When you see someone behaving like a weirdo, it can be very useful in determining their behaviour pattern prior to invoking Titanium Imposition™

Are you a Weirdo?

The Oxor™ cohort are well aware that there are Weirdos and Strange Cats going around.
They tell us that the Perfectionist and the Agent top the charts.
And we have to concur; with acclaimation.
And the Inspirational is not that far behind.
This page presents the statistics conducted from a poll from a Cafe site of some 639 people.

Members of our cohort tell us that socially awkward people often get told that they are weird.
Here are some key attributes:
Being too different from the norm in some way.
Possessing an odd sense of humour.
Any kind of social awkwardness. Look at this list:
Not making enough eye contact.
Standing too close.
Speaking in a monotone.
Having fidgety, antsy mannerisms.
Where a normal candid response is expected, give a canned response with something out of left field.
The disclosure of too much personal information when it is not appropriate.
Bringing up gross subjects during staff meetings and similar.
At 5pm, their hair looks as if thet have just got out of bed.
Seems uncomfortable and stammers out two-word reply in response to 'hello.
Being really quiet.
Acting hyper and childish.
Doing things just to amuse self.
Having too many esoteric thoughts, knowledge and experiences in their head.
Having truly odd beliefs.
Trying to provoke the people who shunned them.

Weirdo Flow Chart - eerily correct! Viewer discretion advised. Click Here
Some of the cohort use this chart from the bottom up! Nice!

Last updated by Modern Maven Elizabeth Hunter™ on February 20, 2024.


