

I will never be worked out and VERY DIFFICULT to get to know. Watch out for that when you are picking patterns on Oxor™.

This is me: I tend to get frustrated when things become stagnant and find it useful to re-evaluate.

16. The Enhancer - INTJ

Another, more polite, description of me: I am strategic and intellectual. I am the one who has an original mind and a great drive for my own ideas and purposes. I have long-range vision and quickly find meaningful patterns in external events. In fields that appeal to me, I have a fine power to organize a job and carry it through. I am skeptical, critical, independent and determined. I have high standards for competence and performance for both me and others. I have very intense feelings and intricate value systems that are locted behind very high walls. I am actually a deep feeler.

My Stereotype: I am cold.

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