1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 9/16. Around 2% of votes!!
Why? Rhadamanthine. They are decisive working stiffs. They are not fond of weirdness or weird people. They keep their spaces clean, bordering on obsessive compulsive, because they would feel bad otherwise and because they do not want anyone to think that they are messy. They are efficient and see themselves as both dependable and self-disciplined. They love compliments about their orderliness. They believe rules are made to be followed. Especially their rules. They deal with problems immediately when they arise. They are exacting in their work and accomplish tasks on time. They can follow directions and like to do research before committing to a decision.
They prefer to think before they act and are more practical than imaginative. They find rebellious types unattractive and believe that laws should be strictly enforced. They enjoy filling out paperwork and always know what they are doing. They are more emotionally stable with a firm grasp of who they are. They tend to have a good memory, are serious, honest and play by the book.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: Insisted on a house guest separating the wet garbage from the dry garbage even though all the garbage was collected in the same truck. One cannot be too tidy. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 14/16. Around 1% of votes!!
Why? Hubristic. They are not so weird but are rather industrious. They are image conscious and are self centered and possibly narcissistic. They are competitive and like to win but believe that winning is no fun unless people know that they have won. They compete for the spotlight and grew up feeling they had to stand out to be happy. They feel best when admired, they wants things done their way and are used to getting their way. They are quick tempered, impulsive, vain and wealth seeking.
They plan their life logically and always know why they do things. They favour evidence over gut feeling and prefer reality over fantasy. More interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else with a need to know how things work. They are not easily affected by emotions are stable with leadership ability. They hate to be bored and they prepare for worst case scenarios.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: One senior manager humiliated a hard trying subordinate when a prototype of a system was not correct. Bullied the employee from then on. Then died early. Justice was done. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 13/16. Around 1% of votes!!
Why? Boorish. They enjoy crude humour and generally come across as being masculine. They are not deterred or discouraged easily and they do things primarily for the benefit of themselves. They put their own feelings first and cannot do anything when they do not feel good. They prefer personal glory over team victories. They are a pleasure seeker and use their looks, if so endowed, to get what they want. They may dramatize their suffering and be manipulative and narcissistic.
They can be hurtful, arrogant and intentionally, makes enemies. They are prone to verbal rants and enjoy fighting. Competitive and crude, they like to antagonize people and find it easy to manipulate others. They are a brutally honest, all-or-nothing personality and believe that it is necessary to be ruthless to be successful. They think that most people are idiots and they come across too strong. They are definitely more of a leader than a follower.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: This section has just described Donald Trump. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 5/16. Around 8% of votes!!
Why? Mendacious. While the Perfectionist is very bright with a touch of madness, the Inspirational entertains many possibilities and are therefore highly creative and inventive. But they spend more time generating new ideas than actually understanding them. With Introverted Sensing in their inferior slot, they hold very little interest in adhering to traditions and established ways of doing things. They are unorthodox and they love challenging the staus quo and testing the limits of what is acceptable. They can be very quirky provocateurs with a unique charm that allows them to be popular, despite their eccentricity.
One might say that they are strange in the same context that the Agent is strange. They believe they are odd and like to accentuate this by behaving and or dressing in a manner that may shock. They are drawn to artistic and edgy interests and want to be as independent from society as possible. Very expressive and verbal. Most people think they are crazy or random. They frequently reinvent themselves, are unpredictable and drawn to creative careers. They are more abstract than concrete and grew up feeling that they had to stand out to be happy. They gravitate to the counter culture and are dissatisfied with the ordinary and non-dramatic. They prefer weird friends and think of themselves as trend setters. They live an experimental life, driven by curiosity, recklessness and novelty seeking. Agreeing with people is boring.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When challenged that the costs of subsidising a rival sporting club were actually being paid, denied it totally and absolutely. When the club secretary tabled the budget that their team had submitted to the sports administration office, there it was. This pattern is Machivellian, sneaky and, in this case, a liar. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 16/16. Around 1% of votes!!
Why? Garrulous. They are are drawn to the symbolic archetypal and mysterious. They are like prophets or sheperds with their concern for others' well-being and their ability to unite them with their broad vision. They like novelty and do not mind weirdness and different, offbeat things. They are prone towards believing in extra sensory perception and live an experimental life. They frequently reinvent themselves, look for hidden meanings and are drawn to artistic and cutting edge industries. They are bohemians who prefer autonomy and freedom to the utmost.
They are friendly and easy to get to know. They are more expressive about feelings and like to be part of a group as they learn better with others. They are trusting, positive and more likely to be relationship oriented.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: Someone's aunt used to interfere in all aspects of their nephew's life and was s serial liar as well. When the nephew purchased a new house for their father, the aunt criticised it as being too flat and too close to Caulfield. The nephew invited the interfering aunt never to go there and indicated the decision was none of her fcuking business. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 12/16. Around 1% of votes!!
Why? Uxorious. They are in alignment with the values of their group, community or society. They go with tide and support it un-begrudgingly. They are not happy alone and look more to a romantic partner in determining the direction of their life. Romantic partnerships form the basis of their happiness and breakups are devastating. They desire secure relationships above all else and spend a lot of time considering prospective partners. Their greatest fear is being unwanted or unworthy of being loved. They have a history for searching for an idealized partner and an intense need for affirmation and confirmation in a relationship.
They can be very clingy in a romantic relationship. They believe that love can overcome all obstacles and enjoy complying to the desires of someone they love. They would prefer to date someone who makes them the centre of their world, film scenes involving romantic rejection are very emotional for them. They cannot imagine how people can live alone for many years and be happy.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: Saw one easily blend into be the effective sports captain and coach. Plus a great husband and father. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 6/16. Around 7% of votes!!
Why? Meretricious. They are sunny, affectionate and very fond of fondling. They can be really chatty and revealing, divulging too much information such as someone who has overdosed on truth serum. They are open and honest but seem to lack discretion when it would be appropriate. That said, one probably should never share their deepest secrets with them. They have the temperament of Spongebob Squarepants and they can be just as annoying. They want to be liked and can seem overzealous or even fake in their approach to people. They can seem too happy and smiley sometimes and it can either curry favour or contempt from others. They try to show how empathetic they are and love to put themselves in other people's shoes to identify with them.
They have the capacity to be both weird and crazy and they sometimes do and say unexpected things that leave others asking "Why?". They can be random as hell and their line of reasoning can be extremely difficult to follow. The way they think may seem completely mental at times but often hilarious as well. They are a fountain of strange juxtapositions and out-of-context ideas and concepts. They can turn 200% toxic.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When they decided to buy a car, they sent their friend to take it to their sports match so they could see it before they bought it. 80km round trip. The favour was never returned, as is their modus operandi. This pattern never reciprocates. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 11/16. Around 2% of votes!!
Why? Histrionic. They are not particularly weird. They are liable to use their looks to get what they want. They are optimistic, sparkling, self promoting, self assured and success driven. They believe they can charm anyone. Many of them think they are better looking than most people (which may or may not be true), or believe that they are special. They are prone to believe that other people are envious of them and would love to have buildings and monuments named after them.
They feel best when in good shape and looking forward to a long happy life. They have good self image, are proud of their health and strength and strive to improve themselves. They are more likely to wear tight fitting clothing if female, less prone to eating disorders and less likely to have health problems. They are more likely to get up early, be experimental, be popular, more likely to have worked as a model and eat healthier.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor to Justin Bieber and even to Shane Warne, this pattern always loves to cause a stir with their clothing choices to be the centre of attention at all costs. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 10/16. Around 2% of votes!!
Why? Sartorial. They are typically down to try almost anything. Their taste for variety can ensure that they will get themselves into all kinds of situations. They value freedom of expression at the expense of ruffling other's feathers. They would enjoy moving from city to city and living in unconventional places such as underneath bridges and back laneways. They tire of regular routines and often seek a change of scene. But they also cannot handle change well. They are highly adaptive and can adjust to many types of surroundings and social circles. They enjoy unpredictability and the unknown and are attracted to adventurous people. They like to keep themselves constantly excited and pre-occupied.
They love compliments about their athletic ability and they love to show off their bodies. They are flirty and attracted to other active types and are considered attractive by others. They tend to have high self esteem but always want to improve themselves or their abilities. They are proactive, optimistic and have a lot of plans for the future although they may not follow through on most of them.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: One State Manager of a well known oil company was deeply attuned to aesthetics and picked up on the visual cues around them, paying great attention to design details. They valued individuality and this was reflected in their clothing choice - e.g the lizard skin shoes. They even had their initials in gold leaf letters on the outside of their driver's door. 'MLM'. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 3/16. Around 11% of votes!!
Why? Zealous. They are prone to feelings of paranoia and tend to get too emotional when under stress. They feel gloomy and distraught frequently and are affected by the moods of others. Very attached to people and things and they can be hopeless romantics. They may adopt a very cynical outlook with a focus on suffering and feelings of loneliness. Depression and panic attacks may be a problem and they cannot handle people being mad at them. They daydream about people to support a sense of closeness.
They may be untrusting of others until they have proven themselves trustworthy. They are preoccupied with death and fear being beeing harmed or controlled. They are always seeking out hidden meaning in things and sometimes reach untenable or irrational conclusions. They may cultivate disgust and love-hate relationships with most things and they also like to test people's loyalty. They may come to believe life is overrated, while feeling like an outsider. Suffers existential depression and are prone to shame.

The Investigator is odd in terms of being a juxtaposition - how can someone understand both authority and the rebels? Who can be so logical yet so deeply emotional? They are very aware whether it be self awareness, environmental or even universal. The average person could find them somewhat scary if they realized how complex they are but they are generally mot bad.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When at a party, was overheard assassinating another person's character and belittling the other person. Was caught. Denied everything. Extremely lucky that a long term friendship continued; but the relationship was never the same, torn by this insidious behaviour. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 2/16. Market leader. Around 20% of votes!!
Why? Querulous. They can exhibit an odd peter pan complex and people may often find their behaviour to be childish and immature. They sometimes avoid responsibilities and would rather live in their fantasy world than the real one. They want success but act as though it will just happen magically. They can be unrealistic and lacking in direction, unable to figure out the practical steps to advance forward. They have nailed the daily double in being both lazy and miserable at the same time. They forget scheduled appointments and put off problems longer than they can afford to. They are fanciful; but people sometimes perceive them as crazy.
They are creative and attracted to artistic and edgy industries and to professions where creativity is a solitary pursuit. They are highly abstract and original and have a unique taste and sense of beauty. They may have an interest in melancholy music and emotial music such as indie rock music. They are attracted to counter-culture and they may enjoy dressing in a weird manner. They are prone towards an interest in acting, art house movies and being a trend setter or simply being different and standing out from the crowd. Probably prefer shopping at organic markets and are more likely to be vegan or vegetarian. Have a dislike for the ordinary and non dramatic while feeling both special and defective.

What the Agent wants is far beyond the knowledge of others and themselves. The way they want to carve their own path, again from a societal perspective, would seem odd. Oxor observes that that they do what is morally correct when society has abandoned much of that. e.g. there are 338 Brothel Keeping and Sex Worker Services businesses in Australia as of 2024.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When complaining to the Owners Corporation that the security lights interrupted their sleep, they also said the moon did too. The Manager advised that he only could act as Jesus and the Agent needed to contact the next higher authority. The Agent could not figure out just how eccentric her statement was. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 8/16. Around 2% of votes!!
Why? Turbulent. Despite divergent rankings, the Achiever is similarly weird like the Perfectionist. They can be overly detached and unaffectionate and their romantic partners can sometimes feel starved of attention. Plus, they can have a stony gaze that makes them look like a cold-blooded sociopath. They can creep people out or intimidate them this way. However, beneath their impassive facade is a beating heart of compassion. Many of them are harmless comic-book nerds and the only killing they do is with an Xbox controller. Also, apparently many of them are anti-tattoos??? They can have the most violent temper.
They are liable to develop strange interests and fetishes. They have a greater appetite for sensory stimulation and may be into things most people cannot handle or understand such as dipping french fries in mayonnaise. They may have a greater tolerance for pain and could be into BDSM and other forms of freakiness. They are likely to adore animals, especially taxidermied ones. They also enjoy frolicking in the forest by themselves. They can be hermits and, because they are so private, people may grow suspicious and start to wonder what they are up to. Are they hiding something, planning to kill us and should someone call the Po Lice? The answer is no.
Whether they are traipsing across a sunny field, or quarantined in a fortress of solitude, they are busy engaging their world, trying to acquire inspiration through sensation.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When in the process of jettisoning their mentally ill wife, their vehicle was seen parked at the home of another woman. What were they up to? A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 15/16. Around 1% of votes!!
Why? Parsimonious. They are statistically a dogmatic bunch and probably superstitious to boot. By and large, however, are fairly grounded and normal. They value structure and hierarchy and are inclined to believe in a Higher Power. They look to religion for meaning in their life as well as the work they do in service of others. They are more opposed to strip clubs, but more likely to revere holidays and traditions. Politically they are more likely to be conservative and opposed to things like euthanasia and abortion. They fear being corrupt or evil. They would sacrifice their life for a good enough cause. They are very caring, honest, are a prude and are drawn to public service.
They are at their most joyful when helping and giving to others. They can be too self sacrificing and sometimes have trouble saying no and drawing boundaries. They are very devoted team players and prefer team victories over personal glory. They are easily offended though and prone to crying and emotional meltdowns. They cannot handle conflict or criticism.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: An Owner's Corporation manager should have issued a notice to a recalcitrant owner for a small caravan being on site. They had the van approved by getting the owner to apply rather than face conflict. Thet were passive-agressive and unsuccessfully tried to coerce a consensus vote at the Committee. This is one of many stories indicating that this pattern is the worst leader and manager. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 7/16. Around 3% of votes!!
Why? Fastidious. While coming in at 7, they are probably the least weird of all. They are rational, conventional, reliable and the salt of the earth. They colour inside the lines and they stay away from unfamiliar and risky ventures. That said, they can be rather un-emotive and cold. Anal retentiveness and up-tightness can put other people off especially when they snap over what others might consider minor offenses. They can seem like self righteous moralizers when they harp about being organized and planning ahead and yada yada yada.
They want everything to add up perfectly and they can be paranoid about forgetting something for which they should have prepared for. They keep tight schedules and know just how much time they need to complete their routines which they run like clockwork. Perceiver (P) patterns, those who are poor finishers, their way of life just as weird as they view theirs. Fortunately, their tireless workaholism is why many of them are successful and financially secure while types such as the haphazard Perfectionist are statistically among most penniless (which Oxor™ has not verified).

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When under stress, they fell into 'catastrophe mode', where they saw nothing but all of the possibilities of what could go wrong with an attempt to seduce a young lady. They berated themselves for things which they should have done differently or duties which they failed to perform. They lost their ability to see things calmly and reasonably and depressed themselves with their visions of doom. And spurned assistance. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 1/16. Market leader. Around 25% of votes!!
Why? Taciturn. With 'Extraverted Feeling' as their inferior function, they are predisposed to violating social codes and normal expectations of behaviour. This is not in a willfully defiant manner but rather out of genuine obliviousness or ignorance. The process of assimilating with social norms carries a steeper learning curve for them. Accordingly, they will experience a protracted awkward phase before they acquire a sufficient level of normalcy. They are loathe to do anything for which they do not understand the purpose; specifically a purpose they deem to be worthwhile or meaningful. Due to this, they may be unwilling to bow to customs they think are stupid. To avoid unnecessary conflict however, they may comply if it is not worth the trouble of rocking the boat.
On the other hand, what they find meaningful or worthwhile could appear bizarre to others. They are primarily drawn to novelty and new or unusual ideas; most mainstream items will hold little allure to them. They have a quirky side to them that is not readily apparent to those who do not know them well. People are often surprised when they discover how hilarious and wry they can sometimes be. Beneath their reserved persona is a loopy under-current of randomness that often produces amusing ideas that crack them up. They can also be very obsessive and hermetic. They can become extremely engrossed with untangling a problem or exploring an intriguing idea inside and out, during which time they will be interested in little else.
Their capacity for divergent thinking means they can spend a lot of time throwing out ideas to see what sticks. They enjoy sharing the weird things they come up with. They are normally quiet and nondescript characters but when a brilliant idea has taken hold over them, they can be all too eager to share and discuss it at every opportunity to anyone who expresses a modicum of interest in hearing about it. But talking about the weather or lunch plans? Forget it.

the Perfectionist can be seen as odd due to their intense love for knowledge and their way of understanding systems. Most really struggle to fit in just because of how different they are. Oxor™ thinks that it is because people cannot comprehend that people are different; so on a societal level the Perfectionist may be seen as odd.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When the windscreen washer did not work, the Perfectionist neither understood that the water bottle had to be refilled nor how to open the bonnet. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.


16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is a Lone Wolf

Weirdo Index Ranking™: 4/16. Around 10% of votes!!
Why? Adroit. They are often brooding, sulking and of mysterious character. Their persona is like that of Bruce Wayne or the Great Gatsby - a complex individual who no matter how social they may be, conceal a large part of themselves from other people. They are self sufficient to a fault and go out of their way to do whatever can be done by themselves without outside intervention. They do not like to ask for or accept help and prefer to fix their own problems. They prefer to work alone and get things done their way.
They know how to assimilate with social norms and are able to dress and act as necessary to play the game required to get ahead in society. Because of this they are generally normal and less outwardly odd than the Inspirational, for example. They can harbour irrational phobias, OCD behaviour and paranoias perhaps resulting from introverted intuition gone awry. They are always busy and not big on letting people get too close or interfering with their plans. They are perfectionist in nature but not big on receiving compliments from people.

By far, the Enhancer is seen as an unusual person in society. This is because their intelligence can be intimidating and their persona is not to care about the sensory realm of socialising and engagement as much as everyone else. We are not saying that they never socilize, but in comparison to the average person they really do not care or get affected by things that the average person would such as the news, small talk or celebrities.

Bizzare or Eccentric Observed Behaviour™. Exclusive to Oxor™: When challenged about service station audits, arranged for a tanker of fuel to go 'missing' from the system. This took the office six months to notice. Over 30 years after that event, refused to tell their former Practitioner boss, who had no clue of how it could be done, how cleverly the plan was implemented. A true tale from Elizabeth Hunter™.